How many calendars will you buy this year?

If you’ll recall, I have quite an addiction to calendars. I bought another one several months ago, swearing it would last me until 2009. I should not even bother faking that type of calendar loyalty. The first moment I thought about the stacks and piles of 50% off calendars post-Christmas? I knew I’d be buying a new one. How could I resist? Have you seen the calendars on those tables? They’re all new! And blank! And needing to be bought and written upon!

So I did it. I actually bought two. One for my desk at work which has antique maps on every page, and one basic, simple calendar for my purse. Both are weekly calendars, giving me plenty of space per day while viewing an entire week at a time. I’ve been taking spare time the last few days to fill in birthdays and anniversaries into my new calendars. This is quite a lengthy process as MrZ and I both have quite a few relatives. And of course, it must be done without a mistake or else the entire calendar is ruined.


Here’s my question: Are you a calendar freak? If so – do you write different things in different colors in your calendars? Like – for my purse calendar I’m doing birthdays/anniversaries/annual events in purple. I figure if I need to write appointments in it, I’ll use a basic color like blue or black, that way the birthdays will always stand out. Do you do that? If so – what color do you use? Do you take it to another level and do anniversaries in a different color than birthdays? What about doctor’s appointments? Or school functions? Are they all in different colors or does it solely depend what pen is closest when you write it down?

And as usual, I have to wrap up an entry like this with the typical conclusion: Do I Need To Get Out More?


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  1. I’m ALL about the Google Calendar these days. My husband and I share ours so we have one color for his events, one color for my events, and we recently added a third color for events that involve us both.

    However, I do like to have a wall calendar hanging by my desk at work. This year I got a desk calendar, too. We’ll see if it comes in handy or not.

  2. I used to be an organizer freak. (What happened, I don’t know.) The actual, leather-bound kind. For wall calendars, I use whatever I’ve gotten free from the bank or something my mom gave me with kittens on it. Mostly I rely on the one in my cell phone, or on my iPod.

  3. I already have two calendars for 2008 going with all dates in them. I ordered another one two days ago. Half way through the year, I will get sick of them and order some new ones. It’s a sickness,lol.

  4. Oh Hell Yeah
    I HIGHLIGHT my planner. Court dates are orange (don’t worry I am not reading this blog in jail, I am a social worker) Non-court work things are in blue, personal is in pink and money is highlighted in green.
    I have a big calendar at work on my wall and a small cute one on my other wall and a weekly one on my desk. At home I have a Beagle calendar and one on the fridge.
    Lets form a support group I have a purple hightlighter that I don’t use for anything:-D

  5. I had to abandon my calendar habit because it was getting out of hand. plus, I could not find any that I really, truly loved. I’m a slave to my electronic calendar for work stuff (and personal stuff is on there too), and I also still have two paper calendars that I couldn’t give up. One’s a flip-calendar that shows a week at a time (plenty of space on each day), and one regular wall calendar that I get way too much satisfaction from by crossing out each completed weekday.

  6. I currently have three — a monthly planner for work that I only put work events and deadlines on, a weekly/monthly planner (that goes in a binder-type thing that has pockets and a notepad) for my personal stuff, and a weekly planner that I use to document my workouts and occasionally as a food journal. (This last one is new… I’m hoping that by seeing it in writing I will be better about it.)

    I used to be much more about the color coding, but now i kinda just grab whatever color pen is handy.

  7. Oh, and I want a fourth — a wall calendar at work. But that’s more for decoration purposes, I think. I need to buy myself a bulletin board to hang up first.

  8. I do believe that you all need a 12 step program! You’ve completed the first step…admitting you have a problem, now step away from the calendars.

  9. I love calendars, too. And so do my kids. I’m addicted to my Franklin Covey planner (tried a different brand last year, and hated it hated it hated it), the two page per day, with a full month on the divider pages.

    My husband, on the other hand, is quite content with the free wall calendar my work sends us every year. And he thinks the kids and I are really freaks when we spend an hour looking at calendars.

  10. I don’t have any calendars unless you count the ones at work. right now I have two up on the walls. two desk ones and a small weekly one. One marks pay days. One just sits there and the small weekly one is filled with birthdays and anniversarys and what not. I think there is one at my house….but not for 2008.

