Hi! Remember me?

Do you know that I have never taken a blogging “break” since the day I started this blog? Not an official one anyway. That must show you how sick I was/am — my blog was even neglected! Anyway – I’m alive. I’m by no means 100% and I won’t catch up with emails or announcing winners for contests until Monday or Tuesday. (The winners know they won — don’t worry!) But I’ve gotten so many kind emails I thought I’d pop in and say…Hi. And actually? For the first time in a week – I feel like I’m getting better instead of worse. Two weeks ago if I had spent the night in the recliner, waking up 4 times throughout the night with coughing fits, one of those time resulting in a 30-minute soak in a tub, I would have called that a BAD NIGHT. But – if it tells you anything about my week? That’s how I slept last night and I woke up this morning almost in tears I was so happy. Sleep. I actually slept some last night. I feel like a new woman.

There are a few things I would like to thank for existing during my time of need. This week has been rough and I’ll fill you in on all of the gory details later. Until then — let me thank a few things for keeping me from killing myself this past week.

  • Dora. Dora. Dora. You know her, right? The Explorer? If she were not so mesmerizing there is no way my daughter would still be alive after this long sickness of mine. Luckily, Dora kept my daughter entertained while I rotated between coughing fits in bed, taking baths, coughing fits in the recliner, and taking baths. Thank you, Dora. I actually found you quite entertaining in my delirium as well. Several times I found myself yelling at the TV, in what little voice I had, “Espera! Espera!” to try to get that damn donkey to wait for you to get on.
  • Johnson & Johnson vapor bath. I have a feeling that it’s probably bad form right now as a Mommy Blogger to pimp out a J&J product, but I can not help it. There have been several nights in the last week that the only sleep I got, was while soaking in a tub full of that stuff. Did you get that last sentence? I slept in the bathtub. Not the safe way to use the product, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I know it’s not marketed to me, but it has given me a few moments of peace and I have gone through FOUR BOTTLES of the stuff since I’ve been sick. Of course, I now permanently smell like a cough drop…but at least there was something to escape to when I was desperate.
  • The recliner I claimed from my brother-in-law before he put it on the street that my husband has wanted to get rid of for quite some time. It’s ugly and broken but I have always loved it dearly. I talked MrZ to moving it to the bedroom to make room for the Christmas tree this year, and it gave me one place I could sleep that would keep me propped up enough to keep the coughing at bay for at least 20 minutes here and there. It made it a possibility for me to get 10-minute cat naps throughout the night and without those few doses of sleep, my sanity would have left me on Tuesday. (MrZ might argue that it kinda did.)

Anyway. I’m alive. Still coughing, very tired, achy (the recliner, although awesome, not the best place for a pregnant woman to sleep), and no where near functioning at 100% — but I’m getting better. And since I spent several nights this week getting worse, this is a good thing. I’ve got stories to tell from the war zone, of extreme emotional meltdowns of the likes I have never experienced before (lack of sleep is NOT GOOD FOR EMOTIONAL STABILITY) to wonderful gestures of kindness from my family. (LilZ woke up several times in the middle of the night to check on my coughing self. Granted – the coughing woke him up – but the fact that he checked on me instead of cursing me from underneath a pillow wrapped around his ears – I think is a sign of how awesome he is.) Anyway – I’ll be back to normal some time next week. Hopefully.

Until then, fill me in on your lives! Anything exciting happen while I was gone? If you have an accompanying blog entry to link to I promise to read it and comment. But please be warned that my comment may not make sense as I’m still not rested enough to make proper use of the English language.


34 thoughts on “Hi! Remember me?”

  1. Welcome back! I’m glad you are feeling some better. When you aren’t soaking in the bath you can rub some Vick’s Vaporub on your chest and under your nose. I hope you keep feeling better and better!

  2. So glad to hear you’re doing better! Here’s to being 100% as soon as possible!

    The most exciting thing that happened this week was that I finally got to announce to the internet that I’m going to be an auntie! And I got to show off the kickass baby gift I gave to my brother and sister-in-law: http://www.sangrialover.com/?p=769

  3. I have been worried!! yesterday I had visions of you in the hospital!! I hope you continue to feel more and more better. I know that isn’t proper english….but I hope you do!!! There is a new cat in my house….but I won’t bore you with that. ;)

  4. Welcome back — I am so glad you feel better. I know how frustrating and awful it is to have one of those coughs that never goes away. I used to get those occasionally when I was younger, and man, they just destroy you. I’m relieved (though no more relieved than you!) to hear you are on the mend.

