7 thoughts on “links for 2008-04-03”

  1. Timely link for me, Zoot; my 28 week pregnant friend asked me today to shoot her :-) My blog entry tomorrow is about her, and will have a shot of her at 18 weeks, taken by not me :-)

    Good luck with your shots!

  2. Also, if you’re bored and you have a tripod, you could make it a project and shot them yourself.

  3. GREAT LINK for the Tummy Shots one… I am starting my 7th month and am REALLY bored with the standing there sideways shot!!

  4. Oh man! Wish I saw that link for Tummy Shots when I was prego. I have some of the same, but there are other great ideas there! I never liked getting my picture taken b/c I was (am) a huge momma, but I think I realized I just didn’t like seeing my face. I don’t fix myself up everyday or do my hair or even get out of my pjs (I work from home). If it was all belly, I think that I would have been cool with taking more. Something to keep in mind for next time (?).

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