I’ve been reading Toddler Planet since long before she became the picture in my mind of the fight against inflammatory breast cancer. But, since she was diagnosed, I’ve found myself emotionally invested in the updates on her site. And today, after finishing her chemo, she is having her double mastectomy to do everything she can to reduce her risk of recurrence. She discusses the fears she feels about today here with such honesty and sincerity that I just can resist the urge to give her a hug and hold her.

Although, I’m fairly certain that might scare her a bit.

She says in today’s entry that she will use the comments as her bedtime story after her surgery. I rarely (if ever) comment on her site because I never really know what to say. But today? I commented. I wanted her to know that today – she is in my heart more than ever. Outsiders look at our blogs as these little insignificant websites. But my feelings for WhyMommy today, and the giant space she’s taking up in my heart, those feelings are real. They prove that our blogs are more than just a place where we talk about boob sweat and television. We make bonds, find friends, and become part of communities that come together and unite when one of us is in need.

Today I’m staying logged into twitter and checking Stimeyland for updates. But most importantly – I’m thinking about her and many of the other women in the trenches she has introduced me to during her battle. Her words and her journey has touched me in a way I don’t know if she’ll ever understand. So the least I can do is give her my thoughts today.

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