Perfect For A Monday

Now THATS a smile

Mondays can often suck. And for me? This is going to be a really sucky Monday for a long list of reasons I’ll refrain from boring you with. However, uploading my pictures this morning and seeing this gem? Made the day sunny for me. I mean – COME ON. What is up with that smile? I told her I was going to take a picture of Pooh in the carseat and she said, “And me!” Then she gave me this hysterical smile. I had forgotten about that picture until I saw it on the computer this morning. Brilliant.

Take that, Monday. Let’s see you screw with me now.


15 thoughts on “Perfect For A Monday”

  1. Oh, Monday. Why must you jack up our lives so? I will have to take some pictures of the girls today and see if it can’t do the same for me.

  2. Gah I hate Monday’s too. I’m buried in school work, there’s nothing to distract my tyrant and I’m about to yank my hair out. But you’re right that’s a great picture. Take that Monday!

  3. This is a little out of nowhere, but I remember reading that you have Keratosis Pilaris (which my son and I also have) and were using some OTC products. Did anything work? We were just recommended LacHydrin, which I’ll probably try, but I thought I’d just see if you had any luck with anything in particular.


  4. That little girl is seriously cute, and such a good Mommy to her Pooh bear. Thanks for a great photo — it definitely made me smile.

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