Testing 1,2,3

I re-downloaded the plugin for my “private entries” function but I’m not sure if it’s working. If you are a registered user here, will you login and then click on the category (right below the title of this entry) that says “Private Entries” and tell me if you see more than this entry? There should be another one from the day of my miscarriage (I would suggest you NOT read that one – I set it as private for a reason) and possibly a weightloss entry or two. Mainly, I just need to know if you see more than this one entry. Thanks!

(If you want to be a registered user, go ahead. It’s really just a filter to protect the innocent from the boring details of my diet or to protect my family from the gory details of my attempt to conceive a baby.)

Also – for those of you reading in the feed-reader, there are new toys on my sidebar you may want to check out. I added a badge for MrZ and LilZ’s most recent photos on flickr.

Hey – at least my baby wasn’t carrying my cigarettes.

I’m so overwhelmed with having internet access back in my home, that I’m dying to tell you about every little mundane thing that has transpired in my life over the last several days. I mean, sure BlogHer was fun and Marilyn will never room with such a boring party-pooper again, but there are other more boring things to discuss. Like the fact that I got ministered to last night in my front yard while drinking a beer! Praise the Lord!

NikkiZ, Stace’s daughter and I were hanging out in the front yard last night. I’m sure my neighbors think we’re weird since we choose the front over the private back yard, but they’d understand if they saw the poop-mine-field back there. So, we’re just chillin’ and chattin’ and being all relaxed and shit. I’m drinking my after-dinner beer and the girls have sodas and we’re waving to the dogs as they walk by. Good times.

Then, these two middle-aged men come up to my yard carrying brochures for something. They introduced themselves as being members of a nearby church and for some reason I hid my beer. I HID MY BEER. Because that’s going to be the thing that makes them not like me? Am I concerned they won’t let me come to the church I wasn’t going to attend anyway? Am I afraid they won’t give me those fancy looking pamphlets in their hands? WHY DID I HIDE THE BEER?

Anyway – they were there to tell me about a new kids program their church was offering. I thanked them politely and asked if there would be beer served for the parents. (I did not!) They also asked if there was anything I needed them to pray for me about, which caught me off guard. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a damning smart ass comment about my failing porn career needing all of the help it could get, but I refrained because I’m not a total jackass. I smiled and told them that, “No. My life is very blessed, save your prayers for those who really need it.”

They were very nice and considering the religious attitude in some areas of the south, I actually consider it an honor when people think to at least try to minister to the tattooed lady drinking the beer in her front yard. Some would have assumed I was a lost cause. As MrZ said, “You were a lot nicer than I would have been.”

Something tells me MrZ wouldn’t have hidden his beer.

Dear Blog, I missed you so!

As of yesterday afternoon, we have internet! It was touch-and-go for a little while as they said they may not be able to get it working until Saturday. I told them that this statement was not acceptable as I had a blog I had to update nineteen times a day! How am I supposed to do that? YOU MUST FIX IT NOW. And they did. Because I’m scary and intimidating.

Or maybe it just was a “area-wide outtage” and it was fixed because of the 1000 other customers calling in service orders. Either way, I’m taking the credit.

Yesterday was a bid day that I could have blogged about, though! Our roofing materials were delivered! And we now have a giant container in our driveway that says “Hee Haul” that makes MrZ laugh very hard. They’re going to start work on Wednesday. And no, my appliances still aren’t here. My roof is going to be put on before my appliances and this might make me a little crazy.

Yesterday was also the annual Vet Day in the world of Zoot’s Zoo. Sweetie just now seems like she has recovered from that. She hates the vet, especially the fecal sample part. But can you blame her? Really? The Bostons don’t like it, but they know the drill and know it doesn’t take long so they just suck it up and kiss the nurses anyway.

I took all three dogs by myself and let me tell you – that was STUPID. I thought it would be better to do that and let LilZ babysit for 30 minutes than have him and the toddler. But without his help? It was in sane. I only have two arms! Why didn’t that occur to me? Three Dogs is more than Two Arms! Am Dumb.

So, that was what all you missed. Now I need to catch up on what I missed in your life.

I might rather go without diet cokes

I’m back but we have NO internet at home. Not only am I going to have to deal with that service call (hopefully today) but the roofers are also dropping off the supplies and I’ve got to take LilZ school supply shopping. So, I’m eating breakfast at Breuggers with the free wi-fi just so I can assure you all I made it back from BlogHer okay (more on that later) and that I’m alive and trying to function without internet access in my home. Which is pretty close to impossible, for the record.

Hopefully I’ll be back online soon. If not, I’m moving into to this place here. Think they’ll mind?