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One of the perks that has come from the flickr drama is that I now have so many new flickr contacts. Which means so many new photos to see. I started trying to “Favorite” some of them so I can come back later and find them. I thought I might show you some of the treasures I have found. Most of these are on my contact list – but not all of them. I do highly suggest making photos “favorites” if you like them because it really is a way of spreading joy without even having to get off the couch. I’m a fan of anything that makes people smile and still allows me to be lazy at the same time.


24 thoughts on “The silver lining”

  1. It’s a different pumpkin patch kid. A lot of the ones I fave are with people’s kids in them, so if I make a mosaic to share, they don’t show up. Makes me hate internet jerks even more for ruining it for the rest of us!

  2. It made me smile to see that you took a look at my little cutiepie! I love looking at yours, and I think it is fun you get to see mine. And I agree with Heather, it is such a bummer to have to block the pictures of kids somewhat. A mother really wants to show the world how their baby is so darn cute!

  3. And can I tell you how excited I was to see that you, the Miss Zoot! favourited one of my photos! It really did make me smile, so thanks!


    Hugs all round!


  4. oh, this reminds me that i meant to send you my flickr profile url, so that i can still be allowed to see your pictures…i mean, as long as that’s ok with you.
    i’m not sure if i have any pictures that will make you smile the way these ones do…unless you like to laugh at drunk people. almost all of my flickr pictures are of my friends and i acting like drunken idiots. (and i use the term ‘acting’ lightly.)

    but, anyway, here it is.

    how do you make that fun box of little pretty pictures? looking at it actually does make me happy.

  5. I love the baby in the pumpkin patch photo. The colors and framing are great. I’m reluctant to favorite photos since the drama started, especially photos of kids. Isn’t that sad?

  6. i think i should venture away from picasa web album and really start using flickr! wonder if i can export from there. lets see..

  7. You certainly made my day, by making one of mine a favorite… it’s so nice when a small thing can bring such happiness. :)

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