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Man! I make a vow to blog more and then my internet goes and gets all crappy on me. During that time I had exactly 23 great blog entry ideas. Now that I have access to internet again, my ideas have dropped to one. The crappy one. So crappy I’m going to blog about the worst thing any blogger could blog about: Blogging! I have a few blogging concepts I want to discuss as they’ve been topics of debate across the blogosphere.

  • I’m trying to start responding to comments in the comments section. How do you feel about that? Do you like when bloggers do that or do you prefer email response? I think I like doing it better from the blogger point of view, but I’m not sure if I like it from a commenter point of view.
  • How do you feel about RSS feeds? Do you love them? (I do!) Do you hate them because no one actually goes to blogs anymore? I kinda feel that way. It always suprises me when I actually click through to comment and the blogger has redesigned. I’m always confused because, “I read them everyday! How did I not know?” So – if you redesign, you should mention it in your blog so lazy people like me know.
  • What do you think about “About” pages? What do you find useful? A Cast of characters? A short paragraph summarizing life? A 100 things list? I kinda like the 100 things lists myself.
  • What about memes? How do you feel about them? Do you love them? As a blogger, I kinda love them a little. But some people think they’re lame and I’m wondering what you think? Do you think I’m lame when I do them?
  • Do you Myspace? I do. But I kinda have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it when people find me but I hate it when they get mad at me for never checking it.

32 thoughts on “Stupid Internet”

  1. I am a HUGE fan of the About pages and 100 Things lists. It gives visitors a chance to get to know the blog author better, especially if they are new to the site!

    (p.s. I also kind of love bullets!)

  2. I’m an RSS reader (and wow, is it irritating to me when people only post a little smidgeon and you have to click through. I am SO lazy!). I love about pages and wish that everyone had one (especially with a list of 100 things which I have a crazy obsession with for some reason). I think they’re really helpful for new readers, even if it just says really basic things like “I live here, I do this, I am married/single/engaged/girlfriend, have this many kids, like these ten things and hate these four things.” Umm, enough from me already. But I love your blog, so keep it up!

  3. Aww, I don’t think “about blogging” entries are bad at all. :) They’re some of my favorites.

    – I like responding in the comments section best. I need to do it more on my blog (I’ve done it a little). a) it brings people back to your site and b) it really feels like you get a conversation going.
    – I like RSS a lot more since Amy got me hooked on Google Reader. Before that, I used Firefox’s Live Bookmarks and actually visited the blogs. I get annoyed when a site I read only has excerpts on their feeds and I have to click over to their site to read the whole thing. I’m so dang lazy. FWIW, I always try to mention a redesign in a post. ;) (which is often)
    – I love “About” pages and “100” lists. I lost my list when WP 2.1 ate my pages, so I need to do another. If I’m at a blog where there’s significant history or something it helps to get a “readers digest” version so I don’t feel too left out.
    – I think Memes are great. They get you writing, which is the most important thing, and sometimes make you think and help you connect to other blogs. No one ever tags me though. :( I think its great when you do them because half the time its a meme I end up doing myself! LOL!
    – BAH! MySpace! Hells no I don’t MySpace. I’m not terribly snooty about many things (hello, I watch The View for chrissakes), but I refuse to dabble in those particular black arts. But, ya know, to each his own. ;)

  4. The commenting in comments is OK as long as I can remember where I commented so I can go back and look for replies. has started letting a person keep track of the comments they’ve made under that account, so it would be easy to do if you comment at WordPress sites. Otherwise… not so much fun

    Love RSS feeds; when I like a blog that doesn’t have a feed, I add it to a folder of blogs in my bookmarks. I don’t always remember to check those every day, though. I don’t click through to the page unless I want to comment or the blog doesn’t publish full posts in the feed.

    Love “About” pages… 100 things lists are fun; I like descriptive pages as well… ones that tell where and why and whatever.

    Memes are good. They’re useful when I don’t have anything else on my mind that’s fit for blogging. You always have great answers on your memes.

    I have a MySpace account, but I really don’t check it much. I don’t see it as being very useful. I don’t see anyone really blogging with MySpace, but using it like a giant “guestbook.” Just a pain to me. I want *real* interaction with folks and I think blogging, commenting and responding to comments is the way to go.

