I Am SO Proud of Her!


This is Eliah here. We just got back from the Country Music Marathon.The only reason I am writing is my Mom, MissZ is laying motionless, watching Jurassic Park, I think it is 3, with her bro’ and dad. I am really tired and my feet hurt.:( I know she should be the one complaining, but we have been walking around all day looking at Tennessee and meeting Momma at her mile markers.

We went and ate at the place below our hotel and ate breakfast, then we came up to the hotel room and chilled for a second, other than that, we had no time to rest. OH!And we rode he elevator to the 23 floor. I got really scared. Well, I gotta go watch JP3. See y’all kitkats on the flipflops later!


59 thoughts on “I Am SO Proud of Her!”

  1. LilZ, you’re so cool! Make sure to encourage mum as to how awesome she is when she’s all sore and cranky tomorrow ;-)
    Congrats, Zoot, once more – you rule!

  2. Congrats Zoot, that is AMAZING. It’s been so inspiring to keep up with your story on here about your running. Keep up the good work!

  3. Dudes and Dudettes, I totally should!I might start posting!YAH!!Keep on given us some comments!I love ‘em!!!!

  4. Congratulations! That is such an awesome item to add to life’s accomplishments. I am in awe of you.

    And thanks for the update LilZ. It is mucho appreciated. You rock.

  5. Congratulations Zoot! I’m so impressed with you and all your training and then to accomplish this!

  6. I just want you to know how cool it is that you ran a marathon! You are such an inspiration to me to get my butt off the couch and back into my workouts. Congratulations!!

  7. LilZ…you are one awesome kiddo for supporting your momma like you do! Thanks for the update.
    Zoot…Again, so!freakin!proud! and wishing you ice packs and alleve in the upcoming days.
    (you’re gonna need em!)

  8. WooHoo! What an awesome day here in Zoot-land! Not only does Miss Zoot run a marathon (so proud!) but we get a post from LilZ! You both rock!

  9. You ROCK! (Both of you – thanks for updating us, LilZ!) Can’t wait to hear details & about the rest of the trip. How is NikkiZ???

  10. Yeah, if they invent a machine that moves my legs up on the ground.Or I get a superpower!SUPA SPEED LILZ!I ike it!I could be on Heroes!I have planned my future!tHNX Silly!

  11. Oh, Zoot, I am so proud of you that I could cry!!!

    Today you have just nullified any excuse I might ever have for why I can’t do something. I know if you can run a marathon then I can accomplish whatever goals I might have. Dang you, Zoot!!

  12. OMGosh why am I crying! I am so proud of you. You are such an inspiration I hope you know that!

    Lilz you rock!! I hope that my son is as cool as you are when he is your age! I agree with the other posters I think we need at least a weekly LilZ bloggette.

  13. You so rock my socks! I am so proud of you! On the down side, you are hereby kicked out of the Slackers And Couch Potato Society. (But you can still come to our Krispy Kreme hogout sessions. BYODC- Bring your own Diet Coke.)

  14. YAY for you Zoot! I just got home and had to check the Nashville Marathon site to see how you did. You are awesome.

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