My Gift Back To You: Blogger Spotlight

Guess what? I’m now only $500 $400 away from my goal! You have two more days if you want to donate to my bail and I’ll spotlight your site! I’m going to continue doing these spotlights for awhile since I found so many I had forgotten in my spam folder, so feel free to jump in!

Now – for the spotlights!

One of Three

Laura won me over when I found her entry with my favorite title: School Supplies.

I had fun and The Kid wasn’t too embarrassed by my swooning in the folder aisle.

That’s important, Laura. That we not embarrass our children with our love of school supplies. I’ve found it’s best to avoid drooling over the post-its too. I also love how she describes living in the “good” school district where most of the familes are affluent.

We, on the other hand, live on the skeezy outskirts, in a very mellow, working-class neighborhood. So, Lefty & I stand out a bit amongst the well-pressed and dressed group of parents. Our battered Trooper sits uncomfortably next to the huge and oh, so shiny SUV’s in the school parking lot.

I know EXACTLY how you feel. Except mines a battered Sentra with no a/c and manual roll-down windows.

Busy Busy Mommy

Kel definitely has a URL that describes her life, that’s for sure. Just her about section makes me need a nap. Seriously. I’m going to go take a nap now, I’ll be back…

Ok. Better. First of all, she homeschools her children and I immediately know that her kids a having way more fun learning than mine are. The photos alone are evidence of that, but her description of those photos says a lot as well:

Just a few pics from our school day. We ended our study on the planet Mercury today by making salt dough models. Also a pic of the kids with their sheet for their state book, we are learning all the states and capitals and doing a color sheet to add to a book when we are all done. A snap shot of Braden putting his spelling words for the week on the washer.

She has also had me hyperventilating over someday having a teen girl and the hurdles we’ll have to cross. Man. I’m so glad I’m starting out with a boy. It’s not wonder with all of that going on, she sometimes gets overwhelmed. Kel? Trust me. You’re doing waaay more than I am and I’m stressing out 10 times as much. Hang in there – you’re doing beautifully.

Muirnait’s Musings

Muirnait and I have been blogfriends for awhile, hanging out mostly on flickr. Her blog is just as cool as a place, though, especially when I can read something that doesn’t make me feel so bad about my own really expensive paperweight. As well as not feeling so bad about also being one that cries with bad customer service:

So I’m out a very expensive laptop I’m not even done paying for?! And I’m cranky and upset that I was “that woman” on the phone for commenting on his English syntax (quote: “your sentence structure leaves much to be desired” which earned me a very bitter comment from the CSR.) But the worst part? Jerks made me cry!! (wanna beat them up for me? :P)

She also uses my favorite blogging tool in bulletpoints when discussing the desperation involved with doing dishes. Most importantly, she lives in that foreign land called “Canada” (have you heard of it? I think it’s somewhere near The Iraq) and got the opportunity to talk about that on XM Radio with the Chick Chat girls. Congrats, Heather. So, you don’t live in an igloo?


If you want to be spotlighted, feel free to donate to my bail and forward me the receipt. I’m only $500 $400 away from my goal – every little bit helps!! I’m getting arrested THURSDAY – so now’s the time to donate!


4 thoughts on “My Gift Back To You: Blogger Spotlight”

  1. I’m just disappointing people left right and centre by not living in an igloo ;-) Thanks for the shout-out, hun, and good luck with the rest of your bail!!

  2. You know so many cool people Zoot. I am blown away by how much you know about all of these people. Is there anyone on the Blog-o-sphere you don’t know? lolol

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