If I’m crying…you should be too.

I watched this video on The Today Show this morning and started bawling immediately. I didn’t want to be the only one hysterical before work so I rewound it and made my friend Stace watch it too. She bawled hysterically. I can’t find it on YouTube – but if you click this link, you can see the video too. If you don’t cry, you are a stronger man than I.

Sweetest thing EVER.

(I’ve officially cried over this 100 times now.)


24 thoughts on “If I’m crying…you should be too.”

  1. I didn’t even have to click on the link to know what you were talking about. His face and the way it shifts from surprise/disbelief to tears killed me.

  2. So, sweet … yet so sad… it’s just horrible that a father and child missed 7 months together. I’m so glad we didn’t have kids when my husband was in the Navy. It would have killed us both!

  3. you are the biggest jerk! i’m totally crying right now, and i’m not even a sappy person usually!

    (okay, really you aren’t a jerk!)

  4. A coworker told me about it today and it made me cry, just HEARING the story. Now I’m really in tears. WAH!!! I must go eat something to distract myself…

  5. OMG…
    I caught this this morning, I don’t know HOW because I’ve been going nonstop all day long. And I bawled like a friggin baby. And I thought, I’m posting that on my blog when I get a chance (as I just got home, I haven’t had a chance). Dude, you beat me to it.

  6. Eating my words over here! I thought, ha! I’m tough, I won’t cry – not even tear up.
    Yeah. No lady-like sniffles for me. BIG FAT tears ROLLING on the cheeks, a sob or two included.

  7. My boyfriend is scheduled for deployment to Iraq in mid-April. I’ll see him briefly before he goes. I’ve spent so much time dreading the goodbye that I haven’t thought about how wonderful the reunion will be.

    Thanks for the reminder — I’m crying, of course, but some of these tears are happy.

  8. OMG, I saw that on the TV in the waiting room at the body shop while I was waiting for my car to be finished. SOOOO sweet and lovely! CNN played it over and over and I cried EVERY time.

  9. Like the others I’m bawling….so awesome to see that boy running to daddy like that. Damn. need some tissues.

  10. I started crying just reading the text about the video, before the video even played. I couldn’t even imagine. Just couldn’t. And yes, so sweet.

  11. My brother did this to my family this winter: He told us that he would get no leave and would be on his tour the whole way through. Well one day my sister in law was standing in the kitchen, and a car drove up, and dropped off my brother at her doorstep. She screamed and cried for hours, so surprised.

    He had to call me and tell me he was home, and when I heard his voice over a phone that wasn’t a satelite phone, I burst into tears and started sobbing. I was so sure he’d been shot or something awful, and he couldn’t talk over my blubbering. Eventually my mom took a hold of me and said “If he’d been killed he wouldn’t be calling you on the phone, you Ninny!” I think that was when I started screaming, jumping around the living room, and calling him a big dumb jerk over and over. LOL.

    Those type of reunions are so powerful and emotional. Thanks for sharing the video.

  12. Bawled like a little baby. I sent it around as a test to certain friends to see if they were caring individuals or not. They passed.

  13. I’ve been this little boy. My dad was career navy and spent many many tours on a ship leaving for months at a time. When I was 8 he got to be in the early group dismissed from the ship and flown home to get things ready on base for their return. He didnt tell any of us, not even my mom. I can still now 28 years later remember that moment when I walked through the door from school and he was standing there. It is an amazing feeling.

  14. As if I didn’t have enough snot to deal with already. This is such a sweet post. Now, I shall email it to all of my people – let the crying begin!

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