I guess it’s better than “Rock On, Vaginas!”

I mentioned before how we’re trying to teach my daughter to do tricks. She is still performing the college allegiance trick, but she has changed it a little bit. Now – she mocks me by consistently saying, “Mommy Says, ‘Roll Tide!'” and giving me an evil little laugh as she does it. Sometimes, out of the blue she’ll just look at me and say, “Roll Tide, Mommy!” You know, because she thinks that is cute. She’ll even sometimes laugh and keep doing it until I run off crying, “Mommy does not say that!”

I started getting a sneaking suspicion that a certain husband of mine was teaching her to do that when I wasn’t looking. The truth became apparent that he must be teaching her something because now, when someone asks what Mommy says? She doesn’t say, “Go Vols!” like she was taught. Nope. She says, “GO BALLS!”

Yes, Honey. Mommy likes to root for the testicles.


11 thoughts on “I guess it’s better than “Rock On, Vaginas!””

  1. have you noticed that as you are NaBloPoMo-ing, I am trying to set my own record for number of comments?

    Anyway, Getting your kid to do tricks is part of the reason for having kids, right? Except ours will not do any tricks, he is 15 months and although he knows how to wave, he stubbornly refuses to do it at the appropriate times…

    And I love the little videos you have been posting, too cute!

  2. My son’s Sunday school teacher taught him to say Go Gators. He walked around saying, “I say, Go Gators!” Now when he says it I’ll say, “No, what do we say?” And he’ll say “Rooooooolllllllllllllll tide roll.” It is super cute. I love the fact that we can totally brain wash our children. Only for the positive, of course.

  3. Honey, please.

    My hubby has taught both our sons to say” Go Blue”.

    For MICHIGAN. As a USC fan, I find that incredibly disrespectful. I told him that his THIRD child could be a Michigan fan. The first two were mine!

    Dude, he can’t even tell you the name of their QB!

    Yeah, not much of a fan!

    BTW? Both of my children can sing the USC fight song.

    It makes their mama proud.

  4. My nephew’s first sentence was “Go Dawgs!” most likely followed by some slur on Ole Miss containing lots of curse words. Because my brother is good that way.

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