The One Where Some People Will Get Too Disgusted To Ever Return

Have you ever read a blog entry that made you thrilled someone else in the world thought the same way you did? Yes. Of course you have. That happened to me today. I read this entry and the following portion spoke to my SOUL.

(Disclaimer: I’m aware the entry was also about good NST results, breech babies and scheduled c-section dates. Things that are much more important than public bathroom opinions.)

I am not the squeamish sort. I sit in public bathrooms. I do not use a paper liner even when they are on offer. And if the previous tenant hasn’t flushed, I am never overly distressed; I’ll do the job myself. Using my hand. (I digress here to decry another unpalatable flavor of bathroom outlaw, the foot-flusher. I mean, Jesus, I’m not prim. But no one should have to confront anyone’s bottom-of-the-shoe-on-the-bathroom-floor germs when performing a simple flush. Foot-flushers, take warning: you are first against the wall of the stall when the revolution comes. Wait, no, second, after the black-hearted squatters.)

FINALLY. I can shout a hearty, “Here, Here!” Do you know how many times I have pretended that I care about public bathrooms? Well – let me rephrase that. I do care in the sense that – if I can avoid it – I stick to fast-food places and rest areas on road trips. I prefer not to use gas station bathrooms, especially the external ones that require a key from the cashier. (Why are those always the worst? Do people feel the need to be more disgusting because it took more effort to get there?) But overall? I just DO NOT CARE.

I don’t stress out if the toilet hasn’t been flushed and I don’t freak out if there are no liners to use. As a matter of fact, I think I’ve only used liners once or twice my whole life. And yes, I too SIT ON THE SEAT. I don’t hover. But my Lord – I have pretended that I hover in conversation before because I’m scared if I admit that I sit that those in the conversation will be so repulsed they’ll run away screaming.

Thank you, Julie. You made me feel comfortable admitting I’m comfortable sitting.

(OMG. That totally rhymed. And it would have been a great line in a musical. Much like “Once More, With Feeling.” Yes. I’m still obsessing over Buffy if you were wondering.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Public bathrooms. Not something I find necessary to be concerned with. I’ve never been even remotely close to being a germaphobe, so why bother flushing a toilet with my foot (And making the next person “bottom-of-the-shoe-on-the-bathroom-floor germs”) when I don’t worry about doorknobs into or out of the bathroom. I just don’t care.

I’m too busy worrying about whether or not the Krispy Kreme across town will have “Hot Fresh Now!” lights on when I take the time to drive all the way out there. Because if they don’t? It kinda makes the trip worthless.


78 thoughts on “The One Where Some People Will Get Too Disgusted To Ever Return”

  1. Heh…it’s nice to see people admitting this. I’m a sitter, too, and I don’t think I’ve ever used a liner. I flush if it’s full, and I use my hand to do it. People who get neurotic about toilet seats crack me up. As long as you aren’t licking it, you’re going to be just fine.

  2. I sit, unless the bathroom is extra disgusting (as is often the case in movie theaters — what’s up with that?) or someone “sprinkled when they tinkled.” I think I’ve used a liner maybe once; I forgo them because they’re a pain in the ass to use, honestly. I end up dumping the whole thing in, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    I have to admit, though: I am a foot flusher, unless it’s like a toilet at home, with the flusher up near the top of the tank. I always kind of … thought you were SUPPOSED to flush with your foot. It never occurred to me that it would bother some people. That’s how I was taught. That’s how I roll. Sorry.

  3. I’m with you Zoot! For one thing, with my back the way it is, the hovering bit would be hard for me to do! Now, like the Other Laura said, I am more careful on the doornob bit after washing my hands. I don’t even do that all of the time.

  4. I’m totally with you. AND? I have pretended to squat, too! But really, squatting is too much work. Who can hold that position for long and maintain accurate aim?

