Toddler Fashion

She likes to dress herself

I fear my daughter has inherited my horrible sense of fashion. This picture is what happens when she dresses herself. Including the stickers. And for the record? There were no pants in this outfit. Now, I will say that I (usually) wear pants when I dress myself, but for the most part? Her clothing choices seem to reflect my own horrible taste. Which, of course, is adorable now! But when she’s 14 and pinch-rolling her flare-legs? (Why could I never separate the styles?) She’ll be in trouble.

Unless this is just the age of bad taste. Is there still a chance she could grow out of this? Could it be that all two-year olds prefer to put stickers on their legs instead of pants? Is there a chance she’ll eventually realize that socks and sandals don’t mix? Or is she doomed to spend her life like her mother does: A minimum of two styles behind at all times.