Things I’ve Learned

I saw this post on someone’s blog recently and I can’t find it ANYWHERE to link back to it. So – I’m openly stealing from someone, I just can’t remember who. I apologize.

Things I’ve Learned

  • There is never a good reason not to contact someone you’ve been missing.
  • The dishes can usually wait.
  • Finger painting is not just for children.
  • An organized medicine cabinet is a beautiful thing.
  • Having a husband who can make you laugh is one of the best therapies in the world.
  • Sleep is more valuable than a shower some mornings.
  • Clothes that are too expensive to risk staining are not worth buying.
  • Finding the perfect purse is more difficult than shopping for a house.
  • Don’t ever say no to a teenage child who invites you to lunch at his school. It may never happen again.
  • Letting a toddler do your makeup for you is an experience everyone should try once. But only once.
  • Grownups can wear Scooby-Doo bandaids too.
  • Enjoying shaving your legs does not make you any less of a feminist.
  • Churches that have open-to-the-public celebrations revolving around food are true houses of God.
  • Converse All-Stars are always appropriate footwear.
  • Finding an OB/GYN you love is as important as finding a spouse you love.
  • Intentionally wearing mis-matched socks does not indicate insanity.
  • You can NEVER take too many pictures.
  • Learning to ask for help is hard.
  • Driving without making risky left-hand turns is not a handicap. It’s a talent.
  • Shopping for school supplies never gets old.

21 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned”

  1. I LOVE converse All-Stars and have had four different pairs, but my husband haaaates them and I eventually gave all of them up (in exchange, he gave up the world’s ugliest sweatshirt that made him look like a hobo). It’s been about three years and I still miss them like crazy.

  2. I have been hunting for the perfect purse. Sigh. I think at this point, I will just hobble through until at least one kid out of diapers.

    Yes, to “shaving one’s legs”, “taking too many pictures”, and “shopping for school supplies”. YES.

    I am with you on left-hand turns. Sort of – I will do it if there is a turn lane, but when I am coming out of a business, I will never take a left hand turn onto a busy street. I always go right, then turn into a spot that will allow me to turn right again. Not sure if that makes sense. It drives my husband NUTS.

  3. Great post, and they are all. so. true.

    Now if you can just convince my husband on the never taking enough pictures bullet, life would be perfect. He calls me the paparazzi, lol.

  4. Ohhhh I like the new page!!!! scared me for a second…thought I was somewhere else!!

    I love that list….that is a great list. I may have to do that on Monday…..may steal it from you! ;)

  5. I am totally on the picture one (is there another way to decorate one’s house?) and the cartoon bandaids because I don’t think we even have plain ones.

  6. Converse All-Stars are always appropriate footwear.

    Any shoe that’s good enough for Joey Ramone is good enough for me.

  7. I don’t have much in my medicine cabinet to organize, but during a recent visit to my parents’ house I rearranged their and it is truely a thing of beauty. I matched up medicines, bandages and ointments, lotions, deoderants. It all makes sense now!

    I look at my friends who wear EXPENSIVE clothes and feel a little sad that I can’t afford them. But then I realize how clumsy I am and I would probably ruin something nice the first time I wear it and I don’t feel as bad. I was recently wearing a Premier Jewelry necklace (cost about $50) and was complimented by a woman carrying a real Burberry bag. I felt special.

  8. Or any fun band-aid. My hubby grumbles because we don’t have any plain, normal bandaids in the house. I figure if I need one, i probably need something to make me smile.

    And does the mis-matching of socks have to be intentional not to indicate insanity?

  9. I love the new page!! great colors :)

    The ob/gyn thing is totally true. I had a perinatologist who told me at 16 weeks I was “barely pregnant”. As you know, playing down 12+ weeks of nausea, sleeplessness, anxiety, backaches, etc. is not likely to be popular with any woman!!! Sometimes I wonder why the heck some doctors even go into medicine, esp. perinatology if they are such jerks!! I switched doctors and I loved my new perinatologist who was wonderful through my miscarriage and will hopefully deliver a new baby for me one day.

  10. as a girl who wears mismatched socks and gets all giddy when it’s time to shop for school supplies, i LOVE this post!

  11. Miss Zoot,
    This is a great list. If you have a chance, please pop over to and read the March 31st entry titled “Perspective”. It is about a family that needs to internet’s help right now. Your readership is so large that maybe you can spread the word some more and get their stroy out to a few more people. This Mom wants to help this family fight for their child….

  12. I know that WouldaCouldaShoulda and Notes from the Trenches both did these lists (which I love!) so maybe that’s where you saw it??

    (I mention this only because I am the type of person who if I KNOW I saw or heard something somewhere and I cannot remember where, it drives me completely batty.)

  13. I love all of these, but the shaving thing. I think shaving should be outlawed. I know it is gross not to shave, but seriously what a pain in the ass.

  14. I LOVE shopping for school supplies. It was my favourite thing to do at the end of August before I went back to school. And then I went back to school….

  15. “Intentionally wearing mis-matched socks does not indicate insanity” YES. I do this all the time. I also enjoy wearing similar themed but not matching sock. For example, two different Halloween socks. In April. It drives my mother batty. I like the new theme!

  16. The whole sock thing cracked me up! I wear mismatched socks all the time. Most of the time you can’t tell, but when someone notices I just tell them” I have another pair EXACTLY like this at home”. And then I laugh.

    I, for one, am loving the list. And may be stealing it in the near future.

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