  5. Here here! I am a long-time sitter, and I can’t stand the way those paper liners feel against my delicate posterior skin. I’ve never quite understood the whole brouhaha over toilet seat germs. Do people think the health professionals are lying to us about the chance of getting sick off a toilet seat? And for what gain??

    Sitters Unite!

  6. I too, am a sitter. And a hand flusher.

    I ranted about it on a recent road trip, because that is disgusting, when someone hovers and MISSES and then hits the seat. I also saw a shoeprint on the handle of that same toilet. So, that person not only found the toilet too disgusting to sit on, but made it more disgusting with their own pee spray and floor germs.

    Come on people, this is how we’re breeding super resistant bacteria. This and the overuse of hand sanitizer.

  7. Sitter here, too! And no liners… they have just as many germs as sitting on the darn seat anyways right?

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one that doesn’t get squeamish about public bathrooms! LOL

  8. I’m with you all the way except that I am a foot flusher. I don’t know why I will put my butt on the seat but not my hand on the lever. I actually was mocking my BFF when she was here several weeks ago because she carries 3 disinfecting products to use in the public bathrooms before she lets her daughter go potty.

    I do have a few germophob tendencies but they almost all revolve around raw meat.

  9. You are not alone! I really could care less about the state of public bathrooms. Provided the seat isn’t covered in poo of course.

    Once More With Feeling might just be the greatest musical ever written…

  10. Thank you! Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one. What is with not sitting and not allowing your precious child to sit on a toilet for goodness sakes? Do people actually wonder how kids develop phobias and will only go at home? Thank you, thank you. Good to know I can sit in peace and know that other (disgusting) people are sitting too!

  11. I sit, liner-free, and I foot flush. I know, not proper etiquette, but it’s just my way. My college roommate did not sit on ANY toilet but the ones in the house she grew up in. Not even in our own apartment after she had just cleaned the toilets! I love the woman, but that’s a little odd…

  12. I am a sitter! I won’t use unflushed toilets, though. I just avoid those. I flush with my hand.

    In fact, I hate the hoverers. I blame them for missing the bowl, and hitting the seat, which is totally gross. Bare skin of the thigh touching a seat? Not gross. Pee and other assorted excrements on the seat? Totally gross. In an effort to protect themselves, they make things worse for everyone else.

    I do wash my hands thoroughly after all this touching of public bathroom surfaces. And guess what? I haven’t died yet. MAGICAL.

  13. I believe in a good hand washing following my stint in the public restroom but am never too concerned unless the odors are overwhelming. Unfortunately I do not have the ability to sit and think about Krispy Kreme donuts across the street having a Hot Fresh Now! sign on because ALL OF THE KRISPY KREME STORES IN MINNESOTA HAVE CLOSED FOREVER!

  14. I don’t use liners or squat or flush with my foot (I doubt I’m that limber), but I’m still going to be grossed out when someone leaves her, um, waste behind. Fortunately, I’ve only had that happen a few times and I just used another stall.

  15. Who has the time to put down a liner, hover and then flush with their foot?

    NOT ME! In the grand scheme of things that is waaay down at the bottom of my list.

  16. I too am a sitter! And a hand flusher! And want to kill hoverers, not for the squating part and not even because they all pee all over the seat, but because THEY DON’T WIPE IT OFF after they pee everywhere. Get yourself a big wad of TP and clean up your mess. And then flush. Its not that hard, squaters, honest. You can wash your hands and it will all be okay.

  17. I have no problem sitting on the toilets either – but can you explain the whole “no left hand turns” thing for me? I just don’t get it!

  18. I’m a sitter, no liner kind of gal. Never heard of flushing with your foot though. I always do a good hand wash after going so I’m not to concerned. I read once that most people avoid the first toilet in a line because the think it’s the most used when actually it’s not. I always try to use the first one because I find that it usually is cleaner…lol! Also the first one is usally has a wall on one side and I can sit my purse down on the floor.

