Can I Steal Your Resolutions?

I’m seriously considering doing some sort of Resolution List this year. I’m not a big fan of the list of specifics (excercise 3 times a week, lose 20lbs, read a book a month, etc.) because they are too constricting and therefore very easy for me to screw up. I’m thinking of some general resolutions like: Walk Sweetie More. I know she is one of those dogs that would benefit from Cesar Millan’s basic principal of the benefits of daily walks. I think it would chill her out and possibly keep her from losing her damn mind whenever anyone knocks on our door.

But I also want to just better myself all around. I’m one of those people who is always trying to think of ways to improve myself, and I just kinda want to make 2008 the year I make true progress. But, I’m kinda stuck. I’d like some good resolutions but I’m lame and can’t think of anything that great. So – could you tell me yours? I want to become: A better Mom, A healthier Woman, and more patient Wife, and a better steward of this planet. Now – your job is to give me some good resolutions to accomplish all of those things. Go!


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  1. I kinda stopped doing resolutions awhile ago. Because the one of Finding a Husband hasn’t worked for about 10 years so…I gave up on it. ;) I do goals that I would like to accomplish. A better healthier lifestyle will be the #1 goal for 2008. I don’t mean just lose weight but learn more about the foods I am eating, making sure I get out and at least walk even once a week. Stop spending money like it really did grow on trees. Learn to better myself so I am happier and more confident. All in all…to grow up a bit. I don’t mind being a “young” 32 but it is time to be a little bit more adult. Hopefully by the end of 2008 that will have happened a bit.

  2. Lifestyle changes are the best but hardest resolution and you must take “baby” steps to achieve them. To be a better mom… take 5 minutes a days to ask LilZ a question that will take him more than 5 words to answer and for NikkiZ ask her to sit with Sweetie quitely so the “no sweetie no” response does not provoke more bad behavior from your doggie.

    Great advice from someone with no kids of her own but many younger cousins (2nd) and a 10 year old dog.

  3. Damn, I really want to help you. I haven’t done resolutions in a long time.

    A better Mom?
    How about doing one activity a month that is Mommy and LilZ” and one activity a month that is just Mommy and NikkiZ? You seem to do a lot family activities, so the only thing I could think of was one-on-one bonding.

    A better steward of the planet?
    I think you’re already well on your way. Perhaps, you could add recycle and reuse more to your list.

    To be fair (since I am offering suggestions :lol:), I’m going to do some general ones for myself:
    Spend more time with my camera (This will improve my photo skills, will be my excercise and make me happy.)
    Spend less time at the office. (This will help me be more paitent and tolerant. I hope.)

  4. In my house, we don’t do resolutions, as such. Instead, since 2004, as a couple, we’ve created possibilities for the year.

    For example, 2004 was “the possibility of unprecedented results.” During that year, my partner had her professional theater debut (a lifelong dream) and we increased our household income by 60% (not related to the other great result). In 2005, we declared it to be “all about the boolings” (our family word for small children). I got pregnant in May and had a son in Feb 2006. Last year it was the possibility of “vitality, discovery, and fun.” I’ve started exercising regularly for the first time since I was 18, and my partner took a class and got involved in a hobby neither of us previously would have imagined — classic cars!

    I think the key is to stay mindful about the possibility, and periodically ask yourselves if what you’re doing is furthering it. It might be something fun to do with LilZ, too.

  5. I’m the opposite – I need really specific goals so that I can hopefully attain a general one. Last year, I wanted to read more, so I resolved to read 4 books every month, which I didn’t even come close to achieving. However, I developed a habit of constantly scouting out new reads and talking to people about their recommendations, so I feel good about that goal.

    This year, I’m resolving to cut out soda from my diet (but celebrate each successful month with a root beer float) and try two new recipes each month. The general goals are to have less sugar and expand my currently-tiny cooking realm.

