Sick Leave

It’s 4:13am and I’ve essentially been up all night. AGAIN. This is day 2 of my antibiotics but so far my cough is getting worse. It is now associated with violent spasms and headaches. I’m supposed to give this Z-pack a full run (5 days. Or is it 6? I have no idea.) before I start demanding other treatments. In the meantime? I just wanted to post something saying that I’m going to just back away from the computer until I feel better. I keep trying to come up with stuff to talk about every day but I can’t seem to leave the topic of my cough behind. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this crappy before and I have cried more the last five days over this damn cough that I have in years. Last night – after ever violent surge of coughing – I would just sit there with my face in my hands and cry. Because these coughs just kill my body. It sounds like I’m about to throw up, I start gagging, my headaches intensify and my abdomen pains. So, of course, I try to not cough, which only makes the eventual fit that much worse.

Essentially – I feel like shit and I can’t stop crying.

I’m functioning below normal. Keeping the family alive and in clean clothes, but that’s about it. I had to take NikkiZ to the doctor for her own issues yesterday and thought I was going to have a breakdown right there in the waiting room as I couldn’t stop coughing and I had forgotten my cough drops.

I’m simply a mess.

So – here is my notice. I probably won’t be blogging until I feel better because I know everyone is sick of reading about my cough. And I definitely don’t have the energy or desire to respond to emails. I’m essentially taking a Sick Leave from my blog life until I can function and an emotionally stable level after having at least one good night’s sleep. Going without sleep for five nights in a row now, is turning me into a very unhappy person.

Please don’t let anything too exciting happen while I’m gone, okay? I don’t want to miss anything good.


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  1. (((((Zoot)))))

    Get well soon. If anything exciting happens while you are recuperating, we’ll take notes.

  2. Oh Zoot – when I was pregnant with Babygirl I vomited for over 7 months. And then, after only two weeks of reprieve, I wound up getting the flu too!! I was MISERABLE and know exactly how you feel. One day – one hour – at a time Zoot…you’ll get better soon! HUGS!!

  3. Zoot, I am so sorry that you are still sick! My son and I are currently in our second week of whatever this coughing thing is – but the good news is that we are both MUCH better than we were. We were both doing the violent coughing thing – so hard that we both were actually throwing up from it. After a few days on the antibiotics we could actually tell some improvement. We are still coughing but it’s not nearly as bad, and we are actually sleeping through the night again, which I was beginning to think we never would.

    One thing that really seemed to help was setting up the humidifiers. Plus cough drops, altoids, and hot tea with lemon and honey (that was the one that helped me the most!).

    I hope you make a full recovery soon!

  4. You take care of yourself, as much as you can, and demand that OTHERS take care of you, too! I’m so sorry you’re suffering with this cough. Coughing is dang annoying to suffer through, and sometimes scary. Sending you lots of hot tea and honey thoughts.

  5. Poor Zoot! (((hugs))) I hope you feel better and feel like blogging again soon. I will be thinking about you and hoping that nasty cough goes away soon.

  6. Hope you feel better! I had the same thing a couple of summers ago and it turns out it is adult-onset asthma due to allergies. I would have never had guessed. My non-pregnant self at the time was given steroids, albuterol inhaler, advair (steroid inhaler) and singulair for use all at the same time and it finally got under control. I was walking around for a month with that same horrible cough thinking I had pneumonia and all of the sudden. Asthma. Which I still don’t believe as I’ve not had it since then, but the regiment worked.

    My nurse friend says if ever you don’t feel better after 3 days of antibiotics, you probably aren’t going to feel better because they aren’t working for what you have. If you’re still this miserable, go back to the Dr. There’s no reason to suffer for longer.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling so badly. Get well soon!!!

  7. Oh Zoot – you take care of yourself and let the rest of the Zoot family wait on you – you deserve it for keeping them in clean clothes when you feel so lousy =)

    Hopefully in another day or so you’ll feel better.

  8. I know what you are going through. I have allergies and whenever they act up, I pray that it doesn’t turn into the cough that I have suffered with since age 10. For me it lasts about a week. Try some steam (vaporizer, sit in the bathroom with the hot water blasting in the tub), and warm water with lemon and honey.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. How many Sam’s are there that read your blog. I don’t feel so unique anymore. *pout*

    I hear you on the coughing. I HATE IT. I’ve been sick for a record 27 out of 32 weeks of my pregnancy.

    On the way home from work yesterday I had a horrible coughing fit that resulted in me peeing my pants so bad I had to go home first and change before I got Carter from the daycare.

    Oh, do I ever understand!

    (((((HUGE HUGS))))) I know how depressing it is.

  10. That Zpack will kick in soon. I *love* me some Zpack when I have the cough-till-I-puke thing. Meanwhile, you get that rest. We’ll keep things nice and boring around here for you till you get back.

  11. Yes – take time for yourself. I am so, so sorry you have been sick like this. I spent most of my last pregnancy battling colds and then ultimately a chest infection. It was not fun, so I really do feel for you.