  5. I LOVE YOU! I think it’s fun when you leave a comment in the comments, it shows you read them. I LOVE 100 things and meme’s. I don’t care if it is dorky. I do. RSS feeds are cool, but I still check out my list of bloggers everyday. Okay, sometimes more than once…or twice.
    MySpace? Not so much. I tried it, and cannot remember my password. Plus, there was a really weird guy who creeped me out.

  6. I go back and forth on the comment thing. As I reader, I like email responses because I forget to go back and check for replies on the site. As a blogger, I find that I reply with much more personal things via e-mail than I would on the site.

    I love RSS feeds. I don’t think I could live without them anymore.

    I think an about page is necessary to give new readers a glimpse of who you are. The 100 things lists are cool, but I rarely read all the way through them.

    Memes are cool as long as you post some real entries in between them. I usually quit reading sites if they start posting all memes all the time.

    Yes, I MySpace but only because I was forced into it by a friend who wanted help with her page. I just sent you a friend request. :) I actually detest MySpace, but that seems to be where everybody is at.

  7. Commenting in comments – I reply both personally and (if it’s, you know, relevant enough, in comments – and have done so on my blog, as well.

    I’m just learning RSS feeds – and hoping to downsize my blogroll – but, it’s hard because I’m not (as you know) not very techie!

    People usually had me at their About page!

    Memes are fun, every now and again.

    MySpace- nope, have a hard enough time keeping up with the blog.

  8. * I respond to my comments by e-mail. Don’t know if the actual commenter ever goes back to check if they got an answer.
    * Love feeds, and try to visit blogs pretty often anyway to leave comments, so don’t miss changes that often.
    * Love about pages, just in case I read something and can’t remember a major detail about the blogger.
    * Memes… neither here nor there. Sometimes I read the answers sometimes I don’t. Depends.
    * NOt a fan of myspace at all.

  9. Hmmm…comments…If it’s something semi-controversial or whatever where there will be a long string of comments/discussion, then responses in comments are good. On the other hand, if it’s not something that provokes major discussion, email works better. (Having said that, I don’t really respond either way — I can’t make blogger require email addresses of commenters!)

    I know nothing of RSS feeds…If I like you, I go to your site (and I’m old school — I type the url in each time).

    The About page is good…I love the short/sweet intro of who you are and the 100 things are always fun.

  10. Love RSS feeds. Like memes. Love About pages (any kind). Hate MySpace and how everyone judges you by how many friends you have. I use my MySpace for two things only, and that is to check up on my niece and nephew and to contact my cousin. So if I don’t have “friends” on there it is because I have a real blog. MySpace is like high school.

  11. Zoot, Love your site! I am all about responding to comments in comments seems to be orderly that way. Love the memes, its just to get a new view. I am anti myspace for no good reason. Good times!

  12. Since you asked, here’s my 2 cents.

    Comments: I prefer to be e-mailed because I usually say my piece and then move on. I don’t continue to check comments, unless I come up with an awesome comment and want to see how other react to it. I do like it when the blogger leaves a reply in a different color to catch my attention.

    RSS: Love! Now that I’m finally using it, I save so much time. Some blogs, like yours, I will actually check once a day because you have quite a few interactive, continually changing features.

    About: Love! I think it’s necessary to engage me and make me continue to read your site. While your entire life story might play out in your blog, on my first visit, am I going to read through the whole thing to find out what you’re all about? Probably not, unless it was a kick-ass post. You can do whatever you want, but I think it’s necessary to have some kind of easily accessible background. (These aren’t addressed to you, rather the blogging community as a whole.)

    Memes: Eh. It’s your blog. If you like them, great! You’re a blogger who updates frequently so I probably won’t get tired of a meme here or there.

    Myspace: Like it. I used to suck up a lot of my time, but now I’m feeling kind of too old for it.

  13. I’m all for responding to comments in the comment section; that’s what I do. I also like About pages, and I love the 100 things and the memes. I read your blog through my Google Reader and occasionally click through to see if there are any new changes I may have missed. I don’t like MySpace.

  14. I LOVELOVELOVE RSS feeds. I get really frustrated when blogs don’t have them. I have to change mine to show full posts because clicking through irritates me, too.

