Ignorance is bliss

So – Today has been declared stop cyber bullying day. I feel like I must make a small comment about that. I’ve followed a little bit of the chaos mentioned in that article, although after seeing a few bloggers go through some awful cyber bullying experiences, I’ve simply stopped reading about it. I’m not even thinking about it. I’m simply doing what every blogger who has been through it has said to do: Ignore it. It’s awful, it sucks, but I think the best way to stop cyber bullying – is to ignore it. Probably wishful thinking, and probably naive, but you know what? It helps me keep this blog about rainbows and teddy bears. And that’s the way I like it.

So: How about a little question that is both silly and fascinating all at the SAME TIME. I’m blowing your minds here, people. Step back.

Why is it that ugly dogs are so cute? I have two dogs that fall into a breed that is not conventionally cute, they may even be considered conventionally a little ugly, but not only do I find them utterly and irresistibly adorable – but so does everyone else! It doesn’t work that way for humans, why does it work that way for dogs?

Don’t let the academic prowess I demonstrate intimidate you. Not everyone can be as brilliant as I am.


11 thoughts on “Ignorance is bliss”

  1. I too have succumbed to the adorableness of the BT ugliness. Everyone that sees my 7 month old pup thinks she is so incredibly cute because of her personality. She is full throttle on everything, never meets a stranger and wants love. We get big BT smiles and I know you know how cute that is with the tongue all flicking out and the eyes buldging. The best is when she has a chewy stick hanging out of the side of her mouth and sits there like Jimmy Cagney waiting for the g-men to come through the door. When I bring into the pet supermarkets people want to know where I got here and what the breed is like. And have you noticed all the print ads that feature the BT like in Target and Frontline products… so you are not alone in your love.

  2. as the owner of a pug, I totally know what you mean. When ever my mother comes over she will say to the pug, “If you weren’t so ugly, you’d be really ugly” The ugly MAKES them cuddly…amazing. I think it is because a lot of “ugly” dogs are also smaller dogs, and people naturally associate small with cute (maybe?)

  3. A friend of mine stopped blogging because of one readers persistent comments about her blog being too personal. I have also received a few emails about certain topics people think I shouldn’t post on. I also get comments to tell me how crap certain posts are (sometimes even how crap my blog is).

    I don’t know why people complain.

    We you don’t pay a licence fee and have the right to demand decent programming. Nor are we holding a monopoly on the best channels. No simply if you don’t like something log off and move on.

    Incidentally with dogs, and new born babies, I think the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who do not think that pugs or boston terriers are cute. I’m sorry. I bow my head in shame.

    I don’t like the eyes. Something very scary about those eyes.

    Anyways, I stay away from those blogs that trash other blogs. My blog is private, so I don’t have to worry about that.

  5. I was flipping around the channels the other night and came upon “The World’s Ugliest Dog” contest. It was a dog show for the ugliest dogs you’ve ever seen. The defending champion’s owner said their vet had absolutely no idea what breed(s) her dog might be. This thing was crazy looking!

  6. I love Boston Terriers. We had one when I was growing up, actually, he was my brother’s. His name was Jeff’s Sir Wilbur. We called him Wilbur, Wilbs,or Wab! God, he was funny! He would come wake me up on Saturday mornings by doing “crazy dog” on my bed! He would come hauling ass into my room, making a flying leap on to my bed, race around on it, and then leap off. Only yo do it all over again. When he died we bought another one. He was P.D. Pendleton. We called him Petey, Petes, or Stinky Petes! He had a plastic dumbell that he would suck on. Literally the entire top part of it would be in his mouth. He would hold the other end between his paws and suck away. That was his “mook”, because that was what it sounded like when he sucked on it! Don’t even get me started on Petey Mama! When I had my first child, he would go CRAZY when the baby so much as whimpered! You had to get the baby RIGHT AWAY, or he would freak out! He was a good dog. Someone took him from us right before Christmas two years ago. We have never seen him since. Sorry, I didn’t mean to have such a long post, or a sad one.

    That said, cyber-bullying is pathetic. End of story.

    BTW? We will be buying another Boston Terrier for the boys. They are awesome with children. There is no better dog for kids!!

  7. I saw the tail end of the Ugliest Dog Competition last night. And that dog was just PURE ugly. No cuteness involved. But it was entertaining nonetheless! I did feel pangs of embarrassment for him, because his owner was parading him around for his ugliness.

  8. But the ugly dog didn’t know his owner was parading him around because he was ugly–he thought his owner was showing him off because he was he loved him! That’s why ugly dogs are cute–because they love us anyway, even if we don’t really deserve it. And they’re so innocent and naive about it that we don’t care if they’re ugly. We just wish way more people would be like that. Then maybe we’d like them more, too.

  9. Love both Bostons and Pugs. They’re so cute. I don’t get why people think they’re not preciously adorable. Our neighbor has 5 pugs. Yes, they’re loud, but so damn cute.

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