Testing 1,2,3

I re-downloaded the plugin for my “private entries” function but I’m not sure if it’s working. If you are a registered user here, will you login and then click on the category (right below the title of this entry) that says “Private Entries” and tell me if you see more than this entry? There should […]

Dear Blog, I missed you so!

As of yesterday afternoon, we have internet! It was touch-and-go for a little while as they said they may not be able to get it working until Saturday. I told them that this statement was not acceptable as I had a blog I had to update nineteen times a day! How am I supposed to […]

I might rather go without diet cokes

I’m back but we have NO internet at home. Not only am I going to have to deal with that service call (hopefully today) but the roofers are also dropping off the supplies and I’ve got to take LilZ school supply shopping. So, I’m eating breakfast at Breuggers with the free wi-fi just so I […]