    Do you hang your purse on the hook, sit it on the floor or hold it?? I never hang mine on the door because someone could reach over and grab it while you are going. Not that it’s ever happened but I guess I’m more worried about that than germs :-/

  19. I have found my people!!!
    I have never had any issues with sitting on the toilets! And I know far to many folks that have had their foot slip into the toilet when trying to flush with it…

    I have also known folks that have toilets at home that are so dirty and gross that they make the toilet at the gas station that you need to get the key for look clean! And these are the same sort that use 3 quarts of hand sanatizer and 4 of the toilet seat covers when they use a public rest room.

    And I will even use a toilet that hasn’t been flushed if I need to, that seemed to happened a lot when I was pregnant…

  20. Sing it, sistah!

    And YES to Julie’s proclamations about those who flush with their feet and squatters. I figure there’s sinks and soaps there for a reason and if I’m in doubt, I always carry a little thing of Purell in my diaper bag. I haven’t contracted leprosy yet. ;)

  21. Amen. AMEN.

    There’s a reason that soap exists, people. And immune systems. I think 99% of people who claim to hover are liars, anyway, otherwise all women would have thighs of steel from all that squatting.

  22. yup, I sit. I do occasionally flush with my foot, but now realize what a bad idea that may be. I will try to refrain.

    as my ex-paramedic husband would say “that’s what anti-bodies are for!” (ok, I know he is/was only a peripheral medical person, but still…)

  23. Unless the only available stall has an obvious mess on the seat, I neither hover nor sit on paper. I also flush if the person before me “forgot.”
    Occasionally, I yell at people in the next stall over for using their cell phones while I pee, but otherwise, I’m low maintenance and well-behaved in public bathrooms.

  24. Yes! I’m a sitter too and I am also well and truly fed up with urine covered toilet seats from all the squatters out there who are peeing all over the seats!
    Sitters of the world unite! I mean, not in the bathroom, though. That came out wrong, but you know what I mean.

  25. Oh my gosh, I’m NOT alone! It bothers me how OVER concerned with germs and stuff people are. I am not going to hover over a toilet seat people. I sit on it. Sometimes public toilets don’t flush all the way the first time, someone has to do it, so I might as well flush it and then use it. Thank you for bringing us all together. Ha.

  26. Seriously? People flush the toilet with their FOOT? My god, that’s what the SINKS and the SOAP are for outside the stall. To wash. the. germs. off. I always sit, and I’ve never flushed with my foot. Nasty.
    Though, what’s ever grosser, my trivial pusuit game says that 84% of women will NOT. WASH. THEIR. HANDS in a public restroom if there is no one there to witness them. Wouldn’t it be funny if that were the same 84% that squats? They assume everyone is as totally nasty as they are?

  27. OH I KNOW! I wash my hands afterwards like any bathroom-user, but in general I don’t feel like the entire human race is so teeming with foreign germs I can’t have contact with anything anyone else has had contact with.

    Also, my vote for “first against the wall” are the people who hover—and then LEAVE THEIR PEE DROPS ALL OVER THE SEAT.

  28. Rather than making me never want to return, I think this post has bumped you to my blogroll! I am ashamed to admit I’ve also pretended that I squat, because admitting that I’m a sitter seems so shameful, somehow. But honestly people, what do you think you’re going to catch from sitting on a toilet seat?! Most of the germs people live behind don’t live long enough to still be a concern by the time your butt hits the seat anyway. All squatting does is spread your pee around the seat and floor! And those liner things are a joke too. That’s 100% just for your own peace of mind… those things aren’t protecting anyone.

    Good for you for putting this out there! Now we can all come out of the squatter’s closet!

    By far the grossest thing is the people who don’t wash their hands… or just do the 5 seconds under the water no soap trick. Nice try.

  29. I too don’t mind sitting down on the toilet. I am not going to obsess about that. It hasn’t been flushed? I will flush it (unless it looks like it is about to overflow then I flee) The only time I squat? Is a porta potty. Because chances are there isn’t any toilet paper and someone previous has squatted and sprayed the whole area. Then I don’t really have a choice. Guess what I do when I am done? I check the seat for the next person!! It is only the polite thing to do in my opinion!! Right?

