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One of the many brilliant women I encountered in Chicago was Keri Smith. Although, it wasn’t a planned encounter. Not someone I planned on meeting or being inspired by. See, I was really torn over two sessions being held at the same time. There was the Moms-Who-Blog panel which was being run by women I read daily. I’m a Mom. Who blogs. This was a panel for me.

But another session was about Blogging being More Than Words. It was about art. ART. I don’t do art. Why would I even consider that session? Well, First: It was being moderated by Gayla, who I met last year in California and who I find fascinating and inspiring and she’s just so cool. Second: It was about art. ART. And deep down inside, I am nothing more than an artist-wannabe. Third: My friend Michelle recommended I got to the Art panel because of the previously mentioned Keri Smith.

So, I decided to go to the Art Session. And it was fantastic. I hope to talk about each of the panel members one day, but today it’s all Keri. I waited to get her autograph on one of her kits but she seemed to constantly be busy being interviewed and talked to and I was way too shy to just interrupt. So, I left Chicago not even having told her how cool I thought she was. Which means now her life is unfulfilled, you know.

Today, another blogger I met in Chicago – Jen Lemen – mentioned of Keri’s Guerrilla art style today. She was going to leave post-it notes places saying things like “Love is All Around.” And y’all? I’m totally inspired and want to do the same. There is just a part of me, the bohemian part, that longs to be one of those creative souls who oozes art. Post-it notes with wonderful messages left around town? It’s brilliant! Why can’t I think of those type of things? I’m totally going to do it. I’m going to start carrying a post-it note pad around in my purse and when I use a public restroom, I’ll leave a happy note behind. It’s totally not me, but I want it to be me! So I’m totally going to do it.

Now, I just need ideas of what to write. I’m guessing, “I like donuts” would kinda miss the point.


8 thoughts on “Revisiting BlogHer”

  1. I feel the same way about that panel, which was my favourite of the whole conference.

    I got a copy of Keri’s book, “Wreck this Journal” and it will be a real challenge for me to actually do it because I’m so all about right angles and organization and you know, not wrecking books.

    I wish I had met you during that panel!

  2. I too wish I was way more artistic. I am much more musically inclined and I love to draw and stuff but nothing great. I have dated a couple real artists and they were both very self involved, yuck, but thankfully not everyone is like that.

    Jen Lemen’s blog is a fave of mine and I love the post it idea.

    Let us know if you actually post it something.

  3. If I saw a note in the bathroom that read “I like donuts” it would be the highlight of my life. I would retell the tale at Chirstmas parties. That is hilarious.

  4. I am SO glad you went to that! She is an amazing person; I can only imagine how awesome seeing her speak must have been. Guerrilla art ROCKS. We launched a massive art attack on our trip to Atlanta last spring. I still spread those little art tickets with random words affixed to the back around HSV sometimes, in library books and store shelves and stuff. It’s exhilarating!


  5. we had so much fun yesterday with our guerilla art project. you should totally do it! this kind of thing isn’t totally madeleine either, but she ended up having lots of fun, even if it did feel slightly scandalous.

  6. Check this out– group of poets and operatives who stick beautiful, letterpressed broadsides into target books. You don’t have to worry about what to write on your post-its; because it’s some of the best poetry in the small press; and you get to do the subversive, fun sticking! It’s terrific.

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