• My mind is an unusual place

    Random weird thoughts I’ve had recently.

    • Why does Bruegger’s call the soup I ate Italian Wedding Soup? That gives no description of it whatsoever. I ordered it because it was the only soup on the list not “creamy” or “cheesey” so I felt it was safe for my mild lactose intolerance. But – I had no idea what it would be and was just banking on my general love of soups when I ordered it. Do you know what it should be named? Yummy Beefy Soup With White Things (barley?) And Green Leaves (spinach?). It was SO GOOD. Way better than the name implies. Unless, of course, you’ve been to an Italian Wedding and had the soup – then you know how good it is.
    • When the first warm days come during the end of winter, I always want to smoke. I think it’s because when I used to smoke, I always smoked outside. On gorgeous days it was an excellent excuse to sit out and enjoy the weather. Too bad it also was killing me. And making me smell like an ashtray. If it weren’t for those things I’d totally be smoking right now.
    • Why is there so many different choices when it comes to black mascara? I mean – they all cost the same (at Target – I don’t know how to buy makeup at grownup places) – so why is it that there needs to be 52 different variations? And that’s all from the same brand. Not to mention the 19 different brands. Weird. Same with cereal. Does there really need to be an entire aisle of cereal but only a small section of an aisle for diapers? Shouldn’t we care more about poop-absorption than what combination of sugar and food coloring we get in our breakfast?

    I’m done now. Thank you for your time.