Report from the house of the pitiful

Oh yeah – I guess I should update you on NikkiZ too, huh? She’s not even close to 100%. BUT – she hasn’t run a fever in 24 hours and she hasn’t vomited in 2 days. Her poops are still not even close to solid, but we’re sending her to daycare anyway because we’re kinda awful parents like that. It’s just that other than the poops, she’s better. We’re hoping it’s just taking her body awhile to get back on track.

Now – on to the fun stuff: What On My Body Hurts.

First off? I am FRIED. I haven’t had sunburn in years and I’ve forgotten how much it sucks. I put sunscreen on the morning of the marathon, but I didn’t think to send any with my family so I could reapply. But even if I had – I wouldn’t have put it on the backs of my legs – which is one of the places I’m burnt. Let me tell you – there is nothing sexier than a sock line. Then – add the sports bra burn line on my neck and shoulders, and it’s no wonder my husband could keep his hands off of me.

My joints are all a little sore today. I think the 2.5-hour drive home didn’t help that at all. But that’s not too bad.

The bottoms of my feet are still in BAD shape. I’m trying to walking without touching the parts that hurt which means I’m walking like I was raped by an elephant. (See? SO SEXY.) My Dad seemed to think that I didn’t even need the t-shirt or the medal because you could tell by my walk what I had been doing all day. That was very true in downtown Nashville. You could look down the street and spot who had run that day. But here in Huntsville? I just look like I was raped by an elephant.

I’m heading to work for most of the day – but not a full day. I feel better when I get up and walk around – the stiffness that settles in when I’m sedentary is lethal. I’m supposed to get a massage tomorrow – let’s home nothing keeps me from that because it is one of the many things I focused on to get through the pain.

Oh – and if you have access to the newspaper in Nashville from yesterday – if you look at the bottom of the last page of marathon results – I’m about 30th from last. Which means I beat 30 finishers and almost 1,700 people who started but didn’t finish. MrZ says I also beat the 23,000 that only ran the half-marathon – and I like the way that sounds. So – if you add those numbers up, I actually beat 24,700 people. That’s way more than 30.


14 thoughts on “Report from the house of the pitiful”

  1. The day after my first marathon, I went in to work so that I wouldn’t sit around all day and get that horrible stiffness. But I worked in a lab with a flight of stairs between the lab space and the offices and it took me 10 minutes to do the stairs each time. Up or down. Eventually I got my boss to set me up with the most tedious, mind-numbing task that didn’t involved going back and forth and I just sat there all day and numbered freezer tubes or something.

    Also, I saw a great T-shirt once that I think you’ll appreciate: “DFL beats DNF!” (Dead F-ing Last beats Did Not Finish!) Congrats and well done! I found that marathons are like childbirth- in a couple weeks you’ll forget all the pain and aches and sunburn and blisters and only remember the adrenaline and pride and thrill, and want to do it again!

  2. That is still amazing Zoot! I agree with your husband, you did beat all of those who only ran the half marathon.

    So, when are you running the BOSTON marathon? :)

  3. So sorry about your sunburn, that sucks. But I am laughing so hard at your “raped by an elephant” analogy. That sounds much worse than sunburn, but funnier.

    Congratulations again.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS … trust me, you beat more than 24,700 – you beat all of us who were sitting over our cups of coffee Saturday morning saying “wow, I hope Zoot is doing well”!

  5. I agree with Beachmommy – you beat the 300 million of us who sat on our butts and ate muffins and thought about getting some exercise.

  6. Congratulations! We were there watching since we had friends running and I would have cheered for you if I had seen you! Hope you enjoyed Nashville :)

  7. I cant figure it out-what was your time?

    What a wonderful accomplishment!!!!! And, YOU BETTER GO GET YOUR MASSAGE!! You totally deserve it!

  8. You did awesome! I am completely impressed and inspired. If I get drawn for the NYC Marathon, can I email you for advice??

  9. I was going to say that you beat all of us DNSers (=Did Not Start!) but someone beat me to it. Congratulations again – on your perseverance during the race, on your training, and also now on the amazing support of your family. Glad to hear that your daughter is better. Maybe you and Mr. Z could both get massages! On our honeymoon we had one of those spa package deals where we both got massages on a deck overlooking the beach at sunset. Don’t know if Huntsville offers such – but it sounds like you both deserve a treat – and the chance to be together! Peace.

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