• Dr. Better-Shape-Up-Jackass

    We all know how much I love my beloved OB/GYN – Dr. SoNice. I love him with all of my heart. And up until June – I loved every other doctor in his practice. Just not as much as him. Which is a good position to be in. Then, I met Dr. Jackass with my last miscarriage. I began hating him with all of my soul.

    Well – now it’s time for the rotation portion of this pregnancy. I have to see each doctor in the practice at least once in case I need them for the birth part of this pregnancy. It’s a good practice, when you don’t desperately hate one of the doctors. Which I do.

    I was trying to decide what to do about Dr. Jackass. On one hand – I have every right to refuse to see one of the doctors. On the other hand – what if he’s the only one on call when/if I go into labor? If I did need him when he was on call, and I still hated him this much, it would make the birth of my child marred by hatred and conflict. Whereas, if I give him another chance, maybe he’ll redeem himself. Rumor is – his patients love him. Most are shocked when they find out he is the doctor in the practice I hate. Maybe he had a bad day. Maybe he’ll be beyond awesome this time around. Maybe he’ll leave his jackass tendencies at the door. If I don’t give him a chance to be better – then I’m going to be in a bad place if the worse-case scenario happens and I need him.

    So – after my visit with Dr. Hyper today (the kind of doctor I would love if I was a normal pregnant woman) – I made my appointment to visit Dr. Jackass in four weeks. Chances are, I’ll never have to see him again. Out of five doctors, chances are one of the ones I love will be on call if I have an emergency. And since I’m planning on scheduling a c-section, hopefully we’ll be preemptive and won’t have those emergencies. But – if I do need him – at least I’ll have given him a chance to make nice.

    Or at least given myself a chance to kick him in the balls. We’ll see how I feel that day.