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  1. My sister used to breastfeed my youngest nephew while he was in his carseat (said nephew is the reason I decided to never have a third child….). She also used to drive with the rear windshield wiper always on to try to entertain him.

  2. I nursed Scout in the car while she was strapped in (just once). Probably not the safest position for me to be riding in….but at least she was happy.

  3. I have sat, buckled into the center seat’s lap-belt, and performed INCREDIBLE gymnastics to nurse my daughter while she stayed buckled into her carseat. And I’ve taken more than a couple of roadtrips with an electric breastpump plugged into a converter in the car. But I’ve never taken myself or the baby out of our restraints (or nursed while driving, like in that story). I’m just too cautious. I’d have to stop.

  4. It’s smarter than taking the screaming child out of the carseat while the husband is driving and unbeknownst to you there is a CHP in the next lane and the husband gets a ticket. When you just could have shoved the breast over into the screaming mouth…yeah, I should have done the gymnastics thing. But that was over 11 years ago. I compliment all of you younger and wiser mothers.

  5. In North Carolina, it is LEGAL to take your child out of their carseat in a moving vehicle if you are tending to their needs. I have definitely taken advantage of it…just saying.

  6. I have SO done that!!!
    And really, I don’t recommend it. The baby was screaming bloody murder becasue he didn’t want to be in his car seat and we were with the in-laws coming home after dinner. It was going to be a long drive, and my father in law was so worred about the baby he was going to pull over on the road so I could take him out.
    I knew that would just make it worse – so I did what I could. Since it was dark no one could see me whip out the boob and lean over the baby.
    Presto! It worked!! But I had a helluva cramp in my back making it happen.

  7. I don’t agree that this mother should’ve taken her baby out of the car seat to breastfeed in the car…you just never know what could happen in that time (which breastfeeding is usually about 20 minutes or so). I however, have nursed my daughter on more than one occasion while the car was moving and she was STRAPPED IN to her car seat. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I did that mostly when she was facing backward in her britax marathon seat because we were on a road trip going somewhere and she would get fussy and if we had to stop every time she fussed on our 8 hour trip we’d still be trying to get there. And actually i kind of felt safe doing it. I was braced in such a way between her car seat and the seat itself i felt fine. and I also put a little blankie up in the window so cars driving by could not see what was going on, but mostly hubbie just stayed in the right lane anyway so that no one would pass by on that side of the car. I would never dream of taking her out of her seat to breastfeed her though. Now she is old enough that she only nurses maybe once a day so it’s not something i do now (plus she’s turned forward in her car seat so it would be a more awkward maneuver to breastfeed on the go).

  8. I have breastfed both my son and my daughter while they were stapped into the Graco infant seat. With my son, since he was the only child at the time and sat in the middle, I could even switch sides! But with my daughter, since I have to sit in the middle, she only gets one boob. Poor thing — haha.

    But man, that is a hell of a position to nurse in. My back was killing me.

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