We’re Very Important People, You Know

We’re going to see Beowulf tonight to celebrate MrZ’s birthday (tomorrow). I told him I’d take him to the new theater in Huntsville and we’d do the VIP movie experience thing. You get booze and appetizers before the movie, and then cushy seats in a balcony during. It’s fancy. I knew he would love it because he is so fancy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t look at what movies were part of the VIP experience in advance. If I had, I would have known Beowulf was showing and I would have known he would pick it. And he did. And I have ZERO desire to see that movie. BAH. But now I’m stuck because it’s his birthday so he gets to pick. Not. Fair.

So, have you seen it? Is it going to suck as much as I fear? Or is it going to be surprisingly awesome?


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  1. My hubby wants to see that as well and I have absolutely no desire to see it at all. Fortunately, we’re broke and his birthday isn’t happening any time soon!

  2. Given that you loved Harry Potter so much, my guess is that you’ll find something to like about Beowulf. I loved it, and I’m neither a sci-fi fan, nor a violent/action film gal.

    Have fun!

  3. They have a VIP treatment theater in Huntsville?!? WTF? I live in MIAMI, where absolutely everything is supposed to be great and fantastic and up-to-date and all that shit, and we don’t have that yet. I WANT DRINKS WITH MY MOVIE, DAMMIT!

  4. The VIP experience thing sounds pretty cool! I sort of have mixed feelings about Beowulf, but Rotten Tomatoes seems to think it’s pretty good :-) Plus, it has Angelina and you like her, right?

  5. I heard about VIP movies on Alyndabear’s blog and thought it was just an Aussie thing. But it exists here in our country, too? Holy crap! VIP movies need to come to Colorado ASAP.

    Good luck tonight. I hope the movie doesn’t suck!

  6. I have seen it actually, I saw it in 3D the night the movie came out…

    It was…ok. I enjoy sword fights, monsters, dragons, heroes, etc. It’s a tad graphic but the only reason I didn’t like it was because it was nothing like the actual story so as an English Major, it drove me nuts. I think you’ll find something to like about it. :-)

  7. What I don’t understand is why Angelina Jolie gets no credit for being in the movie (according to IMDB) yet she’s clearly in it.

    But I also don’t think I’d want to see it because it looks too CGI. And because I hate all things that are of that genre.

  8. It looks like it’ll be pretty to watch, at any rate, even though it does look like it has an awful lot of CGI. My fall-back in bad movies is to just check out the costuming!

    Happy (early) Birthday, MrZ!

  9. Wait, I thought you were a big Angelina Jolie fan. She’s in Beowulf, right? I kind of want to see it, because Neil Gaiman wrote the screenplay and I like him.

    Happy almost birthday Mr. Z!

  10. I saw it in 3D at the IMAX theater. The entire movie is animated in CG, and they did a rather spectacular job. The only thing I didn’t like about the movie was that it failed to follow the actual epic… they took a wide streak of artistic liberty with it. So even if you have read the story and feel only so-so about it… what you see on the screen will only vaguely resemble what you remember of the book.

    And it was gory in some parts. But I really enjoyed it, and I wasn’t too thrilled about seeing when I went.

  11. I haven’t seen it, but I got the impression that you would see ANYTHING with Angelina Jolie in it. I’ve heard there’s a remarkable amount of nudity in the film. And that it’s very realistic.

  12. I saw it with my hubby last week (the following day we saw “Enchanted” which I LOVED :).
    Beowulf was NOT BAD and actually quite good. And there were intelligent themes touched on, and it’s an interesting re-telling of an old story as well as has its own take on storytelling in itself.
    The monster attacking scenes are rather gory but if you can make it through those you’ll be okay!
    Of course, I enjoyed Enchanted more but Beowulf was pretty good overall. :)
    I hope you guys have a fun date!

  13. I have shared this already today, but I can’t stand Angelina Jolie. I have no real reason, but she just creeps me out. So much so that I won’t see any of her films.

    I hope you will still let me hang out here.

  14. I know I’m commenting on a crazy-old post, but I’m hoping you might be able to help. The hubby and I and bringing the little one to HSV to visit the grandparents in a few weeks, and I’m wondering if we should go see a movie at the fancy theater for a date night. Key question: do you know if they serve beer? I see from the website that they serve wine, but we’re strictly (good) beer drinkers. Is the movie-plus-good-food-plus-adult-beverages experience as awesome as it sounds? Do we really have to dress up to go there? I saw pictures online, and people were all in suits and crap. We live in Panama City. Out idea of dressed up is wearing the nice flip-flops.

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