Grab Your Backpack! Let’s Go!

We’ve had two missions today: 1) Getting NikkiZ’s room empty and ready for painting and 2) Pack and prepare for our trip to Tennessee. As of this moment – we have accomplished both things with an amazing about of hysterics and entertainment.

NikkiZ thinks her newly emptied room is surpassed in hilarity only by her Dora bed now being placed next to our bed in our bedroom. She has rotated between running around her empty room screaming and listening to her echo – to sitting on her bed in our bedroom and watching TV while exclaiming, “I’m in my bed in Mommy’s room!”

It’s amazing how entertaining this is to her.

She also found the whole “packing” exercise to be quite fun. She gets to use her Dora suitcase for the first time and she packed her own clothes, shoes, socks, and oatmeal.

Yes, oatmeal.

I mentioned bringing a few snacks for the road and she insisted we also bring her oatmeal so she can eat it for breakfast while we’re at my parent’s houses. She even opened the box and removed enough packets for the weekend. Then she packed them tightly in with her clothes and diapers. We zipped up her suitcase and put it by the door and I’ve never seen such a look of accomplishment on such a small face. It was like she was thinking: There. Now I’m ready for anything.

It’s funny how you can sign a kid up for sports and classes, take them to movies or concerts, help them make crafts and plant gardens. All of these things we do as a parent to stimulate and educate our children. And then they go and find the mundane tasks like moving furniture and packing bags to me the most amazing thing on the planet.

They do this to remind us that we’re only as sane as they’ll let us be.

Nice smile, kid.
I’m sure this setup will do wonders for our love life.