• That’s right – I said TWO.

    I’ve been very busy the last few days, as demonstrated by my lack of posting. We have a friend from Seattle in town, LilZ came back from his trip out west (I’m shocked he even willingly got on the plane to come home he had so much fun), we had to go school supply shopping (my favorite time of the year), and we had not one – but two social events to attend this weekend. (One of which has video proof here. If you listen closely – you’ll get to hear my kids names! Which I don’t keep secret, I just keep them out of type to avoid future employers stumbling upon entries about their potty-training exploits.) That is exactly two more than we’ve attended in the last year, I believe. We don’t get out much.

    TWO SOCIAL EVENTS. (I thought that needed repeating.)

    But – to avoid any emails wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth – I thought I would take the time to post my two favorite photos from the last few days. The truly represent the range of life with my daughter. One moment she’s making you pee on yourself you’re laughing so hard – and the next? You’re considering shipping her off to the gypsies you heard about when you were a kid. The ones your parents swore would take you. Surely they’ll take your kids, right?

    Does this picture need an explanation?

    We were invited to a birthday party yesterday for a little boy from NikkiZ’s school. Unfortunately, somewhere in the chain of invitation (we were invited through a few people) I missed the part about “Bring a Bathing Suit.” The mother of the little boy pieced together this amazing ensemble from her son’s wardrobe to serve as a bathing suit for NikkiZ. It is – by far – the most awesome outfit she’s been photographed in. Doncha’ think?


    This photo is just as awesome, however. I was trying to get a picture of NikkiZ in the t-shirt LilZ brought her back from Sea World. She had also covered herself in stickers from the same park, I guess because they matched the shirt? Who knows. Either way – you can see how clearly pleased she was that I was taking her picture. I think this expression captures the essence of her opinion of photography in general.