  30. I am a sitter (no liner!) and I am not ashamed to admit it! I don’t think I’m going to contract an illness from my butt/thigh skin for pete’s sake! And I’m with Swistle and Katrina too–hoverers who miss and DON’T WIPE THEIR PEE OFF THE SEAT FOR THE NEXT PERSON should be summarily taken out behind the public restroom and shot (figuratively of course). Don’t they realize they’ve only made the ‘germ situation’ worse? I mean, come on! And, if I’ve really got to go and the only stall open has a pee sprayed toilet seat? I wipe it off myself and make sure I wash my hands very well. Sheesh! Thanks, zoot for letting me get that off my chest!

  31. Amen. Thank you. In fact, I care so LITTLE about public bathrooms that I had NO IDEA how RELIEVED I would even BE to find out other people feel the same way.

    For the record, with three men of varying sizes under my roof, doorknobs in MY OWN HOUSE are probably in worse shape than any surface in a public bathroom.

    Now that I’ve said that aloud, I’m going to get the disinfectant.

  32. Exactly! How hard is it to just wash your hands? The germs in a public restroom are no worse than in my own house, geez.

    More importantly, when you were watching Dr. Horrible didn’t you feel like it was like an alternate universe extension of Once More, With Feeling?? Awe. Some.

  33. OMG! ME TOO!!
    I totally don’t care about using liners or all that garbage either. I’m also not into using hand sanitizer and anti bacterial cleaner all over my house ALL THE TIME. I wash my hands after using the restroom and when needed, however, people have lived since the beginning of time with germs…

  34. LOL!!! This post cracks me up! I am a sitter, a hand flusher, a non-ass gasket user, but I simply cannot use a toilet that someone has poo-ed in and not flushed. Pee – ok, but not poo.

    My stepdaughter, 20, hovers whenever she uses a toilet that is not at her mother’s house. It seriously offends me that she does it at our house. I have suggested that if she’s that bothered, she should clean the toilet but that doesn’t happen.

    She’s also a foot-flusher in public and is teaching my 4 and 6 yr old girls to hover and foot-flush. I have nixed the hovering as they’re too small to do so, but they continue to foot-flush. If I catch them doing it, I make them clean the handle.

  35. Totally a sitter. I usually foot flush though if it’s the long, low flusher as that is how I was raised. People who freak about toilet seats need to do some research. I bet they lock the stall door (way filthier than the seat) and wipe with the TP hanging down (it’s been splashed from the last person!) and think nothing of it. What grosses me out is all the people who use the restroom and don’t wash their hands. THAT is disgusting.

  36. I’ve always been a sitter, unless it’s just absolutely disgusting (like a port-a-potty) but the thing that gets me is that the bathroom on our floor at work has paper liners and people actually use them! Good grief! It’s a bathroom that’s shared by probably no more than 25 professional women and it’s cleaned every night. I’m sure it’s cleaner than my bathroom at home!

  37. I am the same way about public restrooms. Its a toilet. Use it and get over it. Use some hand sanitizer after you leave the restroom if it was extra dirty. Good enough for me.

  38. Wow. I’m sorry, apparently I’m in the minority. Call me squeamish, but I HATE using public restrooms and try to avoid it at all costs. Something about sharing thigh sweat with strangers ooogs me out. This was enlightening, though— I just assumed I was the “normal” one. Now, I wonder. That’ll teach me…

    Then again, I also am a door closer and fan-turner-onner even at my own home, much to my fiance’s amusement…

  39. Amen! I mean, I’m a sitter unless I have some sort of open weaping wound on my ass, which I have not yet had.

  40. This is rather hilarious ;) I love how open everyone is being haha. I’m with the majority here, but I won’t leave my purse on the floor, and I do foot-flush if it’s really gross. And I ALWAYS wash my hands (84% don’t?! Seriously?!) and sing all the way through “happy birthday” when I do it, so that I’m getting the full 30 seconds.

