How many calendars will you buy this year?

If you’ll recall, I have quite an addiction to calendars. I bought another one several months ago, swearing it would last me until 2009. I should not even bother faking that type of calendar loyalty. The first moment I thought about the stacks and piles of 50% off calendars post-Christmas? I knew I’d be buying a new one. How could I resist? Have you seen the calendars on those tables? They’re all new! And blank! And needing to be bought and written upon!

So I did it. I actually bought two. One for my desk at work which has antique maps on every page, and one basic, simple calendar for my purse. Both are weekly calendars, giving me plenty of space per day while viewing an entire week at a time. I’ve been taking spare time the last few days to fill in birthdays and anniversaries into my new calendars. This is quite a lengthy process as MrZ and I both have quite a few relatives. And of course, it must be done without a mistake or else the entire calendar is ruined.


Here’s my question: Are you a calendar freak? If so – do you write different things in different colors in your calendars? Like – for my purse calendar I’m doing birthdays/anniversaries/annual events in purple. I figure if I need to write appointments in it, I’ll use a basic color like blue or black, that way the birthdays will always stand out. Do you do that? If so – what color do you use? Do you take it to another level and do anniversaries in a different color than birthdays? What about doctor’s appointments? Or school functions? Are they all in different colors or does it solely depend what pen is closest when you write it down?

And as usual, I have to wrap up an entry like this with the typical conclusion: Do I Need To Get Out More?

Can I Steal Your Resolutions?

I’m seriously considering doing some sort of Resolution List this year. I’m not a big fan of the list of specifics (excercise 3 times a week, lose 20lbs, read a book a month, etc.) because they are too constricting and therefore very easy for me to screw up. I’m thinking of some general resolutions like: Walk Sweetie More. I know she is one of those dogs that would benefit from Cesar Millan’s basic principal of the benefits of daily walks. I think it would chill her out and possibly keep her from losing her damn mind whenever anyone knocks on our door.

But I also want to just better myself all around. I’m one of those people who is always trying to think of ways to improve myself, and I just kinda want to make 2008 the year I make true progress. But, I’m kinda stuck. I’d like some good resolutions but I’m lame and can’t think of anything that great. So – could you tell me yours? I want to become: A better Mom, A healthier Woman, and more patient Wife, and a better steward of this planet. Now – your job is to give me some good resolutions to accomplish all of those things. Go!

Maybe we shouldn’t have any more children…

We accidentally taught NikkiZ a new trick last week. We taught her to spank her own butt. And she thinks it’s quite funny.

We were just joking around with her saying, “We’re going to spank your bottom!” when she turned the tables on us and smacked her rear-end saying, “I smack my own bottom.” Which, of course, got all of use cracking up. So – MrZ, LilZ, and I – we all started smacking our own butts as well saying things like, “I’m gonna’ spank my own bottom too!” It was cracking her up and I think she came the closest to crying from laughter than she ever has. The three of us were definitely crying we were laughing so hard.

It was quite a nice family moment, I must admit.

Now, periodically, when she’s feeling especially goofy, she spanks herself in the butt and says, “I spank my own bottom!” She knows it will get anyone in the vicinity giggling. Which will come in handy at family gatherings or formal dinners, I’m sure.