My Gift Back To You: Blogger Spotlight

No Pasa Nada – Heather B

I love Heather B for many reason – but mostly because she seemed happy to have me hug her at BlogHer. I tend to be an aggressive hugger and sometimes people shy away from my strong embrace. Not Heather. Or at least if she feared the hug, she hid it well. She also gives good panel, which I find to be an exemplary quality.

Heather recently decided that “Now” is a good time to paint her bedroom. I already knew that was a bad idea because I personally don’t believe in painting anything ever. And this is why:

Several weeks ago, I decided to embark on a little project called painting my bedroom. It should probably be more aptly named ‘a fantastic way for my head to meet the corner of a desk, over and over again’ because I about lost my damn mind. Patience is not a virtue and when a project requires roughly $200 in supplies and several coats of primer to get rid of the seizure inducing canary yellow color that the previous owner had put up, well then the mind; it is gone.

But one of the best Heather-Is-Like-Me entries was one she wrote about visiting Isabel and how she felt bad about being a vegetarian so she kept it to herself. Heather? I would have done the exact same thing. Except I eat meat. Hourly. But you know – still – same thing!

Isabel asked why I didn’t say anything. I drank the rest of the wine in my glass and said “Because I felt bad.” I’m an eternal people pleaser and she didn’t know and it all just sort of happened and god damn, those burgers were tasty and have you people ever had prosciutto wrapped asparagus?? Goes down like butter, baby.

House of H

Liz had the privilege of being around me and my hormonally moody self at BlogHer and was still nothing but fantastic the entire time. She’s funny and kind and hangs out with the coolest group of ladies in the world. I’m telling you – the next BlogHer? I want to be in their posse. They were so fun. Lucky for me, she writes entries like this that show me she knows exactly how those emotional moments are. I knew she wouldn’t judge me at all.

I mean, who wants to hear about how far into debt we are, how we’re bickering and fighting about the dumbest stuff, how I barely have the energy to actively play with my son because my mind is so occupied by Big Life Things, how the fear and uncertainty of our life, our family nearly crippled me.

I felt kinda like that in Chicago. My miscarriage was on my mind so much and I just felt like the best way to cope was to isolate myself. Luckily, she has that aforementioned awesome group of friends to fall back on. And she certainly knows how valuable that is.

Honestly, without all of your support, prayers, good vibes, and well wishes, I don’t think I could’ve gotten through this. It’s truly amazing–and so very touching–to be surrounded with such large arms to hold me in my time of crisis. I hope that none of you have to go through this, but please know that you’ll never be alone. My friendship is yours, eternally.

I’m glad things are looking up for you, Liz. Here’s to our next meeting being stress-free!

Smoke Rings, Coffee Stains

Leslie is a writer with WAAAAY too many blogs on her plate. (And I thought I had a lot of blogs.) I’m going to focus on her personal one because that’s the one she usually links to when she comments here.

Leslie is as big of a fan of TV as I am. She recently wrote her Fall TV DVR Lineup and I’m glad I’m not the only one who is going to give The Big Ban Theory a try. Man, I miss sitcoms. I also feel the need to voice my opinion on a certain doubt she has on an upcoming show:

9 PM CW Supernatural – Another sci fi themed show we’re trying. We missed the first season last year for some reason, so now we’ll have to catch up to the plot. The jury is out on whether it will stay on DVR or not.

Leslie – that is one show that both my husband and I both like. I’m in it for the cute boys and he’s in it for the demons. It’s a win/win in my home. Leslie is also getting a new water filtration system and I am suddenly very grateful for my clean and dependable water source.

Our water is so nasty and mineral/metal heavy it is road cone orange and Drano blue, I shit you not. We have water overloaded with iron, copper, some other metals and minerals that don’t belong there, and MBTEs (contaminants from gasoline run off, no one knows from where – our whole neighborhood has these). We don’t have arsenic, and seem to have no bacteria, though they will do a second test before finalizing the job just to make sure.


If you want to be spotlighted, feel free to donate to my bail and forward me the receipt. I’m only $500 away from my goal – every little bit helps!! I’m getting arrested THURSDAY – so now’s the time to donate!


6 thoughts on “My Gift Back To You: Blogger Spotlight”

  1. Leave it to you, Zoot, to make me feel like a rock star for the day and put me in such excellent company. This was a nice boost to an otherwise blahhumbug day :) And I would TOTALLY let you hug me at BlogHer if I can ever get my act together and get there. Just sayin’.

  2. Leslie and Zoot – if you get the Sci Fi channel check out Eureka. The first time I saw the preview for the show I thought my husband had lost his mind – that there was no way it could be good. And then I watched it. And every episode since – and before, since we rented the first episodes.

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