Guilty Pleasures

I’ve been tagged again! And this one is REALLY cool and took me WAY too long to finish.

Name six guilty pleasures no one would suspect you of having

  1. I like to walk into the Abercrombie store in the mall just to smell the men’s cologne. I am not a cologne person but that stuff makes me c-r-a-zzzzzy.
  2. I like to cruise MySpace and Facebook for old boyfriends. Mainly because I was such a screw-up for so many years, I tend to want them to find me so they can see I kinda turned out sane. Maybe.
  3. I love a mustard-free Quarter Pounder With Cheese from McDonald’s. I’m totally not a red meat eater and I don’t like hamburgers, but once in awhile I get the urge to have one of those disgusting sandwiches.
  4. Bubble baths. Well, I know you all aren’t surprised by that, but the average person who sees me as the person who cares very little about her appearance, would be shocked that I love bubble baths.
  5. I like walking into Bath and Body works and sniffing every lotion they have. Even if I own it and know exactly how it smells, I still have to do it for reasons I can’t explain.
  6. I love fresh flowers. I love giving them to people I love getting them. I buy them for myself sometimes, and keep them in my office or something just to make me smile. At least until someone says, “Oh! Who gave you those!” Then I get depressed because I gave them to myself.

Name six guilty pleasures you wish you had the courage to indulge

  1. Makeovers. I would love to get someone to do my makeup professionally and then teach me how to do it. But I’m too embarrassed because my eyebrows are ugly and I don’t really understand eye shadow.
  2. Aerobics. I used to love Aerobics classes both in college (that’s what I took for P.E.) and in high school. But now, I’m too embarrassed because I became suddently aware of how awkward I move and I no longer want to do those type of things in front of people.
  3. Big Words. I wish I knew how to use them properly. Even words I’m fairly certain I am using correctly, I am too chicken to actually use them because I know people will correct me and then I’ll be embarrassed.
  4. Shiny Jewelry. Diamonds. I’m not a diamond kind of girl because I tend to lose jewelry and I’m just not fancy enough. But when I see other women in diamonds? I wish I could pull it off. They’re so pretty!
  5. Stinky cheeses. I would love to love them because I always think people who like them are cool. But I’m scared to try them.
  6. Pipe Tobacco. For some reason I’ve always wanted to be one woman who smokes a pipe. Do you know any women who smoke pipes? I don’t. I would love to be that woman. But I’m too afraid I’d do it wrong. And that I’d hate it. Or that my husband would divorce me for starting.

Name six pleasures you once considered guilty but have now either abandoned or made peace with

  1. Tabloid magazines. I’ve come out of the celebrity-obsession closet and found out many of my friends were in there with me all along.
  2. I’ve given up reading Danielle Steele novels. They entertained me for years, but I seemed to have lost interest in them somewhere a long the way. Thank God. It’s hard to hide a habit like that.
  3. I finally gave up using the phrase “right on” and am very proud of that. It took years being out of daily contact from the evil friend who influenced me to say it (You know who you are) but I can finally say that one guilty pleasure is long gone. My husband could not be happier to have not known me when that was part of my vernacular.
  4. Stupid Television. Like Gossip Girl. Or the previous incarnation: The O.C.. I own up to liking those shows now. Even if I pretend I only watch them because the kids are.
  5. Romantic Comedies. I’ll see any Rom-Com out there and I’ll love it now matter how stupid. I’ve finally just accepted it and will almost blatantly boycott anything else.
  6. Hair scrunchies. I love them and I can’t help it. I didn’t even know it should be a guilty pleasure until Sex and the City told me so. But I’ve learned to embrace my scrunchies and I now wear them with pride.

27 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. ha! well, i am glad you aren’t smoking pipes, though i love the smell. because, well you are a runner now and a smoking runner…that just wouldn’t work.

    and i ALSO love gossip girl. the husband loves it too. we watch all those young-adult shows and i wonder, will we be 50 and still be ALL OVER them? would that be weird? probably. i don’t know.

