Holy Crap. Is it Monday?

I took MrZ’s car into the dealership this morning to have it serviced and get the a/c fixed. I walked over to Barnes and Noble to work using their WiFi while they looked at the car. The dealership called and said my favorite words: This is going to cost you a kidney.

The compressor went out so we had to pay about $600 bucks to fix it. Awesome. They called back an hour or so later and I went to go get it. As I was pulling it out of the dealership, the low fuel indicator came on. Now – MrZ has a strict “Only Good Gas” policy for his car, but I kinda panicked. I wasn’t sure where the closes “Good Gas” place was and I didn’t want to run out looking, so I broke the rule and pulled over to get a few gallons from a no-name place. 3 gallons. That’s all I got, I SWEAR. But MrZ’s car knew. And it wouldn’t start. SERIOUSLY. I was stuck with a dead car at a gas pump, how fun is that?

I called the dealership and they brought the shuttle but they couldn’t take me to my office, so I’m sitting in the waiting room at the dealership using their WiFi waiting for MrZ’s car to get towed. This is so awesome I just want to cry. And it’s all gray and humid and ugly here today. In case spending a day in a stinky waiting room and spending a fortune to fix a car isn’t awesome enough – I have frizzy hair to contend with too.

I need a beer.


11 thoughts on “Holy Crap. Is it Monday?”

  1. Oh no! Does that mean you will have to tell Mr. Z that you put the ‘bad gas’ in?

    Can you say that the car pulled you into the station where it randomly had a gas attack right there by the pump. You were trying to talk it down and tell it that you were going to get the good gas but it it kept pushing you and CRYING for gas..any gas.

    Good luck!

  2. oh wow….that sucks!! that is why i am so hesistent on getting my car in running status again. the dang up keep cost soooooo much. :( I will have a virtual beer with you!!

  3. I’d come get you if I weren’t so far away! And I would definitely indulge in the beer.

    Good luck!

  4. I’m having a bad hair day today also…it desperately needs cut.

    Sorry about the car woes…my hubs is a mechanic and I am SO glad for that :D Keeps our wallet fat, two-ways!

    Beer? Hell yes, it is FRIDAY, and I need one too.

  5. Oh no! Aww, Fridays are supposed to be literally awesome, not sarcastically awesome. Poo..

    I hope the rest of your weekend is better than today was, Zoot!:)

  6. Oh man, I feel your pain. Sort of. In a bunny-kind-of-way. I didn’t end up with car troubles this weekend… I ended up with a preggers pet! When they say *&^! like bunnies… they ain’t kidding!

    I hope this Monday – the real one, that is – finds you back in black, tooling down the road in a happy car.

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