Look! My Cat’s Famous!


I was browsing my Daily Chuck when I noticed a familiar face on the same page. My cat! Bambi! Looking all dapper as usual. When I first saw that Dooce was being sponsored by the HP Wetpaint Wiki, I signed up like a good lemming. I uploaded a couple of pictures of my animals (like this one) and then immediately got confused. I wasn’t sure what I was doing or what was the point. I’m kinda slow. BUT – my pictures are still there, of course. And I guess being used in an ad?

I know – not a big deal. But I thought it was cool and I know there are at least a few of you out there who will smile when you see that ad now and think, “Dude. That’s Zoot’s cat. Hanging out with Chuck.”

Op. Pa. Puss.

NikkiZ’s verbal development has grown exponentially the last few weeks. It’s like she suddenly went from speaking word we didn’t understand to holding conversations. Of course, I’m still needed for interpretation sometimes, but she’s really come a long way in a short amount of time.

Last night we were playing with an ABC Animal puzzle and she was doing a great job picking out certain animals and then doing the sound/motion associated with them. I thought I’d document it since it’s so awesome. She took that chance to make a fool out of me but be hilariously cute in the process. This is a long video because I was determined to get her doing her “Elephant” or “Monkey” – which she never really does. But hopefully you’ll still find it entertaining. A few things to note:

  • She gets a little scared when the dogs start barking. She’ll dart quickly into the closest lap when they do it. She’s very fast. It’s an impressive talent.
  • Try to resist melting when she euphorically proclaims “Daddy’s Home!”
  • Suddenly every animal in the world goes “ROWR!”
  • She is obsessed with the word Octopus for one reason and one reason only: She knows it cracks my ass up.
  • My dogs are a little pushy and annoying.
  • I have ugly socks partnered with equally ugly pajamas. I’m sorry.

Octopus: Edited from zoot on Vimeo.

Housekeeping of the Blog Variety

So – I’ve made several changes around here that I wanted to point out to those of you constantly hiding behind the feed reader (I see you! You can’t hide from me!)

1) I moved the comment leaderboard from the bottom of my sidebar to the top. These lovely people keep my blog active when I can not and I don’t thank them enough. So – I feel like they deserve a little bit more attention than being thrust below my Blingo button.

2) I add the Gravatar Plugin to my site. This means if you set up an account and an avatar to go with the email address you use here to comment, your picture will show up with your comment. I’m still not sure if I like this or not, what do you think? If more people used it I would like it for sure, but I’m not sure about the mystery shadow dude in my comments. Any thoughts?

3) I added a “Subscribe to Comments” plugin so that if you want to keep up with the conversation in the comments section (seen here), you can via email instead of having to keep coming back to my blog. No one is using this so far, but I’m hoping as I become better about responding in the comments, other people will want to check back.

4) I’m wanting to know what you all think I should change. Are there things on other sites you like and think I would find useful? Are there things you don’t like here? I’m trying to clean things up for Nablopomo. I can’t make everyone happy, but I would love to hear ideas/suggestions to see if there are ways I could improve this place. Thanks!

Can you ever have too much side-ponytail action?

More of the Blue Satin Jen started this rockin’ flickr group where we could all proudly show off our pre-blogging selves. I’ve had a lovely time digging through my own scanned photos to find good candidates for this group. You can see all of my contributions so far here. This picture was my favorite. For so many reasons.

First? You may not be able to tell but that awesomely blue satin dress with the one shoulder bow had a visible black crenalin under the skirt. It was itchy as hell but OH SO HOT. What you also can’t tell is that the shoes? Were black velvet. And the hair? More hairspray that was legally allowed to be sprayed onto one head. Brilliant.

I cut out my date in this picture to preserve whatever integrity he may or may not have as an adult. I have no idea where his life lead him at the moment. The last I saw him was several years ago at a club in Knoxville and he mentioned Montana. Either way – I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t want his tuxedo and tails plastered all over the internet.

So – go dig up your own photos and send them to Jen’s group. Join in on the self-deprecating fun. It’s good for the soul.