BAH! Humbug!

Here’s a Quickie:

MrZ gave me a gift certificate for a facial for Christmas and I took advantage of that this morning. My relaxation period ended abruptly, however, when I found out the tornado-producing severe storms coming towards this area prompted ALL OF THE SCHOOLS TO CLOSE EARLY. BAH! Must go get kids! Must get them home safely and hide in the bathtub! AFTER I blog about it!


20 thoughts on “BAH! Humbug!”

  1. But now you can take tons of embarrassing pictures of the 3.5 of you all cowering in the bathtub. That should make it worth it, right?!?!

  2. Stay safe! Don’t let the tornado’s get ya!

    Wait, just thought of something. As long as you have cellphone service, you should Twitter your tornado status! That’s not taking it too far, is it?

  3. Oh no!! Are they up there by you guys as well?? Wow closing the schools? That is hard core. We are under Tornado watch until 7 this evening and well…I am still at work. Will you get to finish out the facial at another time?

  4. I dreamed about a tornado the other night. It was one of those really vivid pregnancy dreams. . . I certainly hope your afternoon goes better than that crazy dream!!

  5. I have been watching the weather since about 12:30 noon. Nonstop coverage. As for closing the schools I agree with that. Growing up in this area schools never closed early for this type of weather. We would sit in the hallways with head between legs during tornado warnings. So far we are okay here in limestone county as I post this but the weatherman just mentioned limestone so I will wish you luck hiding in the bathroom as I may be headed that way soon.

  6. Why do the local weather people have to act like freaks when it rains? I was going to go get spaghetti sauce…but opted to change my dinner pans because I didn’t want to face the “milk and bread” freaks at Publix.

  7. There was a tornado in Portland, OR today! Seriously! A house was destroyed and everything! We NEVER have tornados .. like 2 every 50 years … and we had one today! Intense and strange that you’re having one, too!

  8. I don’t think I would fair well in the south, due to the tornadoes. We had a tornado warning in PA once this summer and I acted a little silly. Tornado warnings all the time? No, don’t think I could handle it.

  9. I haven’t read any further than this yet, but I see there are more entries, so the tornado didn’t get you. So instead of, “I hope you are okay”, I will say, “DAMN IT! Your relaxing facial was ruined!!!”

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