I need an intervention

Remember this photo?


I posted that photo about a year ago to document the sickness I have with compulsively buying new calendars and spending HOURS re-writing birthdays and anniversaries in each one.

How about these resolutions? Especially this one:

7. Do not buy any more calendars this year. Amen. I have this bad habit of buying new calendars every few months. Not only is this a bad habit financially, but it feeds an already unhealthy office-supply addiction. I buy new ones because I don’t like it when the old ones become messy. But – it takes me a full day to transfer everything (neatly) into the new calendar. So, it also becomes a HUGE waste of time. I’ve ordered my desk calendar for the year and I have a daily planner for my purse. I need NOTHING else. If it gets messy, I must suck it up and deal with it. I will NOT buy a new one!

Well, I lied. I bought another calendar this past weekend and finally filled in all of the important dates. I couldn’t help myself. It was so pretty! And it had this great magnetic closure that makes it easy to throw in a bag and not worry about it getting wrinkled. And it has those cute perforated corners so you’ll always be able to flip to the write page. And it’s pretty! Did I mention that? And that I also needed something to do with all of the new pens I bought during school supply outings? And that the calendar is SO PRETTY!

I’m sick.


26 thoughts on “I need an intervention”

  1. I am the same way with notepads. I usually don’t get through an entire one before its too “icky” for me to use anymore. Especially if a couple of pages are torn out in a non-perfect kind of way.

    Plus, I just like writing things down.

    We can be OCD together. :)

  2. Clearly when you said no new calendars this year back in January, you meant for the school year. And now? It’s a new school year… and you have to be on the same calendar year as your kids. See? Totally justified.

    No photo of the pretty new calendar?

  3. I have the same obsession. NPS (neat planner syndrome) – I can’t tell you how many notebooks I have had to purchase for to do lists either – or post it notes that got folded funny and are now deemed useless to me.

    This year I was cured. Thanks to Franklin Covey – You get a new planner EVERY MONTH. And I splurged on the leather envelope style closure.

    I realize this is tempting you to purchase another planner….this may be your last one though.


  4. well? Can’t we see it? I MUST see it. And I help myself with this problem by having our family wall calendar be a Jan-Dec one and my purse planner a Sept-Aug one. That way I get to feed my addiction 2x’s a year.

  5. That pink, grey, green & white one, on top of the butterfly one? I ALMOST bought that at Barnes & Noble last night :-)

    Soooooooooooo pretty!

  6. Was it a calendar that goes from Sept 07-Dec 08? If it was then it doesn’t count toward this year, or next year for that matter, cause it’s a “mid-term” calendar.

    I know I’m not helping.

  7. You are too cute!!!!! When I bought HMac school supplies.. (which he was totally not interested in) I bought myself tons of new loot!!! I had WAYYYY more fun than he did.. Oh wait, he didn’t even want to go with me, so I went alone..

    We are dorks!!!!!!

    My fav place to drool – I mean look….


  8. Yes. We must get help. I do this with blank journals. I already have a ton that are still blank and yet if I see a cute one, I must have it. It’s a sickness.

  9. I do it too! And address books. I keep buying those damn things. And, then I get so mad when I mess up while writing in pen in the new one. I am with you, all the way.

  10. My daughter and I love to go school supply shopping. I will not mention how many planners and notebooks we have. My son couldn’t care less about these things. I think maybe he was adopted or switched at birth or something.

  11. I have a Cars calendar for 2007. I can’t wait to see what our 2008 calandar will look like. Maybe my Mom (Juls) will let me pick it out.

  12. I have a brand new one in my bag with the cutest black & white houndstooth cover. I haven’t written a single thing in it yet because I have an evil office supply thought with it. I’m going to make an excel database with all the important stuff I transfer from one to the other all the time (birthdays & anniversarys) and then I’m going to print those on clear labels in colorful fun fonts. I am crazy.

  13. also – just saw the new kitchen floor at mrZ’s flickr…and am now thinking up Mr. Motorcycle’s next project. Actually it’ll be like the 4th project because I’ve already got 1-3 totally planned for him ;)

  14. That really is the cutest planner! Where did you pick that up? And someone mentioned Spet – Dec 2008, is that the case on this one?

  15. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon you – I am, however, glad to find so many people that share my guilty pleasure. It’s almost like I trick myself into thinking that the more calenders I keep the more organized I will be. Ha.

  16. THANK YOU. Can we start a support group? (I’d proudly display a button on my blog :-)) I thought I was the only one who had a calendar fetish! Oh, and blank journals. And notebooks.

  17. I must agree that you absolutely need an intervention. Multiple calendars? Hours spent re-writing each one? I think you need one of those electronic Palm-Pilots or something. You probably could have bought one already with the money you’ve spent on paper ones! :)

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