    This week I came back to school after Spring Break and now I have about 100 papers to grade. Needless to say, I am finding creative ways to procrastinate: I moved my blog to WordPress.org (instead of .com), set up the host, and tweaked my new theme. Now I think I am about to go and get myself good and addicted to The Wire. Papers? WHAT papers?

  5. I’m glad you are getting better! Only exciting thing going on over here is nesting and impending baby, maybe today…. maybe next Tuesday.

  6. Delurking to say glad to hear that you’re feeling better and agree with you on the lack of sleep thing. That’s why I found the first 2 months of my son’s life the most difficult. I can handle waking up every 2 hours but there were a few weeks where he practically didn’t sleep at all at night. I’m talking getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep a day. I thought I had pretty bad PPD but as soon as I started getting more like 4 otr 5 hours of sleep a day, I was a new women.

  7. I’m a firm believer that while you’re pregnant, simple colds are always worse. Note: I didn’t say FEEL worse, they ARE worse. I think maybe it’s the parasite factor. They always turn into something horrid! So glad that you’re feeling better!

  8. Yay for feeling better. I once broke a rib (or 2) from coughing. I can only imagine what it must feel like while pregnant!

    I did manage to post 2 things on my 101 Things/1001 Days list. Thanks for the inspiration on that one!

  9. Welcome Back! Glad to hear you’re feeling a little better. Just keep resting whatever chance you get.

  10. Delurking to say I am SO happy to hear that you are feeling better. I was on constant refresh to make sure I knew when you were back in the land of living. Here’s to better health, less coughing and emotional stability! :)

  11. I’m glad you are back. Work was boring without you posting.

    My exciting news is we get to go see a private show with They Might be Giants. Weeeeeee I’m excited.

  12. Glad you are doing better! You were missed! I love the J&J calming baby bath (I buy the store brand). My “baby” is 7 but I still use it for my baths in the evenings. Very relaxing and way cheaper than the stuff made for adults.

  13. Hi there! We’ve missed you around here. I’m glad you finally got some sleep though – I know full well what insomnia’s like! Me, I’ve just been crazy busy with school and all that fun stuff, and playing lost and found with my purse (Which I did indeed blog about!)
    I hope you’re feeling 100% soon!

  14. Glad you feel somewhat human again. Try the vick’s vapor plug ins. They work. Also, if you put a thick layer of vicks vapor rub on your feet and then put socks on it will help open you up.

  15. i know it’s been said a thousand times, but i’m soooo glad that you’re turning the corner with this whole sick thing.
    you’ve been in my thoughts.
    mainly thoughts that go like ‘oh, hell no. i am never getting pregnant. i DO NOT want to be at that stage of pregnancy, and be that sick, and not be able to take good drugs.’

    i guess i still have faith that, you know, once it happens to you…once it’s your own child…you’re able to do things that you never thought you’d be able to before.
    (obviously, ‘you’ means ‘me’ here)

    in the meantime, i keep my spare thoughts with you, and hope that you’ll be a glowing and happy lady with a big pregnant belly someday real soon. like, you know, tomorrow. tomorrow would be good.

  16. I almost cried for you after reading this. I am so sorry you have been so miserable. What WAS it? What causes that??

    I am also pregnant and have been so sick this pregnancy. It is just about the worst thing in the entire freaking world and I didn’t even have the sleep troubles you were having. I cannot imagine the agony. I hope you get all the way better immediately!! Welcome back!

  17. I’m glad you’re finally on the road to recovery. This past week sounds like it was just awful! To be that sick and pregnant – that sucks.

    Here’s to being healthy for the rest of the pregnancy, the rest of spring, and summer, and fall….

  18. On the bright side…at least you got getting sick over with before the baby comes…it’s hell to be in labor and sick! Hope you feel better soon.

  19. Dang, I wish I had thought to tell you this earlier but I have heard that if you put vick vapror rub on your feet. Yes feet! (then cover with socks) that it helps with the coughing. seriously. You can save this tid-bit for next time. :)

    I’m glad you are feeling better!

  20. Glad you’re feeling a bit better. From the misery loves company department, I have had a stomach bug on and off since the beginning of February. The only thing worse than having insomnia is having insomnia when you are sick. The only time I really sleep is when I’m sick, but not this time.

    I hope you’re at 100% soon.

  21. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Would you like to read a short post about Kaitlyn with bonus cutiepie photos? It’s here–http://table4five.net/2008/03/30/dang-my-daughter-is-cute/

  22. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Hope you continue to get well…

    How’s AndyZ handling all this coughing? Hope he’s OK too.

    -ps- I was greeted by Flickr w/”JAMBO” this morning and immediately thought of your entry about MrZ. HA! hehehe

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