My Gift Back To You: Blogger Spotlight

I’m now only $500 $400 $300 away from my goal! You have one more day if you want to donate to my bail and I’ll spotlight your site! I’m going to continue doing these spotlights for awhile since I found so many I had forgotten in my spam folder, so feel free to jump in!

Amy’s Bad Groove

Amy and I have been blogfriends forever. Or so it seems. We most often maintain contact at her flickr photos because for some reason I’m better at commenting on photos than on blogs. (And why isn’t the stuff in my purse as cool as the stuff in hers?). Amy wrote an interesting entry this week about a break-in in her neighborhood committed by someone several people noticed as being out-of-place. Nobody said or did anything about the stranger even though their guts said something was not right. It’s an unfortunate situation because none of us want to be judgmental – but, as Amy said – take heed!

But on a lighter note – she wrote another entry about holding a conversation focusing on Warrant lyrics. I found this incredibly hysterical and was singing “Heave” for a solid day after I read it.

(J: “Yes, you may stop- just as soon as I finish my slice of CHERRY PIE & put away my lotto ticket that will make me DIRTY, ROTTEN, FILTHY, STINKING RICH.”)

Randomness by Stacey

Stacey is a blogger that lives in the lovely city of New Orleans, LA. She and I have had a bit of contact since Katrina as she has done a lot of work with volunteer groups in that area. She also found out that the new Fox series K-Ville will be filming in her neighborhood. She’s a total rockstar, you know.

I hope the show does well because it is providing so many local people with jobs right now, including a friend and she doesn’t need to lose a job right now.

So watch it when it comes on please. Give it a chance. It will help us here in NOLA.

Like I need my arm twisted to watch TV, but if you insist! She also has an unhealthy love for Pumpkin Spice Lattees like I do. This is the best time of year because you can get them anywhere. I cry when they are replaced on menus across the city with stupid Christmas flavors. Can you get one for me, Stacey?


Beth and I go so far back I did her design! But we also met in Chicago and I think I followed her to almost every panel she attended. I’m stalker-ish like that. Beth looks at the Britney Spears failure a lot like I do:

Because, while I may have told my mother that the purpose of this televisual experience was to see just how far the downward spiral had descended, in my heart I was hoping that Britney would be triumphant in her return.

When she turned around and smiled, I thought for a moment that everything was going to be alright. I thought I saw a mischievous gleam in her eye.

I was, sadly, hallucinating.

I hear you, Beth. I was hoping for the water cooler the next morning to be full of SHE’S BACK! exclamations. Sigh. Beth also had a rough day awhile back when she got in a car wreck. Lucky for her, she has an adorable radical feminist at home to make her smile.


If you want to be spotlighted, feel free to donate to my bail and forward me the receipt. I’m only $500 $400 $300 away from my goal – every little bit helps!! I’m getting arrested THURSDAY – so now’s the time to donate!


5 thoughts on “My Gift Back To You: Blogger Spotlight”

  1. I donated to way back when but I must have deleted my receipt…mainly? Because I am a dumbass. However, my name is on the list. I also feel like an ass because I can’t find an email address to send you my real name! Bah! Oh well, in the end, what matters is that I gave, right? I mean seriously, I should quit whining and be glad I’m helping such a good cause. :-)

  2. Wow!!! You’ve come so far already. I can’t believe how awesome you are. You manged to raise almost 5 grand?! Wowsers! I suck at fund raising, lol

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