Commencing Total Media Blackout (Minus My Own Podcasts, Of Course.)


Holy Crap. We made it. I’m about to leave for the bookstore frenzy. I’m in costume and will send loads of cell phone pictures to flickr while taking some with my camera to post later. I’m going to eat up the excitement and wash it down with a dose of sadness over saying goodbye to characters that I’ve come to love over the years. I hope you’ll join me.

I don’t know when you’re getting your book or when you’ll finish, but I hope no matter what, you close the book and the series with no regrets. I know thats what I plan on doing.

I’m going to pop in here every five chapters to upload a podcast. I will put ample spoiler warnings so that the only people who get spoiled are people who knowingly click “Play”. Since my comments are in moderation, and I won’t be moderating until I’m done reading, I’m not going to bother opening up comments on the podcasts. Feel free to email me, although I won’t be checking that until I’m done either. I hope to finish by the time I go to sleep Sunday night – but just know I’ll post as soon as I’m done. And I promise not to post spoilers until long after I’m done. Thank you for being part of the frenzy and joining me in the excitement the last week. Here’s to Harry, Ron and Hermione. I wish them the best of luck.


11 thoughts on “Commencing Total Media Blackout (Minus My Own Podcasts, Of Course.)”

  1. Have a great time, hon! I opted to let Amazon send me mine tomorrow. I’m getting up at 6 to get my chores done so I can plop my butt on the couch after USP comes! BTW, I tried to find your email the other day to send an article about a couple whose wedding centered around the midnight sale but I couldn’t find your email again. Is it me? Am I blind?

  2. That is what I get for reading in Bloglines. I totally missed your new design. Your site looks awesome!

    My copy isn’t coming until tomorrow’s mail delivery. I thought that would be soon enough. Now though, it’s 10:40 and I’m trying to talk my husband into going out at midnight and getting it. I won’t win.

    Have a great time!

  3. AGH! I’m so excited. My head is going to burst due to the high frequency Squee!-ing my insides are doing.

    This is going to be good.

  4. i just got home and am about to start reading. my boyfriend is looking at me like i’m crazy, like ‘um, did we just wait in that long lone so you could come home and check someone’s blog?’
    but, you know how it is.
    i had to check in.
    looking forward to the podcasts…

  5. Too tired…

    It is sooo good, only up to chapter eight, maybe more…

    Damn apple-tini’s.

    And then the whole not-having-my-fucking-wallet-the-first-damn-time-I-was-at-Wal-mart thing didn’t help


  6. “Here’s to Harry, Ron and Hermione. I wish them the best of luck.”

    *sniffle* Me, too!

    (Haven’t gotten my book yet – hurry up, UPS!)

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