I’m so old. (Again.)

LilZ ordered a poster for his bedroom of The Pussycat Dolls. As in…the pseudo-strippers that sing that song…loosen up my buttons, babe. I don’t know if you’ve seen the video – but LilZ downloaded it and loves it. Of course. I mean, it’s several totally hot chics dancing on chairs to a song that asks someone to help them take their clothes off. OF COURSE HE LOVES IT. Ever since he’s gotten that poster he’s had to hear me say, “What kind of mother let’s their daughters dress like that?” And, “Girls who act like that are nothing but two-bit whores.” And my personal favorite, “Those girls do not looks smart.”


I don’t know if it’s because he’s old enough now to find sexiness appealing, and that makes me want to ground him indefinitely. Or, if it’s because I now have a daughter and I fear her seeing performances like this in 10 years and thinking about acting like that. Either way, I am officially a crotchety old lady who would really like the kids to turn down their music and pull up their damn pants already.

I try to remember that the second I tell LilZ he can’t listen to, or do something, he’s going to want to that much more. Therefore, I let him listen to what he wants and try to keep an open line of communication about it. For example, whenever the song comes on I say, “Great. You’re listening to the strippers again.” Or sometimes I say, “Aren’t there any bands with girls who wear clothes that you can listen too?” Those are both great examples of conversation starters, aren’t they?

He’s lucky to have me.


16 thoughts on “I’m so old. (Again.)”

  1. Ack! PCD, the one thing they are good at is taking off their clothes. Production could make me sound good. ;-)

    And of course, you’re right. If you tell a kid no, that only makes ‘em want it more…I must remember this when Riley is 13.

    How the hell do the boys get those pants to stay up?

  2. That would pretty much freak me out, if I had a kid who was at That Stage. I think you’re handling it rather well, really.

    I thought — and I can’t believe I’ve spared a single brain cell for this — but I thought they were saying “PUSHING all my buttons.” Am confused now. Eh. Either way, yeah, total strippers.

  3. Dude, just because you let him listen to them doesn’t mean he automatically has the right to plaster their barely-concealed chochas all over the walls of your abode! He’s so young!!!!! Besides, I never pinned LilZ as being the objectification of women type. It seems almost out of character for him.

    Ha! Here we go again, me play the mean mom to your cool mom. We’re like the Odd Couple of parenting middle school boys. Total sitcom set-up.

  4. Dude, I’m only 21 and i hate it when my 16 y.o. sister listens to stuff like that. I always say, “You know, you look kinda like them when you sing that stuff. Trashy.” I’m definitely not the cool older sis.

  5. Eeek! PCD!!! I hope that if I have boys those girl bands don’t exist any more. Apparently, I will have to move to the moon, but I just might do it!

  6. What you should do is find some pictures of powerful, intelligent women such as Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice, etc., tape their faces on the PCD bodies and see how long it takes LilZ to notice!

    You know you want to! I’ll be funny!!!

  7. You are the totally cool Mom that just flashed back to the 50’s era. Lil Z is lucky you even know what music he is listening to. I have to admit I was a baaddd girl as a teen to my Mom. I ordered a subscription of Playgirl at 14 and Forum when it was a straight mag. It was merely for the shock value… I had pictures of the baseball guy in underwear on my walls… Trust me it’s a fad. I bet he just likes the beat…


  8. We were in wal-mart tonight and girlscout found a micro-mini jeans skirt and I yelled just enough to embarrass her “I have underwear that covers more then that!!” I watched her melt into the floor.

  9. Loved your blog and more so, the blog templates!! I was looking for a three column one and came across only one. But the ones you have are fantastic. I understand you have ur hands full so will keep checking back to see if you have made any 3-column ones :)

    By the way. I love that songs buttons by PCD. Maybe cuz I am not a mother yet, not even close.

    Great that you can juggle two kids, a new job and a fantastic website all at the same thing :)

  10. ACK! My son just turned 12 in January. I’m having a hard time with “That Stage” as someone coined it – where to draw the line without making him want to rebel. He likes rap music (EYUCK) which I try to supervise what he downloads from iTunes, but Lord only knows what he’s listening to when he’s not at home…

  11. Alright, I’ll stand up and defend PCD.

    They have slammin’ beats. They’re stuff populates all of my workout playlists, because not only are they ear-catching, but who wouldn’t mind looking like them?

    Boys will be boys. Ten years ago, it was the Spice Girls. Sure, they were not AS tawdry, but let’s face it.. they were five hot women who each embodied a different male fantasy.

    Could be worse. He could be lusting after Paris Hilton.

    And her song sucks.

  12. My mom let me have a Farrah Fawcett poster. And one of those of the buxom lady in a wet t-shirt that said “Beer Busts are Better.”

    Okay, the wet t-shirt was behind the door, and mom didn’t dare shut the door while she was in my room, but still. I had ‘em.

    (dating myself with the Farrah comment, I’m sure. Half your readers are running to google right now…)

  13. I have to stick up for the PCD too…I LOVE that song, and the fact that I think they look like trannies probably helps. Although one of them was born with a cleft lip and I won’t make fun of that.

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