  41. Sitters of the World Unite!!

    I’m a sitter. I’m not afraid of “most” public bathrooms. My husband is a pseudo-germophobe and it drives me bonkers. The worst part – he is rasing my son to be afraid germs too.

    I’m happy to know that I am not alone.

  42. Unless it is really gross and there are no other options, I’ll sit. I’m not a big fan of actually sitting in someone else’s pee (or worse) that is on the seat (from hoverers), so those times I’ll hover.

    I do the foot-flushing though, only because (1) I’m usually too lazy to bend down to flush it (usually those suckers are very low) and (2) I don’t want to touch the bathroom floor germs the previous foot-flusher left on there. So I just perpertuate the whole bathroom floor germs on the handle thing.

  43. I’m a sitter, too. The only thing I can’t handle in ANY bathroom is the smell. I have a bad gag reflex and if I smell anything unpleasant, I am wretching like an idiot. It’s awful.

    BTW, Once More With Feeling is my FAVORITE Buffy episode.

  44. I’m a sitter and I will flush if the other person forgot, but I am a foot flusher because I would rather be a foot flusher than the hand flusher that goes in after a foot flusher. I do however use the paper towel to open the door on the way out, I mean I JUST washed my hands I’d like to get a few minutes of clean out of them!

  45. I’m just going to roll with your theme of picking up on one piece of a post and commenting on that…

    The “Once More, With Feeling” CD is awesome! So good! I loved Buffy while it was on TV so I had to get the CD. I totally recommend it, especially if you’re crazy about Buffy (which, I suspect, you might be). (I’m singing the songs in my head right now. And bonus (!) small confession…I almost bought the High School Musical CD too, but my sister informed me that as a 32 year old (with no children) I should maybe find other interests…). :)

    Toilet-seat sitter, foot-flusher and no-door-knobs-after-washing-hands karen

  46. OMG. I need to re-evaluate our friendship, I think!!!! ;) Just kiddin’, but seriously??? EWWW! You’re kind laughs at me when they see me opening the door w/ a paper towel or my shirt (heaven forbid there aren’t any paper towels), don’t y’all???

  47. I sit. If a hoverer has “sprinkled” on the seat, I use TP and wipe it off. I grew up with a brother (who at 26 still leaves the seat up). And if someone hasn’t flushed, I flush. With my hands. (Again with the brother).
    I wash my hands. And if there are no paper towels, I wipe my hands off on my backside (provided it won’t mess up my outfit).
    I work in a hospital, so I’m exposed to way more stuff there than I could ever get in a public bathroom.

  48. Oh word. My Workplace is hyper germophobic so I have to, for business purposes, pretend to care. But I truly don’t. Just sit on the toilet for crying outloud.

  49. Seriously, how are germs supposed to gravitate from the backs of your thighs to anywhere vulnerable? People need to get over the germ phobia and spend some time walking around barefoot and digging in the dirt outside instead of slathering every surface with anti-bacterial agents.

  50. When you gotta go, you gotta go. For me it is go in, do the job, wash and leave, getting out in as quick a time as possible – not a fan of bathroom smells. I don’t go in for liners or foot flushing (in fact I have never even thought of foot flushing!) or towel assisted departures. Even f I was a germaphobe, I figure that everyone else has cleaned the seat and door handles with their overuse of paper!
    My ‘disgusting’ habits make it prudent that I not take another persons daughter to the bathroom for fear of teaching them about the evil ways of living life and not being afraid of EVERYTHING!

  51. I’m absolutely a sitter. I’m taking a microbiology class right now, and have learned that you’re picking up WAY more microorganisms by touching things with your hands in a bathroom than by sitting on the toilet without a liner (which the college I go to doesn’t even offer because of uselessness of it!)

