• Testing 1,2,3

    I re-downloaded the plugin for my “private entries” function but I’m not sure if it’s working. If you are a registered user here, will you login and then click on the category (right below the title of this entry) that says “Private Entries” and tell me if you see more than this entry? There should be another one from the day of my miscarriage (I would suggest you NOT read that one – I set it as private for a reason) and possibly a weightloss entry or two. Mainly, I just need to know if you see more than this one entry. Thanks!

    (If you want to be a registered user, go ahead. It’s really just a filter to protect the innocent from the boring details of my diet or to protect my family from the gory details of my attempt to conceive a baby.)

    Also – for those of you reading in the feed-reader, there are new toys on my sidebar you may want to check out. I added a badge for MrZ and LilZ’s most recent photos on flickr.