Sometimes, I’m very slow.

You know what I love about BlogHer? It’s the phenomena of being surrounded by people WAAAAAY freakin’ smarter than me and what it does to my brain. It makes my brain hurt because it takes a lot of effort to pretend like you’re smart. That’s why you won’t see me ask a question in a session, because I’m afraid the spotlight will reveal the man behind the curtain and everyone will be like, “Hm. That Zoot? She’s a total dumbass.”

I ended up in a spontaneous chat session yesterday with FoodMomiac and Jeanne from House In Progress. FoodMomiac, of course, likes the write about food and Jeanne writes about DIY stuff. Now, we all know how I feel about food (Love to eat it, Don’t know how to cook it) and when my husband is the DIY’er in my home, but I felt like I learned loads from these woman. Here’s is my Most Valuable BlogHer Tip Of The Week. FoodMomiac puts her children’s dishes in a cabinet they can reach so they can help set the table or get their places set for dinner.

OHMYGOD. Isn’t that the most amazing thing ever? And if you already knew that tip, please pretend like you didn’t and be amazed with me. I’m totally rearranging my kitchen when I get home.

I’ve decided my BlogHer roundup this year, when I get back home and can focus on the experience, will be of the “Who Taught Me What” this year. I’ve been to some great sessions and I can’t wait to share with you some of the ideas.

But here’s another “revelation” of sorts. I missed the Momosphere Panel, believe it or not (I’ll explain that later – there’s an interesting story behind that choice) but I heard they only barely touched on whether Mom Blogs are “legitamate” which goes back to what I said earlier about feeling the need to apologize for having a personal blog. Because I feel like it gets dismissed so easily.

BUT – here is my revelation: I dismiss blogs all the time. (Please don’t hate me.) Now, I don’t dismiss them in the sense that I deem they have no substance, I just dismiss them as sites I won’t read and that won’t interest me. And usually it’s because their about a niche topic I find no enthusiasm for. So, in reality? I’ve been doing all along what I fear people do about my site. I’m afraid they won’t come by because I say, “It’s a personal blog.” Or worse, “It’s a MommyBlog.”

And okay – HOW DUMB IS THAT? Really? I’m getting upset over that? Isn’t that, you know, simply a choice that I make everytime I skim someone else’s blogroll? Why is it that me assuming there’s nothing on that knitting site that will appeal to me is okay, but someone assuming my MommyBlog is not awesome upsets me? Because I’m a DUMBASS, that’s why.

So, here’s my new stance. I’m a life blogger. I’m a personal blogger. I’m a MommyBlogger. And of course people are going to dismiss that. And I may thing they’re crazy like I do people who dismiss donuts or Harry Potter, but I do it too. We can’t read it all, and we much rush judgements that may keep us away from some awesome sites – but it’s nothing to take too personally.

Now – people who dismiss donuts? I take that shit personally.


10 thoughts on “Sometimes, I’m very slow.”

  1. I read blogs written by people I find “human”; not taking themselves or their blogs so seriously. ..and yes, somedays they write about things that don’t interest me..I skim then and obviously I don’t always comment even when I should – belated hugs. Enjoy Blogher!

  2. If you have 2 kids – some dogs, a husband and a full time job sometimes you just have to glance over blogs that you might enjoy if you read them otherwise you would be reading blogs 24/7! I will remember to put the word “donuts” at the top of any important entry! LOL I am glad you are having a good time!

  3. Know what blogs I dismiss? The ones who no longer post on their blogs.

    The ones who now have little snippets that say, “Come see me over at this other paid blog.” Or “I have a new post up over at gives-me-money blog.”

    I don’t want to linky-loo over there. I don’t want to read something that is edited to fit someone else’s idea of a blog or some assignment blog. I want to read your personal shit. I want to read unedited ramblings that you spew forth. I want realness.

    Keep it real, Zoot!

    (At work, they call me a donut whore.)

  4. Honestly, I don’t think you missed much in the momosphere session. It was okay, but not great. Then again, I have a disturbingly short attention span.

    I so agree with you though. I don’t feel that I “dismiss” certain blogs – I just don’t like to read 100% of everything that everybody writes. And I don’t expect everyone to like me either.

    I’m not quite sure what all the hype is about traffic though. It still strikes me as odd that a personal blogger would be so consumed with the number of people reading versus the quality of the discussion and relationships formed through their writing. But, to each his own, right?

  5. Zoot! So I think we met, right? When I was in a hungover blur on Saturday morning? Yeah, welcome to Kyla at her worst. I so wish we had gotten a do-over. ;)

    I also have a newfound respect for the MommyBlogs. It is thrown around as a derogatory term I think, like we are of less value than “Real Bloggers”…but I think it is time we own the title and turn things around. There was lots of good conversation this weekend.

  6. Well, hey! I found you! Great chatting with you too and I will vouch for the fact that Miss Zoot is NOT a dumbass. :) In fact, you are the opposite!

    I would classify you as a writer. Doesn’t matter what you write about, you are a writer!

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