  11. I print out page-sized monthly calendars for work so I can just glance up and see when dates align, but other than that, I’m buying two calendars: a weekly planner for my taskwork and a nice scenic one for the fridge at home. My only rule is to write in pencil because I hate hate hate crossing things out.

  12. I use iCal, and then I have my iPhone in my purse that syncs with it. So I use different colors for each category: birthdays, work stuff, home stuff, etc.

    BUT I also have a wall calendar at home, and I use red for birthdays/anniversaries, blue for Memphis Tiger basketball games, and black for anything else.

  13. I am totally a calendar freak. This year I went with highlighting holidays one color and birthdays another, at least for my first calendar. Since I keep to-do lists in my calendar and cross everything off with pretty colors, I usually try not to switch mid-year. I like getting to flip through and see all my old stuff. But I’m always disappointed when all the important dates are in and it’s ready to go, I’m so tempted to get a new calendar to do it all again…

  14. I might have too many calendars, but not for 2008, yet.

    I keep a master calendar in my page layout program on my flash drive that goes back and forth to work with me. I color-code by person (my stuff is purple, my son’s – blue, etc., family – black). I PDF the upcoming month at the end of each month and email it to hubbie so he’s on the same page.
    I have a monthly planner for my business (different than work)
    A weekly planner for my desk at work which I don’t usually write in (I like the pictures)
    A monthly calendar that hangs at home, again, don’t usually write in it, just tape updated printed versions from the master computer file.
    I also have a big (12×36, or so) yearly calendar that one of our vendors sends out each year hanging in my office. I’m starting to get twitchy because the 2008 hasn’t arrived yet and I’m afraid that it won’t because I’m not sure we use them and I’ve moved to a different building [twitch, twitch].

    In answer to your concluding question, with a calendar like yours I think you probably need to stay home more!

  15. I’ll buy at least two. Maybe more if I find one I like. I have one in my planner, so I can write appointments down immediately and one giant one that I get from FlyLady and that one is color coded. I have special highlighters that nobody else gets to touch and my special pen that I use to write the stuff down with.

  16. I used to be a Daytimer Obsessive complete with highlighters until I discovered Palm in 1998. I have not looked back since. I am still into wall calendars, though – I used to buy 3 (one for work office, home office, and kitchen) but now I just buy one for the kitchen.

    What I love most about the Palm is the search function. I can always easily look up things that happened in the past.

  17. I use blue for anything other than my MOMS Club events (because we go to a lot of MC events), the MC events are in green. Birthdays are in ballpoint pen and highlighted in yellow, so they’ll stand out. But I might have to change my system because the blue and green are just too close in color. I need blue and orange or something like that. Which means, of course, I’ll have to go buy more pens…

    And yes, the whole calendar is ruined if one box is messed up. Seriously. You have to get a new one and start over.

  18. Hello my name is Maribeth and I am a calendar addict. I have purchased 5 calendars this year and this isn’t even a big year for me.
    Remember, Zoot, you are not alone! LOL

  19. I’m so glad you wrote this. I sat down with my new (undated) day runner and started to fill it in. I had none of my usual colored pens. And I messed up a week in March. And now I have to curb the GNAWING NEED to go buy another one so I can make it perfect.

    (I’m sure I will buy another one. And some new colored pens, while I’m at it. Lord help me if they have stickers.)

  20. I love calendars but am very cheap. A couple of years ago I found out that Michael’s carries two-year purse-size calendar books for $1 apiece. Everyone who didn’t sit still long enough got one for Christmas.

  21. I use glitter pens as follows:

    Blue – Males’ birthdays
    Pink – Females’ birthdays
    Purple – Anniversaries and misc events that require a card, gift, correspondence, etc.

    Appointments are written in pencil. My calendar will be beautiful and prinstine until about January 5, when Q will have taken it into his fool head to use both blue and black ink on the same page. Then I will die, because even though I use different colors too, mine are glittery and go together, and his, most certainly do not.

    I think I need help.

