• Late night

    I’m still up, trying to catch up on uploading some photos to flickr so that I can finally upload the ones from the bluegrass show last night which are HYSTERICAL. I made Stace pose with me for the same picture about 10 times throughout the night. I evidently think that’s funny when I’m drunk. We danced our asses off and had a great time. My husband just hid in the corner with his parents and pretended he didn’t know the crazy girls in the front row.

    I still haven’t gotten to last nights pictures though, so you’ll have to just deal with this awesome one that Stace took for now. It was a great night, but I’m telling you – I’m too old for that shit. I’m glad I only go out about twice a year because I was hurting today. (Twice a year is a total exaggeration. It’s more like twice a decade.) I’m going to bed because I’m tired, but I promise I’ll try to upload the awesome pictures tomorrow. The best one of the night? The picture I took of myself in the bathroom because I totally wanted you all to see the diamond-plating on the walls. That’s how much of a blog-dork I am. Even after several beers – I still want to make sure I document my life so that you all can laugh at the same stuff I do.