I’ve got a Super Bowl Hangover

You know how sometimes you’ll wake up 10 or 15 minutes before you have to get up? And then you think, “I should go ahead and get up, but I’ve got 15 more minutes before I have to, so I think I’ll go back to sleep.”

Well, if you use an alarm to get up, that’s great, but I don’t. I just naturally wake up between 4 and 4:30am. If I have a lot to do, I’ll get up closer to 4am, but this morning I didn’t. So, I went back to sleep for a little while. And then woke up almost an hour later. DAMN. It’s a sucky way to start a Monday – but something I should have known would happen since we stayed up late watching the Super Bowl. (Go Colts!)

And of course, by “late” I mean “9pm.” When you get up around 4:30am, 9pm is late.

NikkiZ is going to have a rough day too, since she slept until 7:30am on Saturday and almost 8:30am on Sunday. Which, was great for us, but is going to suck for her when I have to wake her up at 5:30am for school. She’s only 1, but she truly understands the value of a weekend. And truly despises Monday mornings.

Being tired from staying up “late” is one thing, but being bloated and still full from a day of gluttony doesn’t help much either. We ate cheese dip, cocktail weenies, spinach dip, ranch dip, hot dogs, triscuits, and more types and flavors of potato chips than should be legal. The sodium content alone has me retaining enough water to sink the Titanic, not to mention the fat and cholesterol. But damn…it was good. Super Bowl food is almost better than Christmas food, in my opinion. Because it usually involves beer as well.

So I may drag a wee bit today, as my body digests a year’s allowance of grease. And I might be a bit tired because I didn’t get a full night’s sleep. And I may walk a little funny since I ran 10 miles in freezing temps yesterday. But does any of it matter? No. Because today? My boy Peyton Manning is a Super Bowl Champion.

Way to go, Peyton. The Vols won the National title the year after you left; and I’ve felt bad for you ever since. You deserved that win last night and thanks to you, my daughter now knows how to scream key phrases like, “Shit!” and “Fudge!” and “OHMYGODWASTHATANOTHERDAMNFUMBLE?” There was also the sister of that statement, “HolyShitAnotherInterception!” which was used often in the car on the way home from the inlaws during the 4th quarter. And of course – most importantly – the always valuable – “Woooooo!”


14 thoughts on “I’ve got a Super Bowl Hangover”

  1. I love waking up early. It is the only time I ever have to be alone! I fell asleep halfway through the game. The first few fumbles were exciting, but after a while it got old. HOLD ON TO THE BALL ALREADY!

  2. I must say, my brain is still in a little bit of shock. I really didn’t think they’d win — I thought they’d get there and freeze, as usual. But my Colts won! I think the mayor must’ve announced a city-wide holiday, because as I sit in my cubicle in an office in Indianapolis, it is D-E-A-D. No one is here. Did someone forget to tell me?

  3. That happens to me once or twice each year. Most of the time once I wake up I am UP and cannot fall back to sleep.

    I hope you get over your food bloat soon. It sometimes take me two days to feel normal.

  4. super bowl food does sound yumm….!!!! too bad m not an american football fan (u probably must think im physco)…but i guess thats b’coz i dont live in america..u really cant blame me..!! :)

  5. I’m feelin’ ya. I always wake before the alarm. I hate it.

    I don’t have a hangover, but I kind of wish I had a glass of wine right about now! It’s crazy at work.

  6. wait, wait, wait…beer is not Christmas food? I think you need to come to Christmas at our house. Also, mulled wine—sugar and wine all wrapped up in one toasty warm drinkable. Heaven in a cup.

  7. As a Baltimoreon (also know as Balti-moron) I *hate* the Colts with a white hot passion .HOWEVER. I cannot be more please for Peyton Manning. I am contradictory like that. Hubby was sick so, while I did get a beer (or two), there was no party food. Sigh.

  8. i’m still on a high from it….my sweetest dungy and peyton both showing the world what many of us have already known! LOVE!!!

  9. Go Colts!! We are still partying in Indy. The team just got back in town and are headed to the RCA Dome for a fan rally. We are soooo excited.!

  10. Go Colts!!! Glad to hear that you cheered for my team! ;-)
    I know I should feel guilty for all the Super Bowl food, but I even ate party left-overs for dinner tonight.

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