I’m like the troll under the bridge…but waaay cuter.

I’m taking a break this session because I’ve got a serious case of the damn cramps which is depressing on so many levels. I don’t know if cramping gets worse as endometriosis gets worse, but I’m starting to believe so based on my experience. Of course, it’s also my first period after my miscarriage and they always seem worse. I don’t know if they actually are or if the depression that you’re no longer pregnant just makes it seem worse. Either way? I’m cramping like a damn mother effer and hiding in the corner under the guise of charging my laptop seems a more acceptable solution than curling up in the fetal position in the corner of the meeting room and crying uncontrollably.

The conference is going well, although I’m a wee-bit homesick. There are so many moms who brought their babies and I’m remembering having mine with me last year and it makes me a little somber at not being able to show them the fun stuff on Navy Pier.

Later, of course, I’ll get to drink adult beverages with my blogfriends and I’ll remember why I’m glad the kids aren’t here.

I’m going to continue with the hiding until my 12th dose of ibuprofen kicks in. (By the way – I’m almost out. If anyone here has ibuprofen on their person I’ll totally make out with you if you hand some over. Or maybe I’ll just buy you a soda. Something like that.) Hopefully the pain will be managed before the cocktail party tonight. Of course, if it doesn’t? I’m totally self-medicating with cheap beer.


9 thoughts on “I’m like the troll under the bridge…but waaay cuter.”

  1. I have a HUGE bottle of Ibuprofen, and a nice bottle of whine. But, alas, I am not at Blogher. If I *was* at Blogher, I’d totally share my Ibuprofen with you, and if I remembered it, my lavender spa wrap thingee that you heat in the microwave. It is LOVELY for cramps.

    I would also HAVE talk about Harry Potter with you because my friends are not done with it yet. What is WRONG with people?

    Hope you feel better soon…

  2. UHG!! I hope you feel better and found some good drugs for the pain, and are at a cocktail party right now. My skin was my problem after the miscarriage – took 6 months to clear up.

    Have so much fun!!

  3. Oh Zoot! I hope you feel better – if I were there I would’ve brought some Percocet – THAT would’ve made you feel better in a jiffy!

  4. Feel better!

    I acquired a taste for wine at the ripe old age of 13. My mom gave it to me to help with cramps and I’ll be damned–it worked. Of course, I’ve been a wino ever since, but that’s beside the point.

  5. I don’t know about ibuprofen but I bet Bossy has some rockin’ tampons if you need one, or ten.

  6. Awww I was loaded with drugs. I totally would have given you some in exchange for making sure the birds didn’t poo on my laptop.

    I woulda liked the making out too, tho, but that wouldn’t have been an absolute requirement.


  7. i saw you when you were hiding, and i really wanted to say hi, but you definitely looked like you were having a personal moment. now i’m glad i didn’t come over and try to pet you or something (especially since now i know that you had bird poop in your hair…), although i did have vicodin in my purse, so maybe it would have been ok.
    anyway, then i almost came over and said hi at the children’s museum, but i was too nervous, so i decided to finish my drink first, and then i never saw you again. i’m a loser.
    also, i really REALLY wanted to come to your lab, but i wasn’t able to make it.
    major, major bummer.

  8. Can I be any more of a loser? How did I not realize that you were doing a lab? I thought I read the info on the speakers a dozen times.

    I read the description of the session, didn’t realize it was you, and thought to myself, “well I’m not using a default template, I’m using one of Zoot’s, so that won’t help me much.” I am an idiot.

    I am actually choked up now. Dammit.

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