Things I Want To Remember When I’m Old And Bitter

What? Isn’t this Slipping and Sliding?

NikkiZ has picked up several interesting conversational mannerisms lately. If, of course, by “interesting” I mean “adorable as hell.” Her language is really developing and she’s starting to use words and phrases that sound hysterical coming out of such a small mouth. For example? She suddenly loves the word ridiculous. And she usually says it with an exasperated tone – That’s just RIDICULOUS. And it’s fantastic.

She also has started trying to force herself into conversation with the following segue, “Well – I did that when I was a baby.” Like – let’s say you’re telling me about that time you bought a boat and sailed on the ocean and saw a mermaid. NikkiZ would interrupt and say, “When I was a baby? I saw a mermaid too.” Oddly enough – LilZ did the same type of thing, but his transition was much different. His was always about his Pretend Grandfather. Don’t ask me who his Pretend Grandfather was, but if we were talking about something like – the circus? LilZ would say, “My Pretend Grandfather took me to the circus.” My favorite was the time he said, “My Pretend Grandfather is in heaven where everyone is naked.”

My kind of heaven, is all I’m saying.

Finally – the other thing NikkiZ is doing lately is constantly discussing what she’s going to ask Santa Clause for at Christmas. And it’s not just your typical toys and games. No. When I bought some air freshener for our house? She said she was going to ask Santa Clause for some air freshener for her room for Christmas. And after a birthday party? She said she was going to ask Santa Clause for a Diego cake like that for her birthday. I was all, “Why don’t you ask for that for your birthday instead?” “Because I want it for Christmas, Mom.”

Of course.


12 thoughts on “Things I Want To Remember When I’m Old And Bitter”

  1. Get it straight, mom!
    When you’re “old and bitter” you’ll be so glad you have all these adorable moments archived here!

  2. I think ridiculous is the catchphrase right now. My girlfriends and I say it all the time… NikkiZ’s hip like that. Also? You should keep track of everything she says she wants for Christmas and then give it to her on Dec. 25. She probably won’t remember but you’ll get a kick out of it.

  3. Everybody is using ridiculous at the moment! NikkiZ is up with the trends.

    The things she says are way too cute. It makes me to want to have kids. Right now.

    Awww :)

  4. This post made me laugh out loud. When my daughter was about 4 (she’s now 13), one of the things on her Christmas list was “a real pretend kitchen that smells like chicken”. That still cracks me up. Her too for that matter…

  5. One of the kids in my family (can’t even remember who anymore) just to say any amount of money was 60 dollars. “Oh, did someone give you a nickel?” “No! That’s 60 dollars.”

  6. I love these sorts of posts.

    Yesterday, I asked Arun if he wanted a milkshake. He said “Uh, no thanks. I want water first, THEN a milkshake.”

    Um, okay. All righty then.

  7. My four year old niece will but in a conversation in a heartbeat… She always starts off with the word well and the sentence will end in when I was a baby…. She is really growny and bossy and thinks that she has experienced everything… It’s really hilarious to hear her use bigger words at her age.

  8. too, too cute! Thankfully, my mom did the language documentation for me as the kids were growing up … thankfully, because at this moment I can’t think of a single cute thing they ever said (they are driving me a bit crazy today!!)

  9. I love the language-development stage. I love hearing the big words coming out of the little mouth. Too cute!

    What is it with Diego? Lil’bug loved Dora for the longest time. Now, all she wants is Diego. Dora is okay, but only if Diego is in the same episode. Are they crushing already? Oh, please say no!

  10. really the things kids say is just the best. I heard the best thing from my 6 year old cousin last week. She took a sip of my pregnant cousin’s frosty then asked if she was going to get pregnant. We told her yes.

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