    I MySpace, but only because I have some far away friends with whom I like to communicate and I don’t want all of them to know about my blog. My MySpace page isn’t even in my name, though. My sister set it up for me. I kind of hate MySpace, but I still check it every day.

    A meme once in a while is cool- more frequently it can get annoying. I also appreciate it when they’re short.

    That said, I adore the 100 things meme!

    I check your blog several times a day. Love it!

  15. **As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I just respond to the emailed comment, versus in the comments section, because I’m a lazy reader and very rarely go back to the comments of something that I’ve commented on. Could I write “comment” just a few more times in that sentence? Comment, comment, comment.
    **Love RSS feeds, because when it’s slow at work, I can read them, without having to deal with the actual loud designs of sites sometimes.
    **100 things.
    **Memes are great for days you can’t think.
    **I’ve ended up just copying some blog posts from my main blog to my myspace blog to keep people happy who don’t ever leave myspace.

  16. I’ve been working on a 100 Things to add to my About Me page….still working on it. 100 Things is a hell of a lot!

    Love RSS, Meme’s are fun to learn quick facts about people – but too many can get old I guess, never used MySpace.

  17. I’m glad you asked these Q’s. The answers are about what I would have said, but it’s interesting to hear what others say.

    I’m too old for MySpace. I can’t figure out what to click.

  18. I hate it when bloggers reply in the comments section. I never see them because I never re-read a comments section once I’ve commented :) Much prefer email response!

    I don’t use RSS feeds…I don’t really know how to use them!

    I LOVE About pages. Not so much cast of characters, and Love the 100 things list.

    I like memes occasionally but I try and stay away from them because I get carried away!

    I kinda hate myspace but people always message me on it so I have to keep using it :)

  19. Hmmm…I guess the moral of the story is – if you have a response you think the group should here: reply in comments. BUT – if you want to make SURE the commenter reads it – reply to his comment as well. It’s a little bit more work for the blogger – but I think that’s a good practice.

    And also – do you love the smiley faces in the comments? I kinda want to marry them.

  20. I love you, Zoot. Anything you do is good by me! But to answer you bullets (I know it’s late in the post, but I had a reply all typed out yesterdya and then the internet forsake ( forsaked? forsook?) me!

    Anyhow – I like when bloggers comment in the comments section. It’s like a group conversation. But there are times when an email is also a good way to go. Sooo, pretty much what you wrote above – commenting in the comments section, but also an email if you want to answer one specific question/want to ensure a reader reads it.

    I know absolutly ZERO about RSS feeds. But hubby tells me they are cool, and he is a computer nerd, so I trust his word.

    Oh! I LURVE “About” pages, espeically when they include lists. But, here’ sthe kicker, I have no idea what to write about in my own “About” page. I have two “About me posts” and will probably make more as I continue to think of things about me. But yeah I lurvelurvelurve reading other people’s. (Does that make me some sort of weird stalker freak?)

    Yeah, I also enjoy a good meme. Kinda helps you get to know more about the person. Plus, they remind me of these “notes” we used to pass around to people all day long in school. I’m a nerd.

    I have a Myspace account, but I stopped using it after we moved back hoem form Amsterdam. For some reason it intimidates me. a few of my friends use it, they all really like it. I was basically using it as a way to stay in touch while we were over-seas. Since we’ve bene home though, i haven’t even been to the site. I don’t think I even remember my password, acutally.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. I love reading your blog! :)

  21. I like memes. Sometimes it just gives a nice fresh break from long entries.

    I like myspace. I have space.

    Rss is good and I actually just visit the sight rather than read the feed only.

    I like it when people have at least something about themselves on their “about page”. I am also disappointed when there is nothing; not even a inkling of music taste or something revealed.

  22. I like responding in the comments, but I also like emailing. I think consistency is key – that way I know whether to wait for an email or to check back in the comments for a comment on my comment.
    I like memes, but I personally try to post them only once in a while because they can become tedious to read (and sometimes, to write).
    I use bloglines to subscribe to feeds, and I love it. For my feed, I selected to truncate it, so if you want to read the entire entry, you have to actually click through to my blog. Harharhar.
    About pages are so important! They give you a feel for who the person is and what they’re dealing with in life (and often writing about). I like 100 things lists, but I think that a short paragraph about the writer is also important to give a new reader an impression of where s/he has clicked to.