    So carry on sitting!

  52. So, MissZoot, you are totally slacking. Seriously. A mom of a toddler, teenager and newborn? Not posting for my own personal work-procrastination daily? Or twice daily? The shame.
    How’s the training going? I’m really trying to hop on your motivation train.

  53. Anyabeth, do you work where I do??? A sign was posted in our bathroom at work the other day, telling us we must wash our hands WITH SOAP AND WATER EVERYTIME

  54. Stupid send key! I wasn’t done! Anyway that new note in the bathroom must be for that new batch of kindergartners we just hired. Glad they told me because I was just not sure ya know?

    Anyway I cheered big inside when I read this post, I am a sitter who also lies about it to save face in front of all of the germophobes. I have been known to foot flush too but not all the time! Yay Zoot! thanks for banding us all together in our no-hovering world!

  55. I am a sitter, a hand flusher and a non paper liner user. I like to live on the edge like that. If I have to use the bathroom I will, wherever I can, I am an equal opportunity pottier. God made that way.

    Glad to know not everyone out there is a germaphobe!!

  56. After spending time in Africa, gross bathrooms in the US do not bother me at all! I am thrilled to be using an actual toilet and not squatting over a hole!

    I love your blog and how “real” you are! Keep up the great work!

  57. I’ve only ever squatted once and that was at a subway station in Boston. EW. Otherwise? I sit. I don’t have the stamina to pee and squat at the same time. It’s just too much work.

  58. I think it’s so awesome that this is such a hot issue!

    I am a foot-flusher. Sorry. But I sit to pee, and never EVER pee on the seat. I mean, come on, we’re not MEN.

    If you are a squatter, that’s fine, and kudos to your fine balancing skillz. But good grief, either AIM or CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. I’m inclined to believe that squatters are also foot-flushers, so you know they turn around and can see their splatters.

    Don’t be a meanie, wipe the seatie!

  59. When I gots to go, I gots no time to hover. I sit and go.

    My knees won’t allow for no hoverin’ no more.

    Besides, isn’t that what the sink and the soap are for, after?

    It’s not the sitters that make me go ‘ick;’ it’s the people who don’t wash their hands afterwards. Now, THAT’s a big ick!

    As for the people who make and leave a mess. . . . they are just nasty, and there’s no getting around it. NASTY people.

  60. Hope everyone is ok at the Zoot house! No new posts or new uploaded pictures has in the past meant sickness has hit the family. Hope that’s not what’s going on!

  61. EXCELLENT! i have pretended to care on a few occassions. But honestly?? I dont!

    Most toliets in NZ dont even have those toilet liners. Its seen as a waste of money. The only time i have actually used on was at the airport, and it was a novelty thing. It stuck to me, and i havnt had the need since.

    YAY for all the people who dont care about toilets and everything related!

  62. Hee hee see what happens when you post about something contentious and oh so close to everyone’s heart a butt load of comments. Everyone has to pee eh. I used to be a hoverer as when I was six my older sister put the fear of germs into me but since my intiation into Glastonbury toilets

    aged nineteen, I’ve been a sitter in resturants and other public restrooms unless their really filthy and then I revert to hovering and gingerly touching any surface that is remotely neccesary. I do wash my hands with soap and water and in festivals I carry that instant hand wash stuff. I do think paperliners are kind of neat, but we don’t have them much in the UK. I was overjoyed by them during my first visit to the states and the generous measures of whiskey.

    I am not a foot flusher but used to work with one (male- maybe he has been exposed to much worse than I) and did go backpacking in Europe with a girl who doesn’t like to poo outside of her home toilet. Incidentally have any of you come across a hole in the ground type of loo that I have been faced with in resturants in Paris and Verona? Although they are getting fewer now.

