My husband. Man of the Year.

If you’ll remember correctly – NikkiZ woke up Friday morning covered in vomit, throwing a huge wrench into our plans. My husband spent quite a bit of time that morning irritated that he was missing his golf tournament and no where near enough time (in my opinion) upset about missing my marathon. HOWEVER – he has so redeemed himself it’s not even funny. Here’s how:

  • He changed at least 1 million outfits (on himself and NikkiZ) that were covered with various unpleasant bodily fluids.
  • He change at least 1 million sick-poop diapers.
  • He rocked and coddled a very sick baby by himself for 72 hours.
  • He monitored fever and fluid intake religiously.
  • He bathed a sick baby several times. Some because she was covered in her own waste. Some because it just made her feel better

On top of all of those things that come with caring for a sick child alone, he also did the following to assure I would not have to lift a finger when I came home from my marathon.

  • Vacuumed
  • Did all laundry created from Puke/Poopfest 2007. Grand total of about 5 loads.
  • Scrubbed all floors
  • Cleaned storm door, inside and out
  • Scrubbed bathtubs and toilets hoping to remove germs before my arrival
  • Dusted
  • Washed dishes (by hand, or dishwasher is still dead)
  • Put up toys
  • Made the beds
  • Got the baby to sleep last night so I could go to bed early

I came home to a home cleaner that it has ever been minus a few days before big events. He did all of that even with a sick child. He is truly – a man who shines in a crisis. A man who knows that there are times for sitting on his ass and then there are times that if he leaves things for his wife to do, she may replace his shampoo with Nair and his toothpaste with diaper cream. He is very smart.

And also very cute.