  22. I bought a purse-sized calendar a few years ago when I started having too many social events to remember in my aged, pea-brain and now I can’t live without it. But, I am sorry to inform you that I write in whatever color ink I have handy and it has scratched-out letters and scribbled reminders and torn pages. You would have a coronary if you saw it. Oh, and we hang the school calendar in the kitchen on the bulletin board, but never write on it.

  23. I got a Harry Potter calendar for Christmas from my husband. I feel as if I should be embarrassed that it was my favorite gift, but I’m really not.

  24. I am also a calendar addict. I have two for 08 but will probably only use my Missouri Conservationist one in the kitchen. It is the best calendar because it tells you random nature facts like , “today, hedgehogs begin mating.” I already have transferred birthdays and anniversaries to the new calendar and had to go ahead and take December down today- it was just way too cluttered and I need a new month to look at.

  25. Nope – I used to be a calendar freak – then I had kids and since then I haven’t had enough free time. Hence the supply of the “Happy Belated Birthday” cards I have stashed away :)

  26. I worry that purple will be too close to black and then you’ll have to start over again sometime in March :) I like the idea of lime. Or orange! Oooh, ooh – use orange. It’ll be festive. And then with the daily black it’ll be like Halloween all the time.

    Yes. I did have calendar love. Now I live vicariously through yours.

  27. I have entirely too many calendars…. too many …. it’s not even 2008 and I have filled out 3 … 3… I have a franklin covey classic leather one that is lime green and I use it for work but also put eveything else in blue and it’s the one I use most as I also track my ongoing goals, priorities, what not – you know – standard type a protocal. I have a desk calendar for imediate needs through out the day and I have one at home in my laundry room full of birthdays and kid/family functions. The highlighting does intrest me now though. And yes, I will probably buy atleast 2 more … duh

  28. Even though I use Google Calendar mainly, I still buy three wall calendars each year to handle birthday reminders and such for honey, and to jot notes on.

  29. I live and die by the calendar on my Palm and my husband just bought me the new TX for Christmas. Other than that, we have a great calendar hanging on our fridge made by Brian Boynton (of “Hippos Go Beserk” fame) that has 5 columns for each day. Each person has their own column so we always know who has what and when. I used to have a Franklin Planner,. but I never liked the layout and the one theme of pages that worked well for a SAHM only came in a larger size.
    But I LOVE my Palm!

  30. Nope. I try to live in a Calvin-esque land of no time. (I think the quote is “a world where time and space have no meaning”, alas I do manage to take up space.)

    We do have The Calendar on the refrigerator. I try to look at it at least once a week to see if I forgot to do something in the past week.

    Other than that, no. Also, fortunately for me, I work in a Windows-free zone, so I manage to escape the tyranny of Outlook calendars as well. (Yes, I know that there are non-Windows alternatives, but shhhhh….)

  31. I just got a daily planner for Christmas and I used black for everything. I’m just hoping to remember stuff and send people a card for something special because I’m HORRIBLE at that. I’m thinking of it as part of this whole “growing up” process which is kind of a pain in the ass. :) But I did have a conversation with a co-worker about using all those different colors and stuff, but that just seemed like a crazy amount of work and if I’m too lazy to send my friend a card on their bday, I’m WAY too lazy to find more than one pen.

  32. I bought one while Christmas shopping and thought that was it…and then today the sales caught me up and I bought two more. I think this sickness of yours might be contagious ;)

  33. I can’t believe no one has mentioned this, but I live by my momAgenda! I just buy the spiral refill and use it alone. The website has print out “trial” pages, if you want to take a look. It is the best for multiple children families. There are 4 spaces under your space for kids, but since I only have 3 kids I use the other one for my husband’s schedule (he officiates football and baseball and is gone a LOT during those seasons!) It is the BEST!

  34. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on this before but my husband and I think a really hot date is a night in Office Max or a similar store. I am not as bad with calendars as I was several years ago, right now my fetish is ink pens…I simply can’t get enough of them…I crave nice fine point pens in red and black and on occasion I go for blue. No colors for me though, unlike you, I like the basic colors but I want variety, I want gel, I want fine, I want felt tip…..pens pens pens, they make me wheez!

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