    I definitely vote for walking Sweetie often. I groan about walking our dog in the mornings, but it really helps me wake up and be more active, in addition to tiring him out. Of course, I have drunk the Dog Whisperer Kool-Aid, so I’m pretty biased.

  6. I think the first three goals could probably be aided just by the resolution to stop and take a deep breath before any given action (eating another cookie, yelling at the kids, whatever).

    As far as planet stewardship goes, it depends on how hardcore you want to be. You could resolve to recycle more items (it’s surprising how many things actually can be recycled), or start a compost pile. Or you could do something dramatic like resolve not to buy anything new for the year. There’s a group called the Compact that’s had a lot of press recently for doing that. One article about them is here.

  7. LOL @ MrZ’s comment! I think I wil make that one of my goals for next year, as well.

    But in all seriousness, I really just want to get a better handle on our finaces and our spending habits. Maybe like, sticking to buying ONLY WHAT WE NEED from target, and not talking myself into NEEDING that cute top on sale, or whatever, and sticking to my budget! I spend so much time plannign it out, you’d think all that work would make me want to follow it! I’ also like to pay off all our credit cards, or at least pay them down so that should an emergency arise, we could actually USE them.

    I’d also like to get back to working out at least 3 times a week and walking daily. I was doing SO WELL up until December. then somehow, I just stopped. And sadly? I MISS IT!!! I never, ever thoguth I would MISS exercise, but I do!

    And finally – we are working towards being more “green” and living a bit more simple. I make one small change every week. In the new year, I’d like to make my changes a little bigger, and hopefully make our lives A LOT more simple.

  8. My resolutions, as they are, will be to be better at saving money and understanding my finances (Where does my 401K live?). I’m also going to make more time for me, which means putting myself first. Of course, I’m single and without children, so that shouldn’t be too difficult.

  9. I gave up resolutions (and giving up something for Lent) several years ago. My resolutions always went out the window before the year even got started. I’d like to get the family finances more under control.

    As for being a better steward of the planet… teach the LilZ and NikkiZ what it means and encourage them to do their part. Good habits start young. During the warmer months we occasionally walk to the pizza place down the street with a plastic shopping bag (and disposable gloves), picking up the trash we find along the side of the road.

  10. To be a better steward of the planet use sun power to dry your clothes. Last year we put up a clothesline and I used it for all the loads of laundry I could, fortunately I had taken a work hiatus so it was pretty much all the laundry. Hanging the laundry more than made up for running the A/C more since I was home more. And, we made it a fun mommy/kid time. They got to help and learn that everyone has to help in the house for us to be successful.

    I think your 2008 ambitions are great. Good luck!

  11. I don’t do resolutions because failure depresses me and let’s face it most of us never live up to the resolutions we make. I do however want to get our spending/finances more under control. We don’t use credit cards and therefore only have “good debt” – our mortgage but our (ok -MY) spending is out of control. We would have much more in savings if I would chill. Oddly I rarely spend on myself (save that small Coach obsession) but my husband has enough clothes to give five men a kick ass wardrobe and our kids are lost under all their stuff. And electronics, movies, cameras etc are overflowing the house. I have to work on that.
    You’re an awesome mom and with the baby on the way you’ll already be dishing out extra attention and reassurance to aid the adjustment. Just keep up the good work.

  12. I’m with you on all of those, but if you would like a suggestion on how to start the better steward of the planet one, here’s what I’m doing/did…
    I read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, MIneral and it got me SO enthusiastic on how to be a responsible eater and eat locally whenever I can.

    I also got an application for Doe Run Farms (local to us) Community Supported Agricultural program. ( I hope to buy more from Garden Cove and the Farmers Market over by the Krispy Kreme on north parkway (WHY are they so close to each other… WHY???).

    I want to learn to can tomatoes and make my garden bigger too, but I know these are really hard things to do when you got a newborn and a toddler and a teenager. Doe Run Farms deliver to Holy Spirit School so that would be more convenient for you…

    It’s a good start! Happy New Year!!

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