A Story She’ll Probably Make Me Delete When She Turns 12.

NikkiZ has a few things she’ll say once in awhile that we should probably discourage, or at least teach her to re-phrase, but they are so hysterically cute we just leave them as is.

Awhile ago, NikkiZ was petting Sweetie’s belly and started kinda creeping toward the area under the tail. Instead of trying to give her a canine anatomy lesson and explain what those parts were and why we shouldn’t touch them, MrZ just grouped it all into one word: Her Junk. He told NikkiZ that that was Sweetie’s “Junk” and we shouldn’t touch that. Now, of course, if anyone else is rubbing Sweetie’s belly, NikkiZ makes sure to point out to them, “That’s Sweetie’s Junk. We don’t touch Sweetie’s Junk.” We didn’t think there was anything quite as hysterical as her telling us that, but we always tried to keep a straight face as a response. Lord knows, if we laugh even a bit she’ll start yelling it to the hills because if it makes us laugh? She knows she must repeat it OVER and OVER again. In public.

Even with our good effort at not recognizing the use of the word “Junk” as funny in any way, she has still decided she simply likes the term. Even though she knows the correct words for the parts of her body, she has decided that she’d rather use the word “Junk” for herself as well. It’s easy to say and it is all-encompassing for males and females. Of course, the best is when she is hanging out with me while I take a bath and she reminds me to, “Wash your Junk, Momma!”

Thanks, dear. That is exactly why I had kids. To remind me of the important things like that.


19 thoughts on “A Story She’ll Probably Make Me Delete When She Turns 12.”

  1. :lol: I nearly peed my pants laughing at that one.

    Even if she says it in public, it will be better than her cursing, no?

  2. Hysterical!
    I’ve referred to my own “junk” as “poof” (like a poof of…well, you know…hair) and now my son likes to point out that I need to wipe or wash “poof” when necessary. Of course, not in public…yet, anyway.

  3. OMG, that is one of the funniest kid things that I have heard! Junk is the new word for “teapot” that my grandmother used to say!

  4. hahaha! “That’s Sweetie’s Junk. We don’t touch Sweetie’s Junk.” hahahah… She is too cute :)

    Oh and I know what you mean about not laughing at something or else they tell the world…When Beans first said “Fork” it sounded like a curse (use your imagination)…mix that in with “Sit”, it just didn’t sound good AT ALL.

    “Fork and Sit” = “Effin Sh!t”.

    We thought it was HILARIOUS and she kept repeating. Her GrandParents thought it was cute the first time and no look down upon us for “encouraging by laughing”. I guess that’s the new “guilty by association”.

  5. My kids have all had a habit of not paying attention and jumping all over our bed during morning snuggle time, and from a very early age we’ve taught them that they had to be aware of Daddy’s Package. Sometimes we even need to do a “Package Awareness Campaign” refresher course, and one of the funniest things in the universe is when your two year old daughter starts yelling “No Jumping! Daddy’s Package is there!” but yet you can’t laugh, because you taught her that, and don’t want to encourage her to talk about Daddy’s Package.

    Sweetie’s Junk. I like that.

  6. Wow. That totally beats the one with my kid thinking the cat’s butthole was a BUTTON that needed to PUSHED with his FINGER while the cat was on the SIDEWALK in FRONT of our HOUSE.

  7. “Junk!” Oh, my goodness, that is FUNNY. I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face if I had a kid that was saying that. You must get all the laughing out of your system once she turns her back! :)

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