Night One Out Of The Crib

Well – about 7:30pm last night – NikkiZ asked to go to bed on her Diego sheets. She does ask to go to be sometimes, but we thought that was a good step towards a successful night in her non-jail bed. We all three tucked her in to celebrate the big moment. She didn’t seem to be phased. We haven’t heard from her since. This is like the ease at which we transitioned her from co-sleeping to crib-sleeping. Something I dreaded for months and turned out to NOT be a big deal at all. My life mocks my anxiety.

We did have a glitch in the evening as halfway through The Biggest Loser weigh-in, the power went out. We found all of our flashlights, which all had dead batteries. AWESOME. We replaced the batteries and all but THREE were still dead. Can you tell we don’t get power outtages often? (I still don’t know how the weigh-in ended: SAVE ME!) After getting candles lit in all the bathrooms and tripping over objects on the floor (Me) at least 900 times, we all three settled in on the couches to read (Me) or watch iPods (MrZ and LilZ). I was trying to decided whether sleeping on the couch would keep me close enough to NikkiZ that I’d hear her wake up or if I should just sleep on her floor. I knew last night was not a night she needed to be able to wake up and me not know it. I also had no desire to put my giant pregnant body on a hard floor. Right as I was starting to get tired and needing to make a decision, the power came back on and I headed to my own bed. THANK GOD.

But she slept through it all (obviously) and is still sound asleep. I’m wondering if when she wakes up, she’ll start out crying like she typically does or if she’ll just get up and start playing. She’s always been a bad waker, she wakes up upset in all situations. She doesn’t just talk or play in her crib until I come get her. She wakes up and immediately starts crying and/or screaming. I’ll be curious to see how she wakes up this morning. She’ll probably have ever toy and book out and spread out all over her bedroom before she even calls my name. Freedom is intoxicating for a toddler, you know.


13 thoughts on “Night One Out Of The Crib”

  1. The easiest transition from crib to bed would be my daughter. She loved it. She’s still crabby going to bed, but she never once hated the new bed. I think she just gets mad because we make her go to bed.

    Funny side note…We have Dora sheets, but every once in a while I get crazy and actually wash the sheets, so I have to put the back up ones on. I went to wash the sheets yesterday and Aivlene FLIPPED out over the backup sheets. She actually made me put the dirty Dora sheets back on the bed so she would take a nap.

  2. YAY NikkiZ! I’m sure she will have played with anything and everything this morning before you realize she’s awake… And do you have any play facepaint or makeup? You might want to watch out for that, too ;)

  3. That is awesome! I am glad it was a smooth transition so far!!

    As for the weigh in…whatcha want to know? Who was the biggest loser for the week? The kid with the glasses and longish hair. For some reason I can’t remember his name.

    Brittany gave Bob the riot act, which was well deserved after him taking all the heavy hitters.

    Jenn ended up going home.

  4. you just reminded me to post something about Fuller falling out of bed recently. Shook the house it was so loud.

    Glad NikkiZ slept through the night! I like the sheets she picked out. Fuller still sleeps on a crib mattress, so we just used the same sheets he’s been using since he was tiny. Maybe I should upgrade him someday soon. (He does use a Cars blanket.)

  5. That’s great to hear. Henry is also not a great waker. Only recently has he begun to giggle and play in his crib, but usually it’s screaming and crying and “Mommmmeeeeeey! Where arrrrrrrrrrrrre yooooooooooooou?”

  6. My nephew wakes up the same way. As soon as his eyelids lift, he starts screaming.

    As for TBL, Jenn went home and they did her recap. She looks good, but I can’t remember how much she weighs right now. They showed an interview with her sister that was heartwarming. :)

  7. We transitioned at Christmas time and The Kid just sits in bed and yells “mama, come get me.” She won’t get out of the bed herself! (its just a mattress and boxspring on the floor, all of 12 inches off the floor) The bad waking was (thankfully) just a phase for us. Maybe NikkiZ will grow out of it before high school.

  8. Wow!!! Congratulations on a successful first non-crib night! I can only hope we’ll have the same luck when we start to make the switch in the next couple months.

  9. You might be able to pick up a cheap-or-free toddler bed on Freecycle or Craigslist. I always see them there. Or you could, you know, buy a bigger toy box for her to sleep in. lol

  10. It seems as though it’s ALWAYS the stuff you’re anxious about that goes well, whereas the sneaky stuff is what causes the most problems.

    Glad it went well.

  11. You motivated me to go clean out my candle/flashlight cupboard, and, um, PLUG IN the rechargeable flashlight, which it only now occurs to me has to be charged BEFORE the power goes out.

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