links for 2008-03-25

It’s Bad Enough The Stuff Tastes Like Crap

So — this day has sucked donkey balls. Instead of reading you the laundry list of things that happened today to make me have a mental breakdown a short while ago, I’ll let you know the most TRAGIC event. The OTC cough syrup my doctor approved for me to take — the stuff I went and bought on the way home from the doctor, which I took one dose of — ended up spilled all over the white canvas bag I carry around with my CRAP in it. All over the calendar inside that my cousin made with all of our 50+ family’s birthdays in it. Ruining the brite blue dot stickers I just got in the mail. Coating a checkbook and my daily planner. Soaking through my makeup bag and all over the fancy hand lotion I just bought with a gift card the other day. Let’s don’t even discuss what it did to the magazines in the bag I had been saving to read when I had a moment.


To unwind after an incredibly insane day, I soaked in the tub while NikkiZ read the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly to me. The non-cough syrup edition. There’s nothing like the commentary a 2-year-old can provide on photos of South Park characters and werewolves. Trust me.

Coughing. Tired. Coughing. Tired. Rinse. Repeat.

I told myself when I sat at the computer this morning to write an entry, that I couldn’t talk anymore about coughing (and how much it sucks) or the exhaustion I’m feeling at being up all night coughing. And then I just stared at the blank screen because those are the only things I can think about. This previously innocent allergy-induced throat tickle has turned into a chest-pain-causing raging cough that has kept me at the 3-4 hour sleep mark for three nights in a row.

So, this morning? I called my OB.

I am “allowed” to take plain Robittussin (not the DM kind) and they wanted me to get pneumonia ruled out. The story is long and involved but essentially brought me to this point: I’m still coughing. There’s a bit in there somewhere about me crying at the doctor’s office because a certain doctor kinda made me feel like a dumbass (I’m NOT A DOCTOR) and I might have cried again later on the phone to the receptionist at the other doctor’s office. But none of those stories have good closure yet because I’m waiting to hear back from a nurse and the stories essentially boil down to this: I’m pregnant. My hormones are raging. I haven’t slept well in three nights. I’M CRYING AT EVERYTHING. LEAVE ME ALONE.

So. Still coughing. Still tired. Luckily you all have an assortment adorable pictures to keep yourself entertained while I try to remember what else is going on in my life besides this DAMN COUGH.

Happy Easter! Or Day of Lotsa’ Candy (As My Family Calls It)!

I feel like a broken record this week repeating how my allergies are causing me all sorts of fun issues. Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day and even though my sore throat/cough/voice complications kinda made me want to just sit on the couch all day – I forced myself to do stuff outside. We went to an Egg Hunt/Brunch at a local grocery store where every time I opened my mouth to talk, someone did a double take because the weird voice I have now DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. I scared a few kids and possibly the Easter Bunny. BUT – did it matter? No. Because NikkiZ loved every second of it. She thought the entire concept of eating lunch with the Easter Bunny was cool. LilZ and I had been prepping her for this brunch because she knows this Easter Bunny. This Easter Bunny has been to our house and sat in our car! Surely she wouldn’t be afraid of her!

But she still was. For a little while. Then she warmed up to her quite a bit and even let us take a few pictures of her. I think it was hearing the Easter Bunny talk and then thinking, Hmmm. That voice is familiar…. She found two eggs and about had a heart attack when she realized there was candy inside of them! Like hunting for the eggs wasn’t enough fun – then you get CANDY? It’s her new favorite holiday, Easter is.

OMG. There’s CANDY in here. Does Mom know?

That wore me out but it was only 10:30am when we were done and I was determined to cram in as much outdoor activity as possible on our first truly Spring day of the year. We went up to the Green Mountain Nature Trail which is a favorite haunt of ours. It was just NikkiZ and I but we had a blast playing in the creek and walking around the trail. (Who am I kidding? Like she was walking…) She played in the mud and threw rocks in the water. She had a blast.

A Forced (But Adorable) Smile
I’ll give you this ONE smile. Then it’s back to the rocks.

We came home for the day and on the way home NikkiZ was on her fake phone telling Daddy about how much fun we had. She was all, “We played in the mud…and threw rocks…” and she would break to take a bite of cracker and then keep going, “and saw some goose…” Then suddenly? I realized she was quiet. She stopped talking mid-sentence and her break seemed longer than that of a cracker bite. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw this:

Sleep Came VERY Suddenly

She fell asleep while eating the cracker. I think the day wore her out. I know it did me. And even though I was up all night last night coughing again…I’m still looking forward to another day of activities. Weekends like this are what weekends were made for. Fun. Sun. And Candy. Amen.