  2. I still didn’t understand how I loved Danielle Steele for so many years and how I didn’t recognize every book has the plot, just a different setting.

  3. Ok — gotta disagree on the pipe smoking desire. Regardless of the oddity factor of being a pipe smoking woman in the modern world — Nice healthy lungs are important!

    But Gossip Girl…oh, how I love!

  4. Those are the best guilty pleasures ever :) If I’m ever in a perfume/cologne section in a department store I’m always all over the mens’ stuff, because it smells soooo good. If I ever catch me a man (I had to say that the cheesiest way possible, just because) every day when he gets out of the shower I’m just gonna stick my nose right in his chest and sniff him. Ok, i’m weird.

  5. I would only be a pipe smoker at, like faculty luncheons or something. You know, when I become faulty somewhere. Isn’t that where pipe smokers hang out? College campuses?

  6. Oh and I’m totally with you on the flowers too! Every once in a while I buy then for myself, because I just can’t resist. It’s such a great little pick-me-up!

  7. Luckily, MrZ is not the type of guy who would ever break up with you on a sticky note, so I think you and your scrunchies are safe.

    I have a McDonald’s guilty pleasure, too. Every once in awhile I will have to stop on my way to work for a sausage biscuit. It’s not often that I get this craving, but a few times a year I just really need a disgustingly greasy (and yet so good!) breakfast.

  8. I’ve come out about my tabloid habit, too. I grew up reading my grandma’s Star magazines, so cheesy celeb magazines are in my blood.

    And I love the smell of tobacco. Never been a smoker, but tobacco smells wonderful. Women who smoke pipes? Marlene Dietrich, or was that a cigar? Tallulah Bankhead?

  9. This is an awesome meme. I’m going to have to try this one if I can’t think of anything else good to say. November is a LONG month.

  10. OH, you need to have a makeover. NO, wait. I don’t mean YOU need one, I mean you NEED one. That doesn’t sound right either. Anyway. They are totally free and wonderful. Just go to any makeup counter and ask for one. Keep us updated!!

  11. OK, when I was pregnant with my daughter I developed a craving for Danielle Steele novels- so bizarre. I had never read one in my life, what’s up with that???? My poor husband came home from half priced books with every Danielle Steele they had! It totally disappeared when I entered the 2nd trimester, just like the nausea.

  12. I am anti-smells, but I agree with a lot of the other things you said. Particularly the makeover part… if only I could get over being embarrassed that I was (apparently) the only girl who couldn’t figure out which were her colors, or how to not look like she’s recovering from a night out at the bar…

  13. I had a girlfriend who took a wine tasting class strictly for the cheese and crackers. Just a thought if you want to try some new cheeses!

    I vaguely remember that Sex and the City episode about the scrunchy and I just remember it made me really want to slap Sarah Jessica Parker. Maybe she’s just mad that she doesn’t look as cute with a scrunchy as the rest of us do!!

  14. I was really surprised the first time I ordered a QP while traveling through the south. In NYC, the burgers are served sans mustard.

  15. Oh, I think you must try the stinky cheeses. The stinkier the better IMHO. You won’t be sorry. It is HEAVEN.

  16. My college roommate was a pipe smoker. She also played the cello, bleached her arm hair, and practiced Russian at 3:00 AM.

    Needless to say, she was only my roommate for one semester.

  17. I smoke cigars, but have never smoked a pipe. I’d like to try it too.

    I used to shy away from my love of bad reality TV. I embrace it now. Yes, I’ve seen every episode of Flavor of Love 1 & 2 and I Love New York 1 &2. And the Flavor of Love Charm School one too.

  18. ohhh I just saw this. Let me tell you about stinky cheeses. They are the BEST. Oh my word. I was afraid to try them as well…some friends brought some back from France and well I had to try them or look like a fool. I am in LOVE with some of those stinky cheeses. We tried some about a week later and they were even stinker..but they tasted so much better. I don’t get that. Now I am craving some!!

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