    Hang tight, Zoot. Hang tight.

  12. You poor thing. Being sick is miserable. Being sick while pregnant and not being able to take good drugs sucks dead donkeys. Hope your meds kick in soon.

  13. Poor Zoot! That really sucks big donkey balls! I will risk giving assvice only because thinking of you crying and pregnant is making me cry. I cough really bad due to asthma, and two things work for me, and they may be ok during pregnancy, you could check with your doc or nurse or whoever. One is plain ol’ benedryl, don’t know why it helps but it makes me sleep, too. The other is called Tessalon Perle, its generic is called Benzonotate. They are teeny tiny ball-shaped pills, and they are magic. Here are some cheesey internet ((hugs)) to feel better.

  14. You poor thing. Coughs are the worst in general, but I can’t imagine how awful it is when you’re pregnant. I hope you feel much better very soon. Just rest and take care of yourself! *hugs*

  15. Wow – I am taking the Z-Pack as well and it’s day 2 and I am still in bed, fearing the painful coughs- the point is I feel you and I hope you feel much better soon.

  16. Oh goodness! Poor you! How sucky it is, even when you’re not pregnant! I think I took one of those Z packs once and it should start kicking in REALLY soon.
    We’ll be thinking of you.

  17. I would be remiss If I didn’t pass along the vicks rumor for coughing. I heard about it just after my cough was finally done and did not get a chance to try it out;

    I certainly hope that the Zpack kicks in, the family is extra kind, the pets take notice of your fragile state, and the house magically cleans itself so that you can get a good nights sleep and feel better soon.

  18. When I was pregnant with my second I got a nasty cough that lasted for 6 weeks. When I went for my OB appt during that time I was told that it takes longer to get over things when you are pregnant because your immune system is less effective. If that were not so, your body would attack the baby because it is a foreign object.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. At least enough so you can get some sleep.

  19. I hope you feel better soon! If I don’t get enough sleep I end up sobbing mess even without being pregnant. And to be sick on top of it must be miserable.

  20. Hey really sorry to hear your feeling so bad. Take care of yourself love and put your feet up if you can. Can you call on some nearby relatives to help you out while your ill?

  21. aw Zoot, that sucks! I can even kinda relate, today is teh first day in almsot 10 days that I haven’t been crying from coughing death plague from hell. Hang in there love, it WILL get better soon! Sleep lots (if you can, I knwo it can be difficult) and fell better soon…I miss your posts already!

  22. I hope you feel better soon! I went through the violent cough once too. It scared me because I would get to the point I couldn’t breathe from it. My dr ended up giving me these little yellow gel pills (yeah they probably have a name that I do not know lol) and an inhaler to open up my airways.

    I hope that you get well soon! Big hugs!

  23. Zoot I could have written this post this winter when I was 34ish weeks prego and had a cough for two straight months. Headaches from the coughs, the whole bit. I finally got the Zpack and a nasal spray and kicked it within a week. But it was awful and I kept thinking I was going to cough the baby right out.

    Feel better soon.

  24. Sweet sweet girl – feel better fast! And take care of yourself – better yet – make your family spoil you rotten. Till ya stink!

  25. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about all us! We will keep ourselves busy sending healing thoughts your way.

    Get well soon

  26. I had this exact thing when I was pregnant (7 mo) with my son, my husband actually thought I was gonna cough the baby out on the floor….I feel for you, it was miserable (trust me I remember)! They actually were going to admit me into the hospital for it but thank the lord it FINALLY got better, hang in there. Bronchitis is no fun :(

  27. Poor Zoot! Please take care of yourself and try to get some rest. It’s a wonder you’re not walking into the walls from being so tired. Sit on the couch and let your wonderful family help out as much as possible. Hope you feel better soon.

  28. I am so sorry. My girlfriends mom just went through this and she is eighty plus years old. She started to get better when her daughter said was going home in two days!

  29. I’m not sick of reading about your cough. I feel just awful for you. I once had a cough for six weeks. A cough so bad that I actually strained my neck muscles. Turns out it was a side affect of my bloodpressure medication. I didn’t go to the doctor for SIX weeks! I suffered for no reason. Oy. I hope you feel better soon.

  30. Hang in there Zoot! Hope you can actually get some rest this week, don’t worry about the house and laundry, put yourself first and get better. In the beginning of allergy season I always end up with some type of cough/chest cold/pneumonia just b/c the allergies come on too fast and hard to control before they turn into something else. This year I decided to go back to getting allergy shots and I am so much happier (and less snotty!)

  31. I’m sorry, Zoot. I’m also experiencing the coughing jags and they are simply awful…especially when trying to sleep, but at least I can slug down some (many) meds. I hope you feel better soon…

  32. Hope you’re feeling better soon! I too just got over this horrendous cough and it sucks…….

    Just think. Spring is coming soon and away the sickies will go.

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