links for 2007-09-28

Starting a Photography Business #10: Copyright your Images – I’m not a “real” photographer but this seems like an easy “fix” for the issues people have been having with stolen images. I may be doing this soon. (tags: photography copyright) Flickr: Photos from nervemediastealsphotos Damn. I love seeing people rise up against THE MAN.

Ahh…the question of discipline…is there really an answer?

Several of you asked what I do if NikkiZ doesn’t obey first time. That’s a tricky question. Since we’re still teaching the concept, we physically enforce whatever we’re trying to get her to do, if possible. Like, if I want her to pick up her toys and remind her “first time,” but she still doesn’t … Continue reading Ahh…the question of discipline…is there really an answer?

First Time.

There are a lot of parenting styles out that there following the “no discipline” train of focus. Or the “freedom” focus. The type of mindset that setting rules and boundaries too early can stifle personality development and teach your child to accept authority without ever challenging it. Parents with these tendencies seem to think that’s … Continue reading First Time.