  63. I’m also a sitter (sans paper protector thingy), and I’ll go one further and admit that I don’t wash my hands every time I use the bathroom. Dude, I can manage to use the bathroom without peeing on myself, so I don’t see the need to scrub my hands every time I visit the loo. Plus, I hate how the soap in public bathrooms makes my hands smell. I’ll take the germs over the public restroom soap smell!

    I really hope I don’t regret admitting this later.

  64. There are people worse than the Hoverers, and they are the Squatters. Have you ever entered a stall and seen footprints on the seat? Some people will actually stand on the seat and squat. In one of the stall’s in the men’s room in my office the back wall was covered with…stuff. Yes, this was a guy who’d crouched on the seat and sprayed the wall. Forget “bottom-of-the-shoe-on-the-bathroom-floor germs” on the flusher handle; now you’re dealing with excrement sprayed on almost every surface.

    And how the **** can people make such a mess then just walk out and leave it? I’ve even gone so far as to clean up other people’s messes because I don’t want someone coming in behind me thinking I made it.

    @ 35 Birdgal – Some people have quite clearly demonstrated that they are not prepared to live by society’s standards and those people should, literally, be taken out so the rest of us don’t have to put up with their shit, literally. I don’t care whether that means taken out the back and shot, or dumped on a desert island in the middle of nowhere. Actually I like the second option, as long as we can have webcams set up so we can see their faces when they finally realize they’ve fouled every last toilet and nobody has cleaned up after them. Mwah hah ha!

  65. Is it weird that this SHOCKS me. I thought the entire world was as against germs as I am. I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THE DATELINE EPISODES WHERE THEY TEST THE GERMS IN HOTEL ROOMS?

    Yeah, I won’t even touch the remote for the tv in a hotel room. I put a sock over my hand first. I am not kidding.

    Dude, maybe I’m the odd one here.

    But still, I will use my foot to flush. And I’ll feel good about doing so.

  66. I love this post! I found you from Hola Isabel. I too am a sitter, but a foot flusher. But now that you say all that, I wonder at my reasons for foot flushing. Maybe I should reevaluate.

    Those toilet seat covers though? I never use them. They have them at my work, and sometimes I will pretend to use them just so that people won’t think I’m “one of those.” I know there are people who use them every time (I’ve been there for 9 years, you eventually run into the same people over the years) and so I always wonder if they think less of me. Hope not!

    I’ll check you out again for sure!

  67. OK, I simply can’t get on board with this one. With disesases such as AIDS and such I’d rather be safe than sorry, esp since women’s restrooms can be so deplorable? I applaud you for your honesty, though!! The bathrooms at my work are a prime example. The women here wouldn’t know a courtesy flush if it bit them in the behind! Apparently they also thinkthe floor is the same thing as a garbage can. And this is an office! Yikes.

  68. I’m with you Zoot, I can’t be BOTHERED to hover. It hurts and that’s what the gym is for.

    I do however use a piece of toilet paper to flush (because of those skanky foot flushers) and a piece of handtowel to open the door.

    Apparently there are more germs from the spray of a flushing toilet than actually sitting on it, but that could be an urban myth…

  69. I’m a hoverer/squatter (my mom used to hold me above the seat until I was able to do it myself.). However, I lift the seat (like a man, I guess) so I don’t sprinkle the seat. Then I place a few seat covers in the toilet bowl so the toilet water doesn’t splash up on me. Finally, I open the door with a toilet seat cover, flush, and run like mad to get away from the toilet spray. Next, I use a paper towel to turn on the faucet, I wash my hands, use another paper towel to turn off the faucet, and then use it to open the door. I drop it into the nearest trash bin (hopefully there’s one right at the door so I can drop it in on my way out and run out before the door closes. I’ve even waited for someone else to open the door so I could sneak out at the same time. Of course, I’m a major suffer of OCD. My sister, in contrast, is a sitter/no liner/dip her hands in water/grab the doorknob. My husband says, “And she’s still alive.” It’s comforting to read what you all have written here, and, as my husband (and a few of you) would say, “You’re all still alive.”

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