26.2 Revisited

What were you doing one year ago today? Do you remember? I do. I was waking up very early in an over-priced hotel in Nashville so that I could put on some short shorts and run 26.2 miles. Yep. One year ago today, I completed my first marathon. I hope to some day try it […]

Who IS That Girl?

Well. We did Panoply and made nine-hundred cool things in the children’s crafty areas. We ran through some fountains downtown. We played in a drum circle. We went to the Botanical Gardens to see the butterflies and play in the water features there. I’m officially worn the hell out and don’t think I’ll ever move […]


We have an art festival downtown every year. It is called Panoply and it runs this weekend. We went as a family last night because Saturday and Sunday are out of the question for us as a group. So, we went last night to try to enjoy it for a few hours. MrZ is pretty […]