Best Shot Monday

A real smile

I took a crapload of photos this weekend. A lot of photos where NikkiZ is truly enjoying herself and laughing at something. So, it was very hard to choose one for Best Shot Monday.

After not getting rained out at Panoply this weekend, I thought I’d let NikkiZ run through some fountains downtown. I assumed she’d be like her brother and think this was a dream come true. She approached the fountains timidly, like she was hoping to hide from the water at first. This caught me off guard because her brother – at the same age – would have been running around like a maniac through the fountains until I’d finally have to set some sort of steel-cage trap to catch him and take him home. After every excuse in the book (she had to take her stickers off her arms, her hairbows out, her necklace off…) had been used up, she finally approached the fountains just close enough to get a few sprinkles on her shirt. AND THEN SHE RAN AWAY SQUEALING. This is the picture you see above. The exit squeal.

She did this several times and really enjoyed herself. When she was done (which she declared long before I would have expected) she demanded a towel because she was soooo wet. You know – those sprinkles! They’ll drench you! Holy Cow!

Next time we’re taking her brother – so he can show her how it’s done. Either that, or I’m putting down the camera and jumping in with her. Which I would have done this weekend if it wasn’t for the fact that I was wearing a light shirt and no one wants a wet t-shirt contest participant at 36-weeks pregnant. TRUST ME.


12 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday”

  1. Holy crap…that is a perfect shot.

    (Get this, today in Seattle I’m wearing a turtle neck sweater. Summer is no where in sight and I’m mad.)

  2. JOY! Mine is still asking to go to the beach. Um, no. Not in April, not in NJ. This weekend we took a walk around a local lake. She wanted to go in the water in the worst way. You’d think it was to be the last time she’d ever see water again.

  3. That’s so sweet! I just love the picture :-)
    And on a completely unrelated note: every time someone says “crapload” I giggle, because once upon a time, I was sitting with a boy at a coffee shop, and he was eating a muffin, and he said, “This muffin has a crapload of fibre” and I laughed so, so very hard and he finally wised up to why, and it was a hysterical moment and one of the happiest in all my convoluted relationship with said boy.

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