  23. This is a great post. I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

    I love feeds. They make reading blogs at work so much easier. But it is sad now that I don’t comment on all the posts I read.

    I prefer e-mailed responses to comments I leave. I never go back to see if the blogger has responded via the comment section. Should I?

    I like About pages. I like a list of who they might blog about (family) and a picture. I also like the 100 things list.

    I like memes, but only good ones. You know, the kind that give you a glimsp into the blogger that you wouldn’t normally see.

    I have a Myspace account. But I think it’s lame. I don’t really understand why people like it so much. I figure they should just get a blog. It’s easier to define yourself through an entier blog then a single Myspace profile.

  24. 1. I don’t go back and check the comments (too many blogs to read!) so I will never know if the blogger replied, unless they email me.

    2. I love the lists and need to do one on my blog. They are really fun to read.

    3. Memes can be fun or kinda stupid. Just depends on the Meme, I guess.

    4. Myspace. No. Guess I’m too old.

    5. I don’t like RSS feeds, but that’s just because I like people to see my actual blog. I change the book I am reading on my blog, for example. I just go through my favorites list every day. But that’s not for everyone. Whatever works for you is what works.

  25. For my site, I try to always answer comments via e-mail just as a common courtesy. If someone asks a question that might occur to more than one person, I address it in the comments. I know as a blog reader, it can be discouraging to read comment frequently on someone’s blog and never see that comment get acknowledged.

    RSS feeds: I like them and can see the usefulness of them, but I don’t feel like you get the full blog experience unless you read the blog itself. I only use feeds for blogs I don’t have on my blogroll.

    About pages: Must haves, in my opinion. I also love the 100 things list, but I’d prefer a little more effort from the blogger.

    MySpace: I don’t really like it, but I have an account to keep up with siblings who don’t check my blog. I’ve also gotten in contact with lost friends from high school, and that’s been fun.

    Memes: I like them, but only if the blogger puts in the effort to make it original.

  26. *I like reply comments in the comment section, because it keep the conversation going. But if it is more of a private comment, then email it. I find myself rechecking blogs where I know the comments go back and forth.

    *RSS is GREAT! I love using Bloglines, but I only use it for a notifier, I click through to their page to ready the posts.

    *I like any and all of those things…they help me jump into a new blog a little better. It doesn’t matter which is used though.

    * I enjoy reading and answering meme’s. They are fun, light, easy reads. Its nice to get to know some random things about people.

    * I do myspace…but I feel “Meh.” about it anymore. I keep it because there are some people I only talk to on myspace.

  27. I’m delurking to join in here – I’ve read and loved your blog for over a year now, but never commented.

    – I like comment replies in the comments section.

    – I don’t do RSS feeds because I like to see the layouts of each site. I come from a design background so maybe that’s why. But I feel like maybe I should at least learn more about RSS because it seems to be the Thing To Know About right now.

    – I love “About Me” pages and 100 things, but like Jessica above, am having a hard time developing my own.

    – Memes are okay, but usually I skip over them when reading. I haven’t had my own blog long enought to reply to one.

    – I do MySpace but mostly just to keep in contact with old friends who should not know about my blog. At least not yet.

  28. *I love bloggers who reply to comments, I think they’re awesome.
    *Google Reader is the Best. Thing. Ever.
    *I love, love, love “about” and “100 things about me” and all that stuff – the more weird facts about someone I get, the more I love it.
    *I’m lame, I don’t know much about memes so no real input there.
    *I have a myspace but haven’t checked it in a looong time, because I don’t like it – first off, the site is so UGLY!

  29. 1 – I tend to reply in both places to make sure the person who left the comment sees it, but I don’t get a lot of comments these days so it’s easy.

    2 – LOVE it! I click through to my fav blogs, especially when I want to leave a comment.

    3 – I like about pages and things that help me learn more aboutthe blogger.

    4 – Some of the memes are fun. They’re best behind a cut tag or a “read more” link.

    5 – Ew. Just sayin’. I still love you though. :D

  30. After reading all of the comments on this post, I added a 100 Things list to my blog. I had no idea how many people liked them. I know blogger’s About Me page is silly, so I guess I can understand people’s desire for more information. It just never occurred to me that my readers might want to know more about me. Sometimes I’m slow to catch on.

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