On Wednesday…

It is one week from today that I’m scheduled to have this kid cut out of me – so I can now officially refer to it as “Wednesday.” This will come in handy since I’m giant enough to warrant the question to be asked by complete strangers at least 5 times a day. Usually phrased something like, “Wow. When are you due? Two weeks ago?”

So, if someone asks me today? I’ll just say, “I will be having this baby on Wednesday. NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY ‘CAUSE I’VE GOT SHIT TO DO.”

I found out that our Botanical Gardens, which you all know is my 2nd home, is having an overnighter on Friday. I got the email late because they have an email address on file I don’t always check daily. When I called? They were full. I was devastated. The idea of camping out at my favorite place in this town was SO AWESOME. They put me on the waiting list but the girl said, “You’re quite far down the list though.”

So, I played the I’m Having A Baby On Wednesday card. I started fumbling and saying things like, “Well – I wanted to do something really fun with my kids before our life gets crazy with the new baby and everything…and this was perfect because we come to the Gardens almost every weekend…it’s our favorite place and I was so excited when I found out we could spend the night there…and…” You get the point. I essentially groveled. It didn’t help. We’re still at the end of a very long waiting list and I’ve suddenly found myself REALLY hoping it will rain. I personally like camping in the rain – but I’m hoping the rest of the list doesn’t.

My point? I’m having a baby on Wednesday. And I really want to camp out at the Gardens on Friday but the first point did not help me at all with the second one. And if being scheduled to be cut apart doesn’t get you into a full camp out, THEN WHAT GOOD IS IT?


22 thoughts on “On Wednesday…”

  1. camping? while 40 weeks pregnant? Damn, Zoot. You are either my new hero just for THINKING that. you’re nuts. I hope it rains and you guys get to camp!

  2. You want to go camping right before having a baby? Wouldn’t you be uncomfortable? It still sucks that she didn’t go for it and get you guys a spot. But who knows? maybe she will move you up!

  3. Oh – I don’t think it will be AT ALL comfortable! And I probably won’t sleep a wink, but that would pale in comparison to how much fun it would be.

    At least I think it would. Maybe I should be glad it was full? Maybe I’m being delusional?

  4. um – you ARE my new hero… is what I meant to type. “Either” shouldn’t even be in my sentence. No more commenting before coffees.

  5. Maybe you’ll get lucky & one of your readers will know somebody who knows somebody that can get you into the campout. But I like your attitude anyways. If you’re going to be miserable & not sleep, you might as well do it some place really cool, huh?

  6. delusional? yes, that’s the word that comes to my mind… or how do you say – KRAY-ZEE ??

    but, i suppose if you’re already terribly uncomfortable, is one night on the ground really that bad?

    (yes, yes it is…)
    -vanna, the HORRIBLE pregnant lady, and even worse camper-outter.

  7. Jesus. I can’t stand camping when I’m feeling a bit bloated, let alone pregnant.

    Maybe if you actually walk/waddle up there and make an appeal in person (while rubbing your belly ruefully) it might make a difference?

  8. I say you storm the perimeter, stake your claim, and then dare them to toss you out. Given your condition, the formidable LilZ as your henchman, and a couple of local news stations on cell phone speed-dial, you cannot but prevail!

  9. Damn. I hope it rains. Unless they let you in; then I hope the weather’s beautiful. That would be a fun story to tell AndyZ later. “We went camping, and then they cut you out of me on Wednesday! It was a good week.”

  10. I will hazard a guess that your fellow campers might be glad that the about to pop lady won’t be sleeping next to their tent. Hehe…you are hard core going camping 4 days before giving birth. Good for you! But don’t get on any elevators with me…I’ve seen enough movies to know we would get stuck and you would go into labor.

  11. I went camping and rafting when I was 5 mths preggie last year and people thought I was crazy, but camping at 9mths…you win the crazy award. :)

  12. You should get an award for bravery. You take ‘remaining active until the end’ to a new level! Just the thought of trying to sit or lay on the ground for a prolonged period of time while pregnant makes me ache.

  13. One of the joys of the planned C is that special look people get when they ask you when your having that baby and you say “Wednesday” and they think “that poor crazy pregnant girl thinks she’s in control.”

    Then you shock them with “No really, Wednesday they are going to filet me open and jerk this kid right out!”

    So much fun! It’s awesome.

  14. I cannot believe the pregnancy card did not work! Unbelievable! I am amazed that you would be willing to camp at that point, but it would be a cool memory. In any case, get as much rest as possible in the next week! I can’t wait to see pics of the little guy.

  15. yup i think you’re crazy – but still, if i was on the list, i’d give up my spot for you. you deserve to go. :-)

    good luck!

  16. Well, dang! I can’t believe it’s that close already! It probably doesn’t seem like it to you, but DANG! That went FAST (for me ; ) )

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