The four-legged Zoots are adjusting as well.

Coloring with the cat

Something that has surprised me during this transition of me into a Stay-At-Home Mom is watching my pets also transition. The oddest change, has been how the animals are adjusting to having a toddler around all the time. NikkiZ has always liked the cats more than the dogs (they’re not as licky) but lately, all of the animals seem to want to hang out with her. If you’ll notice, it seems that Sunflower pops up in a lot more of our pictures lately. It’s like she is always hovering around NikkiZ, waiting for some love. NikkiZ, if she notices sunflower, will try to love on her a bit. It seems that Sunflower actually likes her form of love. The aggressive, sticky sort of love that only a toddler can offer.

NikkiZ would still like everyone to know that she still does not approve of dog kisses. She doesn’t mind the occasional snuggle, but the second that tongue comes out, she runs for the hills.

Hanging out with Dad

Looking for a Guinea Pig…

So – in my downtime I taught myself how to design to work with the sidebar widget capability of WordPress. Probably not rocket science to those of you who gave in to learn that years ago, but I was pretty damn proud. I made a simple design to work with the default sidebar options a WordPress blog gives you. If you have a WordPress blog (one you set up yourself that you can add themes to, not the blogs) and you use the basic WordPress sidebar widgets – and you’d like a very Plain and Simple Aqua theme – I’d love to have someone to use this so I can see it in action to make sure I did it right. Like I said – it’s plain – but I didn’t want to put a lot of effort in a specific design just to tinker. Email me (misszootATgmailDOTcom) if you’d like to use it and let me know what your title/tagline would be. If you want to see it in action with fake entries and comments – – go here.


Dear Internet, I’ve Missed You So!

Let’s never fight again, shall we? It was such a good sight to wake up and see all of the lights on my cable modem going strong! You’re back! You were back for awhile yesterday, but I only had time to upload pictures before my daughter thought that the best way to entertain herself while I was on the computer was to kick me in the head. I decided to step away from the keyboard then.

Let me just say – there is no way IN HELL that I’ll be able to catch up with all of your lives in my feed reader. It’s scary in there! Did you know Google Reader won’t give you an accurate number past 1000? Once you get past 1000 new items to read, it just says 1000+. That is an intimidating number. I’m going to scan, make sure no one has had their baby or been kidnapped by zombies, and then I’m just going to click that magic button, “Mark All As Read” and start over. Sound good?

I had a Best Shot Monday, but I didn’t get a chance to link it yesterday. So – here it is today! Our highs made it up to the 60s yesterday, so we had a picnic outside. It was exactly what I needed. Especially considering I spent the weekend doing manual labor. I took a picture of the pile of crap for charity that I added to over the weekend. At least three of those huge bags and one box of books came solely from LilZ’s room. Not to mention the three bags of garbage: broken toys, mismatched shoes, hole-y clothing, and pure TRASH. We worked our asses off, to say the least. A picnic was just what I needed.

Cheese is not just on the sandwich
Brown grass is so pretty!

Sorry about the disappearing act…

What started as minor internet issues on Friday turned into a full-fledged vanishing act, didn’t it? Jeez. Sorry about that.

When I was waiting for the Comcast guy on Friday I realized something. I’m Agoraphobic-Phobic. I was stuck in the house waiting for him during that 14 hour timespan they give you to expect them – and I thought, “Man. This sucks.” Not being able to leave my house may be the worst situation I could ever be in. It’s worse than not having a car, because I could just call a friend or family member in that case. I was actually not allowed to leave because you know, if you do for even five minutes, the repair guy will show up and leave you a note that says, “Sorry you missed your appointment! Next available service call is in 2010.” Those 45 hours I spent waiting for him, (What? Not that long? Felt like it.) practically drove me insane. Do you know what I did while waiting? I cleaned my microwave. I dusted the DVD shelves. I cooked. These are all actions of Zoot when she is Losing Her Damn Mind. It was not pretty.

Of course, all that, and the Comcast box in LilZ’s room is not even working. So I’m going to have to call them again anyway. BAH.

So, I just wanted to pop in and say, “I’m alive! And happy to be allowed out of my home once in awhile!”

The major item on the schedule today is to go through every nook of LilZ’s room and sort all of his possessions into four piles:
1) Keep for the move into the smaller bedroom
2) Give to charity
3) Throw away
4) Keep for sentimental reasons and store in the attic

The bedroom he’s moving into is about half of the size as his current room, so we have to sort before the big move or he’ll start out sleeping under piles of books and shoes. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, it could be internet problems, or I could have gotten eaten by something living in his closet. Pray for me.

All in a day’s work.

The first half of today was awesome. I was super-productive both professionally and domestically. I got a lot done and had a good feeling about the day. I sent several inquiries/resumes out and was optimistic to hear positive feedback.

Then – I got my first “No, thanks!” response. And that sent me for a downward spiral. One negative response and suddenly my whole day was ruined. I asked Marilyn why I do that – why I let one DENIED email ruin my day – but she was no help. She just said, “I do that too!” Heh. We were talking about how quickly one negative response can ruin a good day and stop your productivity right there. Anyone found a good solution to avoiding that yet? We’d like to hear it.

I decided to step away from the email. Maybe I’ll here some positive responses today, but maybe I won’t. I don’t think I need to read anymore either way. I made the executive decision to not check my email ANYMORE today. Spend the rest of the day getting toddler love to bring back my mood.

Then she hit me. And I had to put her in timeout. And she’s crying in timeout and I’m blogging about it. I’m fairly certain this odd sequence of events is one of the reasons why I may start drinking as AndyZ exits my body in May. I’m just going to ask them to have a cold 6-pack waiting for me in the OR. I’ll have earned it.