My Gift Back To You: Blogger Spotlight

I’m still trying to catch up on my Blogger Spotlights from the GREAT SPAM FIASCO of 2007 where almost all of them were swept into my Spam Folder. I get arrested on Thursday, there’s still time to post my bail! But for now – 2 more people who don’t want to see this pretty face behind bars.


Kristablla just won a Nice Matters Blog Award which she obviously deserves since she donated to my cause! She also looks like the kinda of person I totally need to be hanging out with if the pictures from this entry and this entry are any indication of the fun that could be had in her midst.

I’m sure all my internet friends are a little thankful they know me only through the computer. And not in person. Hell, I’m sure most of my friends right now wish they didn’t know me!

Hey! Not true! I want to come hang out and have my tongue turned purple by wine too!

She also recently got a new hairdo and of course realized she could finally answer the question of whether blondes or brunettes have more fun. The answer? Brunette.

I’ve noticed a lot more dudes checking me out. Like on the train, for instance. On my way down to the Bears game on Saturday, there was a guy I saw standing on the platform. Cute. Tall. Twelve. He was a good car length or more down the platform from me. And then crazy of all crazy, he ended up on MY car when the train finally came. And went in the same door. What ARE the odds?

And then Train Boy didn’t just follow me onto a train car, he full on stared at me. I’m not talking like make eye contact, look away. Full. On. Staring.

And I can’t say I didn’t like it. And thank jeebus for sunglasses, since I was staring right back

Suddenly I’m wanting to dye my hair…

Reed of It’s Just Radical

Reed and I know each other on a professional level because he writes for a blog on the network I work for as a “real job” during the 9-5 hours. He writes our American Idol site and does a fantastically brilliant job with it. I always feel like he’s spot on with everything he says. But he also has his own personal site which I have linked to before on my sidebar. Namely – the entry where he meets Mandy Moore.

I often times feel like when he is writing about not being able to “get in the groove lately” that he is writing about me. Man. I’ve been in a funk too and I would have totally gotten irritated about the crooked pictures. Of course, my life is boring unlike Reed’s:

Then there’s work. And comedy shows. And all the daily stuff that comes up, eating away at the few spare minutes I seem to have at the beginning of each day.”

Comedy shows? Yeah. Right there, in that sentence, he alreays shows his life is way more entertaining than mine. I totally want to use that sentence sometime, think I could pull it off?

Reed and I also share a lot of the same interests in TV and I was just as frustrated about not knowing the premiere date of Project Runway

I’ve read in a few places, including Wikipedia, that Oct. 24 is the expected premiere date. I’ve also read some nasty rumors on other blogs that the show will not be returning until December. What? Is Bravo trying to kill me? Apparently, because they don’t have anything to say about it on the official “Project Runway” site.

I know, Reed. They’re trying to kill me too.


If you want to be spotlighted, feel free to donate to my bail and forward me the receipt. I’ll put you in the lineup!


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